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Title: RAW (2016)
Post by: indianasmith on September 30, 2017, 08:01:16 PM
   This was another one of those "Never heard of it before" Redbox rentals that are a real throw of the dice.
In this case I came up double sevens!   This French/Belgian production is so gruesome that 20 people walked out of the theater during its premiere, but it is far more than another over-the-top grossout horror film.  Fast-paced, brilliantly acted, and cleverly written, this is one of the best horror films I have seen in a long time.
   Justine is an 18 year old French student and a devout vegetarian.  Her parents drop her off at veterinarian school, where her big sister Alexia promises to keep an eye on her.  The hazing for first year students is brutal, and one of the things Justine is required to do is eat a raw rabbit kidney.   She chokes it down under protest, and as the story progresses, she finds herself craving meat constantly.  Raw meat.  Also, she begins to awaken sexually and develop ravenous appetites of another sort.  But the story takes a hard left turn when Alexia accidentally loses her finger in a bikini waxing mishap.  She passes out from shock, and Justine discovers that her sister is delicious!  And, as they say, once you try finger, the appetite lingers . . .

I won't spoil the rest.  Just watch the movie.  5/5

Title: Re: RAW (2016)
Post by: Coerkerdon on October 01, 2017, 05:15:32 PM
Going to have to agree with almost everything you've said. I had no expectations going into this one and it was one of the best recent horror films made. I'd put it on par with So Above, As Below which was another random film I never heard of until I watched it.