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Title: Stuff I seen
Post by: Warren H. on February 20, 2001, 10:13:27 PM
If Chadzilla can do it, so can I.  Having been watching Rankin & Bass's Silver Hawks on cartoon network (3:30 pm, EST) and having it ever so slowly grow on me, I decided to rent SilverHawks: The Movie, from my local video store (it of the amazing and bizarre selection).  Of course, it was three episodes of the show edited together, probably illegally.

The show concerns five people who have most of their bodies cyberneticized to servive in "deep space" and fight the evil Mon*Star and his Space Mob, who drive really cool space limos and have some interesting weapons.
The SilverHawks themselves are so flat and idiotic that they aren't worth talking about.

The first half of the movie details the origin of the SilverHawks, during which we are told about the mob but do not get to see them nor are we shown what they can do.  Do I have to explain how crappy that is?  The SilverHawks are built, two of them have heart trouble.  Plot point?  Hell, no, that would be good writing.  The only concern is, will they still have emotions with artificial hearts?  *cough* More bad writing! *cough*

Later, the SilverHawks fight the Mob for the first time.  Distressingly, the mob's robot is blown up.  Way to kill off the most interesting character right off the bat.  The mob isn't really defeated, but they decide to retreat anyway.

The final episode -- sorry, "Act" I guess -- is pretty good.  Mon*Star and his weapons man, Hardware plan to break into the SilverHawks' fortress and kill their commander.  The rest of the mob is to lure the SilverHawks away so the commander will be alone.  This segment is really funny, especially the part where Hardware's "richocheting rocket" (don't ask) backfires on him, literally.  Oh yeah, and the Hawks get their assess kicked a lot, which is ok by me.

All in all, worth a rental if you can find it and enjoy bad movie cartoons.

Title: Re: Stuff I seen
Post by: Inukko on February 22, 2001, 01:21:14 AM
I used to have Silverhawks action figures as a
kid... didn't know there was a cartoon.  Who was
that guy that looked like a devil?

Title: Re: Stuff I seen
Post by: Warren H. on February 22, 2001, 12:13:42 PM
That was Mon*Star, leader of the mob.  Every now and then, he had some great dialouge and a sound plan.  His plans all fell apart, of course, due to no other reason that he COULDN'T win because he was the BAD guy.  Of course, the bad guys had 10000% more personality and were a lot more fun than the good guys. :)