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Title: SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES (1971) D.Jean Rollin
Post by: RCMerchant on October 04, 2017, 04:02:19 AM
SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES is roughly about a honeymooning couple going to visit the bride's cousins in an old castle (with some wonderful macabre decor) who were once vampire hunters but now are vampires. Assisted by 2 beautiful (and frequently naked) women and a very weird vampire woman who likes to pop out of Grandfather clocks and drop out of fireplace flues,attempt to seduce the bride into the world of vampirism,much to the chagrin of her hubby-who gets a serious case of blue balls.
 The photography is gorgeous,the girls are stunning,and the setting-which seems to be a real castle-is amazing. And I have to mention the weird,psychedelic rock music-I would love to have the soundtrack!
 On the negative side,though you get a lot of nudity-very little blood,and slow as a snail pacing. The two male feh vampire cousins are annoying as hell,and the dialogue is pretentious as f**k. Overall-it's great eye candy and if your high on some good pot it would be a colorful trip.Sober (which I was for once)-it's an interesting slice of 70's hippy/vampire sleaze. (

Oh-dig this jam! Creepy as hell! (