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Title: Ghost of Frankenstein
Post by: Scott on March 18, 2001, 09:22:58 AM
THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN starred Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi.
Chaney Jr. played an ok monster, but Lugosi as Igor was horendous in the worst way. This has to be Lugosi's worst film next to FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN when he played the monster. Both of these films have are rather comical and if i'm not mistaken it must have been somewhat intentional. I'd rather see Lugosi in an Ed Wood movie than some of those Universal films. Lugosi did play a decent gypsy in the Werewolf movie though.

Lon Chaney Jr. wasn't to bad as the monster, but of coarse its not Boris Karloff. If you want to see Chaney Jr. in a bad role check out THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE. When Chaney Jr. plays the Wolfman Nothing is better than Chaney Jr. trying to explain to people that he turns into a Werewolf and kills people (to funny).

THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN overall wasn't to bad. Worth viewing if your on a Frankenstein marathon or something. If you notice you'll see and hear that the ABBOTT AND COSTELLO films borrowed some of the music from THE GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN in alot of their films.