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Title: Interview with a Vampire
Post by: Scott on March 11, 2001, 11:59:08 AM
INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE was a neat vampire film. The next generation of vampire films? Not sure, but I did really like it. Anne Rice was featured at the beginning of the tape saying that "its not really a vampire movie, its about us" or something to that affect. I'm still on my run of vampire flicks. I think that I've seen most of them now. My favorites are still HORROR OF DRACULA,  DRACULA 1972 and of course DUSK TILL DAWN.

Title: Re: Interview with a Vampire
Post by: Fritz on March 11, 2001, 06:00:30 PM
One of the weirdest vamp fliks I've seen is an virtually unknown film called "Nightmare in Blood". It's about a group of horror fans who buy an old cinema so they can stage a vampire film festival.To promote the festival they hire the number one horror star of that time (fictitious) who later turns out later to be a vampire,he also has a couple of hench-men
that kill his critics for their various body parts. It's fairly gory,and has the feel of a H.G.Lewis movie (it was made around the same time).

I still say you should get into the hopping vampire flicks. :-)

Title: Re: Interview with a Vampire
Post by: Brian Ringler on March 12, 2001, 01:37:02 PM
I think troma's vampire flicks "tainted" and "sucker the vampire"  are pretty good, since each of them has an original story idea.  Tainted is very budgetly done but that is easy to get over since it is pretty entertaining.  I don't like sucker as much as tainted but its got a Mr. T Experience song in it so therefore I'm forced to like it since they rock.  Another vampire movie I saw was "Darkness" which I thought to be pretty boring but the box was nice looking and the gore in the movie was pretty good.  I'm too lazy to use different adjectives but I just noticed I used the word pretty a lot of times in this post.  I'm tired and I have my first class since spring break finished in about an hour, so I use that as my excuse to use pretty 1000 times.  Boy, how did a simple post turn into a marathon, I think I'll stop now.