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Title: Lumiere And Company
Post by: Mighty Atomic Pikachu on March 03, 2001, 07:59:21 AM
Just rented this film from Blockbuster.

 On the 100th anniversary of the invention of the Lumiere camera, 40 filmmakers set out to shoot thier own short (50 seconds) films with the original Lumiere Brothers' camera. Mst of these directors were a bunch of French people I never heard of, but there were a few recognizable names in the bunch: David Lynch (in his ominous dark ski glasses) and Spike Lee. The shorts these people make vary wildly in quality, from clever to fun to boring to just plain stupid.

Best or Most Amusing:

Preminitions Following An Evil Deed. I just KNOW Lynch bent the rules in this one. It's extremely Lynchy and very weird, complete with freaky music.

Censorship Already! Two people try to take footage of the Pyramids of Egypt, and a strangely-garbed man smashes thier camera.

a short in New York City where a homeless lady and a garbageman fight over the ownership of garbage found in the street (the lady wins.)

a short in China where two people dressed in fancy-shmancy stage costumes tear off thier frilly garbs to reveal...ROCKERS! I just thought this one was sooo funny.

The Duel. It runs pretty much like a good old-fashioned silent film.

Camering. You really get the idea of the camera acting as a mirror.

a short in the tropics, where people are doing shenanians in a boat

another short in the tropics, where some guys are horsing around until thier boss catches them, then they have to carry the film reels into a theater.

A silent newscast...there's a lot of action in this, sort of makes you wonder what the heck they were saying. I had no idea French newscasts were THAT compressed...

A short in Japan where a radio announcement of the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima plays over playing schoolchildren. Gives you the willies, dosen't it?

A short with a lady twirling around in a skirt. The film is colorized by hand!


some lady begs the director to focus on her and the whole thing is spent filming the cameraman! Boooo! Hiss!

In fact, there are way too many shorts that focus on one unmoving object or at people just STARING at the camera. I wont even bother to list them.

1895-1995. It tries to be interesting, but fails horribly. Basically the camera pans over a series of dates interspersed with footage of some naked guy in  chair. Ugh!

A short in Japan where someone discusses what the camera cannot convey, and a shot of a building slides over them. That's it.

A short in Berlin in which two anxious-looking guys emerge onto a city scene and then split.

Not one, but TWO shorts that consist entirely of two people kissing.

Oh yes, let us not forget: Spike Lee's portion, where he tries to get his kid to say 'da-da'. AAAAARRRRRGH.

Title: Re: Lumiere And Company
Post by: Scott on March 04, 2001, 11:30:54 AM
They did something like that recently in the southwest. It was a contest to see who could make the best film using digital video in like a week of shooting. Then they would view the film on the big screen to judge them. Somekind of cash prize was awarded.