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Title: DRACULA (1931) on TCM 8pm EST ~ NOW!!!
Post by: Allhallowsday on October 01, 2017, 06:46:25 PM
DRACULA (1931) on TCM 8pm EST ~ NOW!!!

Title: Re: DRACULA (1931) on TCM 8pm EST ~ NOW!!!
Post by: RCMerchant on October 02, 2017, 12:58:08 AM
DRACULA (1931)

I noticed Allhallows has posted this in -like-every forum catagory. And well he should.
DRACULA was the first sound horror film of any importance. Sure-you had 'old house' mysteries like the TERROR (1929) the GORILLA (1930) and the CAT CREEPS (1930).  But DRACULA was the big hit. And there is a reason for this.
Some film critics-I'm thinking David Skal-what a windbag-who believes the Spanish version is superior. Gimme a break. Sure-Some of the scenes are better staged-and-technically-it is better. But I don't watch films like a technician. Carlos Villirias as Dracula is BAD. Even German Robles did a better vampire in 1957's EL VAMPIRO.
Lugosi made DRACULA . He had charisma. He would pull you in just by the power of his stare. And the unworldly cadence of his voice. He WAS Dracula.
And DRACULA started the whole horror film genre. There would have been no FRANKENSTEIN if DRACULA  had bombed.
Lugosi -not Tod Browning-not even Lon Chaney Sr.-invented the modern horror film. Lugosi did.

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PS-DON'T watch the basterdized version with the Philip Glass score. WTF were they thinking? The eerie silence enhances the film. Critics say DRACULA needed a score. Horsecock. The score ruined it!
 If you look at the time-1931-most films didn't have a score. FRANKENSTEIN (1931) nor PUBLIC ENEMY(1931) which were  big hits as well didn't have a score either. They were trying to move away from the organ music that substitued for dialouge in the silent era. Of course-scoring reached a apex with 1935's BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. But in those early days-scoring wasn't in MOST films! the only movies with music in those early talkie days were musicals.

I study this s**t man. Sad,ain't it? :bluesad: