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Title: OCTOBER is here
Post by: kakihara on October 01, 2017, 02:33:02 PM
Its October the 1st, it has begun. You see, I have this thing. call it a quirk or an obsession, or call it a Jack Skelligton complex. Theres something about October and especially something about that most special of days on October 31st. Something happens to me at this time every year leading up to that day. I have an old english last name and sometimes I wonder if theres something in my DNA that would explain the way I feel about Halloween. Maybe some old druidic solstice thing? I dunno.

The fake tombstones and spider webs in people yards. The skeletons, black cats, falling leaves, Apple cider, Candy corns, And..... pumpkins. God, I love pumpkins. Really. I have a thing for pumpkins. When I go to the store and see bins of pumkins for sale, its like seeing puppies at the pound begging "please take me home". Theres a big church close to where I live that builds a huge pumpkin display every year. When I drive by, I can almost hear the pumpkins calling to me. Its a shame that theyll never have a face or be turned into pies. I hate to see them go to waste. If not for my adult responsibilities, I would risk going to jail by stealing/saving them.

We have this ritual that we perform every year at my house. Me, the wife and kids, wake up early, If its brisk, Ill start a fire, Put on some appropriate music and or halloween cartoons. We each choose a pumpkin, draw a face and begin carving. I free style the face on my pumpkin. I feel that each one has a character, a "soul" if you will. so, sometimes the face is silly and sometimes its scary, but thats an important part for me. My wife, with her psuedo-catholic ways doesnt think much of the whole thing, which kinda bothers me. The kids love it though, and we always enjoy it. I think its much more special for me than any of them though.

Theres this moment when I open the top of a pumpkin. Before I begin disembowling it, I stare deep into the catacombs of seeds and pumpkin guts. Its beautiful and disgusting at the same time. I think about how unique this orange squash is and that I am the first and only person to ever witness and smell the inside. Nobody else on the planet will see this. I savor the smell and take a few pictures of it before thrusting my bare hand inside. Such a strange erotic feeling. Nothing goes to waste, pies will be made, seeds will be roasted and we will each have our own special jack-o-lantern staring back at us.

As the night progresses, we will have bonded over various horror movies and cartoon specials and we will have eaten candy until we fall into a diabetic coma. This will be a rare moment where I enjoy life. its my time.


Title: Re: OCTOBER is here
Post by: ER on October 02, 2017, 04:48:45 PM
Ha! That's a great post, man.