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A young girl named Jordan moves to the small town of Silver Falls to live with her aunt and uncle after losing her father.
At first she fits in well enough, falling in love with a shy, nerdy boy and dodging the advances of the local sheriff's son - but during a party out in the woods she finds a small ring and puts it on.  Then strange dreams give way to waking visions of a dead girl, following her wherever she goes.  Jordan initially fears that she is going crazy, but then she finds out that the murdered girl is real; one of two sisters who were killed by their father, who is now on death row.  But did he really do it?  Can the ghostly figure be trusted?  And what dark secret about Silver Falls are her aunt and uncle hiding from her?

This is a first-rate little thriller with a nice twist ending; reminiscent of THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUTT.