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Title: memorabillia theme collections
Post by: Trevor the rat on April 14, 2001, 10:57:28 PM
what are some themed movie memoribillia collections do you have? here are some of mine involving some of my favorite films:

return of the living dead-
1. return of the living dead vhs
2. return of the living dead original theatrical release poster
3. "more brains button" that belonged to jewel shepard
4. presskit
5. japanese program
6. movie adapted book by john a. russo
7. two jewel shepard signed photos
8. 1 linnea quigley signed photo

fright night-
1. fright night vhs
2. fright night movie adapted book
3. all issues of the fright night comic series including the sequal comic special
4. fright night stills including a great shot of evil ed (stephen geoffreys)
5. chris sarandon's (jerry dandridge) signed photo of him dress in the sweater from the film.
6. stephen geoffreys publicity photo
7. roddy mcdowall death certificate reproduction
8. roddy mcdowall signed photo
9. frighty night motion picture soundtrack LD
10. fright night "fright night" j. geils band single
11. fright night "fright night" j. geils band sheet music.

peter jackson-

1. all his movies
2. forgotten silver flyer
3. bad taste magizine ad
4. good taste made bad taste flyer
5, meet the feebles flyer
6. bad taste stills
7. bad taste spanish poster
8.articles from new zealand
9. foriegn movie slips for bad taste and meet the feebles

oh yea and lets just say a s**tload of troma related stuff well how'sa bout yous guys?

Title: Re: memorabillia theme collections
Post by: StatCat on April 15, 2001, 01:34:02 AM
I don't really have collections other then many b movie, horror or weird films. I do have a return of the living dead collection though it has been my favorite zombie film for quite sometime. I have:

1 Original movie clamshell case
2 Workprint
3 2 trailers
4 American Poster that Linnea Quigley signed for me at a show
5 Us record
6 Picture disc
7 Uk record
8 cd soundtrack
9 Uk book
10 Button
11 script
12 1991 release with different music

How did you get Jewel Shepard's button?  

My friend told me there was a UK release of it on dvd but it looks like the 1992 laserdisc and only features a trailer.