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  This was one of those zero-expectation Redbox rentals that really paid off.  Two men show up at a very creepy manor house in the country, where the owner's attorney/representative explains to them that virtually every resident of the house over the last 150 years had died violently inside its walls.  One of the men, Jack, is a professional debunker of supernatural phenomena; the other, Jonathan, is a very famous and successful medium/spiritist.  Their job is to spend three nights in the house and give it a clean bill of health so the owner can sell it.  If they succeed, they will be paid $50,000 each. Of course the house really is haunted, and the spirits are NOT friendly at all.
   This movie had just the right mix of black humor and genuine chills, good chemistry between the characters, and a consistent backstory/mythology.   The ghost make-ups were exceptionally good and quite scary, and the final confrontation was very well done.  All in all, a nice creepy little movie! 4.5/5