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Title: BLAIR WITCH 2 Disappointment in Burkittsville
Post by: Paul Westbrook on February 21, 2001, 01:09:30 PM
I noticed that Blair Witch 2 has come to video. When I saw it in theatres, I was very disappointed. Still, I may give it another chance later today. If anyone here has, or is going to rent this movie, please write, and let me know your opinions of this obviously inferior sequel. It does make you wonder what they will come up with, for Blair Witch 3.

Title: Re: BLAIR WITCH Disappointments
Post by: Chadzilla on February 21, 2001, 01:23:38 PM
BW2 is on my queue at Netflix, whenever it comes down the loop I'll put my two cents in.  As far as BW3 is concerned I have heard that the creative team behind BW1 skipped working on the quickie sequel to concentrate on making this movie instead.  Unlike BW2 BW3 will be a prequel set within BW1s mythology (evidently it is the story of Rustin Parr-Child Serial Killer, or perhaps the genesis of the witch itself?).  A BW4 is threatened (the planned storyline is probably whichever of the above plot concepts is not used for BW3).  For those keeping tabs (aren't we all keeping tabs about one particular genre phenom or another?) there is also a series of Young Adult novels out there, as well as numerous book tie-ins both within the BW mythology and without.

So it goes.

Title: Re: BLAIR WITCH Disappointments
Post by: Abby on February 21, 2001, 06:13:26 PM
Unlike Battlefield Earth, which I thought was merely mediocre in contrast to the Plan 9 hype, I did think Blair Witch 2 was indeed as bad as word said it was. A true sequel tragedy in the same vein as Exorcist 2 or Amityville 2, or Nightmare on Elm Street 2.

2 little 2 soon.

The cat who made this completely undermined his own documentary credibility in the process, as he's the dude who helped make the very powerful Paradise Lost movies for HBO. He screwed up royally with Blair Witch. He should never have signed on to this.


There were gaping plot holes everywhere ... think Hellraiser 5. Even The Faculty, and that breed of flick manages to be more compelling.  They would have been better off had they directly copied the orginal's setup.

The only thing worse than the film is the Sci-Fi channel show they made to promote it. I was going to tape it in the name of archiving badness, but I figured they'd release it to video in a last-ditch attempt to milk money from this mutilated cash-cow. It's barely watchable ... completely unscary. It relies so heavily on footage from the first film that YOU KNEW the second could only suck.

Title: Re: BLAIR WITCH 2 Disappointment in Burkittsville
Post by: The Bard on February 22, 2001, 09:28:27 PM
I saw it in theaters and enjoyed it. It was very freaky. You just gotta go in with an open mind. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night wondering what really did happen. Were the cameras real,or was that some sort of magic. Dam, now I can't stop thinking.