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Title: The Buddy Holly Story
Post by: ER on September 10, 2017, 01:26:47 PM

Forget Owen Wilson and the dude from Jurassic Park 2, this is the best buddy story of all time!!

Buddy Holly was 1 of the 1st musicians and Gary Busey brings Buddy Holly to life! Busey's acting is so great you think he's Buddy Holly and isn't crazy. This movie's kind of a comedy at 1st cause of the funny voices and then tragic later but I won't reveal why cause I don't want to spoil it like somebody spoiled it for me. This movie also puts to rest the concept that Buddy Holly faked his death along with LaBomba and the Big Dipper. Just because they never found his plane in the bermuda Triangle doesn't mean he's still alive. (For instance I could get killed by somebody and never found and it wouldn't mean I was alive.)The music on the soundtrack is mostly by the crickets and I heard that was because a lawsuit wouldn't let them use Buddy Holly's music so they used the crickets isntead who did a great job and I like their music just as good as what I've heard Buddy Holly play. There was 1 part that bugged me (thats not a pun on the name crickets) and thats when they pretended black people in this 1 concert didn't know Buddy Holly was white. I thought that was racist but I guess times were different in the 1950s when this movie was made and people looked more alike then. All in all this is about the best biography film ever recorded and as far as rock and roll movies go its about the 5th best behind the wall, rock star, hard days night and crossroads. I urge you to see it and hope they hurry with it on blueray soon cause its seriously that good.