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Title: Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman.
Post by: Svengoolie 3 on February 16, 2018, 05:23:11 AM
Anyone here like this show?  I was a major fan of it and was sorry when it ended.  I thought it was educational in a way that was interesting and entertaining.  I have the feeling Morgan Freeman enjoyed it,  but he could have been acting.

It addressed a lot of issues and as much as I liked Cosmos, both versions, I think TTWWMF did a better job of conveying scientific and factual data with less focus on history than cosmos. Also it was more viewer friendly and didn't aim for the same levels of sophistication cosmos seemed to.

While cosmos did a wonderful job of teaching scientific history,  especially in the case of Michael Faraday,  TTWWMF gave quick and simple explanations of important and relevant scientific principles and ideas,  like quantum entanglement,  the twin slit experiment,  etc.