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Title: I love Ffolkes (1978?) - Spoilers
Post by: Chadzilla on March 08, 2001, 06:39:08 PM
This was a movie that starred Roger Moore and Anthony Perkins (in sadistic creep mode) that had the interesting flaw of having the audience rooting for the bad guy to win.  Anthony Perkins and his group of thugs (one is Michael Parks I believe) plant explosive charges on some oil drilling platforms and proceed to threaten to blow them up if their demands are not met.  Highlight is when Perkins pours an entire pot of poisoned coffee down an unfortunate good guy's throat.

Sadly Roger Moore plays the hero, a guy named Ffolkes interestingly enough.  He is an arrogant woman hater (he is almost pathological about it.  I mean this guy has some serious issues, and probably some repressed...well we'll not discuss that, we'll discuss the movie instead) that has a master plan on how to solve this situation.  He is also right about guessing every move the bad guys make and loves rubbing it in the face of those around him with a smug delight.  Highlight for Ffolkes is when he has to sneak on board the hijacked ship as his own men are making their assault.  Unfortunately his own men do not know this and Ffolkes himself is attacked, he beats his own man to a pulp and then THROWS HIM OVERBOARD, he then mutters either "Bloody fool." or "Bloody idiot."  I'm not sure which, but it was funny at the time, although I was rooting for the man to kick Ffolkes's ass into the next theater.

I remember being really disappointed that the bad guys did not win because I so wanted Ffolkes to get his snotty little ass whooped at least once.  Nonetheless this is a really fun suspense/action movie that shows that Roger Moore could indeed act, he does a masterful (in fact too masterful) job of making Ffolkes really unlikable, but also brings humor to the part.  It makes the rounds on cable every now and then and is worth checking out if you stumble upon a rental copy (Universal released in 78, I saw it on a double bill with Jaws 2 as it was winding up its summer play dates).