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Title: 70s-80s film with ticking time bomb in room with hostages, attempted rescue
Post by: Jim H on February 18, 2021, 11:07:34 AM
I can't remember the whole movie, just one scene.  There's a guy sneaking into a building with hostages locked in a room with a time bomb - has a time to blow ticking down on it.  The scene cuts between the hostages and the guy trying to get to them to rescue them.  The hostages are stuck in the room, but trying to break out - except for one guy, who realizes escape is impossible and is examining the bomb. 

Eventually the hero guy finally gets into the room to rescue the hostages, but he's too late and time is about to run out.  But the hostage who was examining the bomb just rips out all the wires at once, and that stops the bomb.

The hero guy I didn't recognize, but I remember he reminded me of Burt Reynolds.   It looked like a late 70s to mid 80s film.  It's possible it was a TV show I guess - I watched this on TV in the early 90s.

Anyone got an idea?