The Burgomaster:

I bought this DVD during a recent spree of bad horror movie purchases.  A few observations:

* Although bad, this movie is somewhat better than I expected.  Compared to other killer clown movies, it is 100 times better than MR. JINGLES and 1,000 times better than KILLJOY.

* I give the director a B+ for effort and a D+ for execution.  It appeared that he did try to put some creativity into many of the scenes . . . he just fell short of the mark.

* The best part of the movie is the music score.  Definitely higher quality than I expected.

The story is about a female artist whose niche is painting bizarre pictures of clowns.  Coincidentally, an axe-wielding clown keeps showing up to murderher neighbors and friends.  And she might be the next victim.

The most annoying character in this movie (and there are a few to choose from) is a cop who seems like a weird cross between Jim Carrey and Bruce Campbell.  Here is a picture of him:

Every time he is on screen you wish you could jump inside the TV and strangle him.

The "suspense" scenes aren't very suspenseful and the gore effects won't convince you (see the decapitated head and dismembered body above).  But, hey, were any of us really expecting this to be a good movie?  I didn't hate it, but I certainly cannot recommend it.

I hate  :hatred: clowns.

Well, for what it is worth, the director wasn't all that happy with the finished film.  He really disliked the drop in suspense towards the end, the whole movie theater portion.  But he wanted to do something a bit different than his first film, which is Hunting Humans which isn't bad.  He is wrapping up the sequel to FOC.  He is going for an action angle on this one, and tons more violence.

The sad thing about Fear Of Clowns to me was the whole sequence of the little girl in the car accident seeing the deformed clown outside the window.  Easily the creepiest scene in the film.  I think Kangas skimped on setting up the female lead's long-term issues with clowns.

The "making of" feature on the DVD is almost more fun than the movie.  Actually, it IS more fun.

i met the cast and the director at Fangoria's annual Weekend of Horrors (got a free copy of the flick on dvd and got everyones autograph) very cool guys. upon meeting them and getting the dvd they showed a trailer and a few scenes from fear of clowns 2 and all i gotta say is that it looks friggen sweet. the buget is bigger, the acting is better, the plot is cooler, and the effects kick arse.


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