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Title: Nekked V-pires,what else...
Post by: FLANGEPART on March 01, 2001, 01:39:02 PM
explains the habit of most modern blood suckers to maintain a human size and shape. I mean...where would their clothes go!? Imagin the original Dracula of 1931...then picture a Nekked Bela Lugosi...Scarey,ain't it? What would he do, fly around with a hand bag for his evening suit? Forget the aerodynamic drag, think loss of cool! "Pardon me, mina, while is slip into something more...suitable." And if she got a gander and started laughing? Forget wooden stakes...Even Dracula can't handle her laughing at  the big..uh,er..bat. Hey, rip doors of their hinges, climb walls like an acrobat(No pun intended), give her the mesmer-eyes...but don't show up least, not on the first date. Back to you,dan.