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Title: Re: Hang on Tight Godzilla Fans
Post by: Scott on March 11, 2001, 01:40:57 PM
Well, I'm 36 and I seen GODZILLA 2000 on the big screen last summer and I nearly cried. There He was right before me, the very first time I seen Godzilla my childhood favorite from the 70's on the big screen. It was opening night for the film at our theater and the audience really applauded at the end. Just too awesome to express with words.

December is the release date for the film (I guess in Japan). That would mean (I suppose) that it won't be seen here till summer 2002.

Squishy your to much. Hey, that GODZILLA film you flew over to see acouple of months ago, is it going to be shown in the  U.S.? If so when? There must be some hope !