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Title: Florida Man + Speedo = Trouble
Post by: sprite75 on May 27, 2022, 12:19:06 PM
A speedo wearing Florida Man ( got in a bit of a situation

Proving again that Florida Man + Speedo = trouble, a 64-year-old retiree was arrested Tuesday for allegedly exposing himself to a female beachgoer, according to a police report.

Investigators say Charles Hixon was busted Tuesday afternoon for indecent exposure following an incident at Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, a Tampa suburb.

Hixon was in the water “about knee deep wearing a Speedo” when he pulled down the front of his swimsuit and exposed his penis, cops allege. Hixon, seen above, was allegedly “holding it in his hand” while staring and grinning at the 28-year-old victim, who was on the beach.

The woman and Hixon “had both made eye contact,” and “the victim described his penis as being large, 7-8 inches and it was similar in color to his body which was tanned,” an officer reported.