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Title: Stuff I Seen
Post by: Chadzilla on February 20, 2001, 12:33:51 PM
Well, well, well...

Amazing Nurse Nanako #1 and 2 - I have not finished this yet, so just who (or what) Nanako actually is remains to be revealed.  As it stands this is a quasi-humorous anime regarding a scientist and is dofus "nurse" (she's actually a maid) and all the weird events they get caught up in.  Imagine a shapely female playing Stanley Laurel in an X-Files setting and you can get the idea.  The first two were okay, nothing special, but the third and fourth episodes had me laughing out loud, they were so obviously parodies of anime plots.  Highlight...playing red light green light with a malfunctioning motion activated robot that unloads countless rounds of ammo on anything that moves.  Disc 1 - two slimes, Disc 2 - three slimes.

Dracula (1931) - Would you believe I have never seen this?  Didn't miss much I'll tell you that.  The movie certainly had it's moments and it had Bela Lugosi in a knock out performance.  I'll be generous and give it four slimes.  Side bar note:  If you rent/buy the DVD then the documentary by David Skal is required viewing, I give that 5 slimes.

Dracula - The Spanish version (1931) - Made on the same sets at the same time as the famous Lugosi/Browning version this is of more interest to movie buffs than anything.  The differences are interesting enough, but I preferred Lugosi.  I'm not being generous this time and give it two slimes.

Dracula - (1931/1998?) - The original movie had no music, so Universal hired Phillip Glass to compose a score and it is played by the Kronos Quartet.  Whoop-dee-damn-doo.  I nibbled at but did not take the bait.  Maybe some other time (rating pending).

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1978) - The final Sinbad movie is really, really long and feels it.  Harryhausen's work is good (which is like saying the sky on a clear day is blue) but the thing feels rather lifeless.  The battle with the giant walrus is a stand out moment.  Yet another Dr. Who alumni (Patrick Troughton, did I spell that right???) plays a supporting role.  Three slimes.

The Twilight Zone: Volume 1 (196-)  Three episodes of the classic series.  If you haven't seen at least one of these then what the heck are you doing here?  In the order they play on the disc...

#1 - Night of the Meek - Art Carney is a drunk department store Santa that discovers the miracle of Christmas.

#2 - The Invaders - Agnes Moorehead battles teeny alien invaders that have landed on top of her isolated cabin.  (This one is the best of the lot, and perhaps one of the greatest television episodes ever produced - it contains no dialogue and a brilliant performance from its lone star and truly magnificent music from the legendary Jerry Goldsmith)

#3 - Nothing in the Dark - An elderly woman hiding from Mr. Death reluctantly helps a wounded police officer (played by Robert Redford).

The Twilight Zone could move a viewer to tears during one episode and scare the crap out of you the next.  The genius of the show was you never knew which it would be until you reached the very end.  The show practically created/perfected the ironic twist ending.  The show is so good that even the absolute bottom of the barrel stinker episodes rate a solid three slimes.  The above episodes are Zone at its best, each are 5 slimes (although, if I were cranky, I would knock Nothing in the Dark down to 4 slimes, but I'm in a good mood today).

Coming soon
Amazing Nurse Nanako #3
Muppets from Space
Airport 77
and more Twilight Zone

Title: Re: Stuff I Seen
Post by: Warren H. on February 20, 2001, 09:58:37 PM
Hmm, I may have to try Amazing Nurse Nanako, though I don't usually like "humorous" animes.  Especially -- ick -- the Dirty Pair. Barf.

Oh, yeah, the real reason I posted.  Yes, chadzilla, you did spell Patrick Troughton's name correctly.  May he rest in peace in a place where "The Two Doctors" will never be mentioned.