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   I posted earlier about my fondness for BBC's SHERLOCK series.  This program was something in between a "special" episode and a spinoff movie.  Essentially, it was a love letter to the fans of the original Sherlock Holmes.  For now the 21st century crime-fighting duo is transported back to London, in 1895.  It's classic Sherlock all the way, with the cast of the modern hit show reprising their roles.  Benedict Cumberbatch is PERFECT in Inverness cape and deerstalker cap, and Martin Short is formidable as ever in his role as former Army doctor John H. Watson.  I do believe that these two are perhaps the best actors EVER to play those roles.
  I don't want to give too much away, but the story is an amazing one that readers of Conan Doyle will thoroughly enjoy.  I sincerely hope that the producers of the show do another "retro" episode sometime soon.

And I have to leave you with my favorite line of the whole film:

"I'm an ARMY doctor.  That means I can break every bone in your body - while naming them!"