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Author Topic: Aliens  (Read 8843 times)
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« on: August 16, 2007, 09:04:12 AM »


Rated: R

Copyright to 20th Century Fox, 1986

5 Slimes

The Characters:

Ripley: After floating through space for years she's ready to take on the Aliens once again.

Newt: Young girl and only survivor of the colony that screams a bit, she has a mother and daughter type relationship with Ripley.

Hicks: A cool Marine that kicks butt, he lives but gets burnt by the Alien acid.

Bishop: An android that has a nice personality and is does a great knife trick, gets torn in half by the Alien Queen.

Hudson: A marine than panics a lot and likes to say "Game over man", gets killed by the Aliens.

Vasquez: Tough tomboy marine that shows those Aliens who's boss, she blows herself up with a grenade.

Gorman: Leader of the marines who cracks under the pressure, blows himself up with Vasquez.

Burke: Employee of the Company who wants to bring an Alien to earth, gets killed by one of the Aliens.

Aliens: Those Aliens have taken over the colony and made it their nest where the Queen is making more of them.

The Plot:
After the events of ALIEN Ripley when into hyper sleep and her ship floated through space and now it's been picked by a salvage crew who find Ripley alive in her cryotube so they take to the ship run by the company and once she recovers she's told that she's been floating through space for years, she soon gives her story of what happened to the company but of course they don't believe her so her license is taken from her but she then learns that the planet was made livable and a colony is there, Ripley is then told a while later that they've lost contact with the people on the planet and they need her to go there since she's encountered the Aliens before, at first she refuses but then she thinks about and offers to go if they're there just to eliminate them not to capture and study.

While they wait to reach the planet Ripley meets some of the Marines, and while having dinner Bishop does his famous knife trick but cuts his finger where Ripley sees the white android blood and asks Burke why a android is with them but the Marines always send a androd on a mission but Ripley doesn't like him since Ash malfunctioned and tried to kill her and was working under company orders. Soon they land on the planet and the Marines go in, all they find is acid burns. No humans no Aliens just what happened, soon they find movement but discover that it's a little called who calls herself Newt, Ripley makes friends with her. The Marines soon discover movement in a part of the complex so they go down in there while Ripley, Bishop, Newt and Gorman observe in the vehicle, soon the Marines find the bodies of the colonists cocooned to the walls, they find one still alive but soon the Chestbuster bursts out and they burn it but this alerts the Aliens and soon a huge firefight breaks out with most of the Marines getting killed by them.

Gorman starts to crack under the pressure so Ripley takes the wheel and drives to where they are, Hicks, Hudson and Vasquez manage to get into the vehicle and then Ripley quickly drives off while some of the Aliens still attack, Ripley manages to escape but Gorman gets injured so someone else needs to lead them and that's Hicks. They're only option is to destroy the planet but Burke doesn't want this but they still do it, the ship to pick them up gets destroyed when an Alien sneeks on board and kills the people in it, now they're stuck on the planet with just a few hours before it explodes. They barricade themselves inside the place and put a few sentry guns around, Bishop comes up with plan to remote control the pick up ship on the Marines ship so he goes through the tunnels to connect the remote link up while the others try to stop the Aliens from getting in, Ripley takes Newt to bed and promises that she'll protect her then she meets with Hicks who teaches her how to use their weapons, she then goes with Newt to get some sleep and when she wakes up she finds her Pulse Rifle gone and two containers with the Facehuggers in open, another problem is that the door is locked and soon her and Newt try to stop the two Facehuggers.

Ripley takes out her lighter and triggers the fire alarm alerting the Marines so they quickly jump to action and rescue Newt and Ripley also killing the two Facehuggers. Ripley tells them that Burke was going to impregante her and Newt so that the Company would have the two Aliens, he would also sabotage the Mariens cryotubes. Then suddenly the power goes out and they barricade the doors where the Aliens could come from but soon as they get even closer Hicks checks the ceiling to discover loads of them climbing about then suddenly a huge firefight begins as the try to hold off the Aliens, Burke runs off and locks the door, Hudson shoots at them but the floor underneath is broken by the Aliens and he's pulled down. While they try to open the door Burke locks another and opens to next to find an Alien in the next room and it kills him. They then go through the vents as the Aliens start to break down the other door. As they're moving along Vasquez gets attacked by an Alien and although she kills it she gets badly burnt so Gorman goes to help but they get surrounded by the Aliens so they blow themselves and the Aliens up with a grenade.

Newt falls down a vent shaft so Hicks and Ripley quickly run to where she is and then Hicks blow torches through the floor but just as he finishes opening the floor and Alien shows up and takes Newt, although Ripley wants to get her they have to run before the Aliens get them and while in the life an Alien jumps out and Hicks kills it but gets burnt by the acid, they reach the pick up ship where Ripley straps up with the guns and ammo and Bishop takes her to where Newt should be, using the tracker Ripley goes deep into the place and then searches for Newt who is cocooned and a Facehugger is about to get her so after hearing her scream Ripley races to Newt and kills the Facehugger and just as they're about to leave when she sees the Alien Queen who goes to send some of her Aliens to kill her but Ripley aims her gun at the Eggs so she calls them off. Then Ripley starts to burns all the eggs then they quickly go as the Queen goes after them.

Ripley and Newt go up in the elevator but another one comes for the Queen, as they run out the lift they see that Bishop is gone and the Queen is coming after them but suddenly Bishop shows up and they quickly escape just as planet gets ready to expode. In the main ship Ripley thanks Bishop when suddenly the Queen's tail goes through him and she tears him apart. Then Newt hides under the floor while Ripley goes in the loader room. As the Queen tries to get Newt Ripley shows up in one of the Loader and fight the Queen, she throws the Queen into the airlock but she also grabs Ripley so they both fall, Ripley and the Queen are stuck in the airlock then Ripley climbs up the ladder and presses the button but as the Queen is being sucked out she grabs Ripley's foot but the gush of air is strong and the Queen is shot out the air lock then Ripley climbs out and closes the airlock. Then they all go into the cryotubes as the ship returns to Earth.

Aliens is a great sequel to the classic Alien that really should be seen.

Things I learned from this film:

. People can look how others feel.

. Cornbread is considered a banquet in the Marine core.

. Don't light a bag of ammo on fire

. Ants and bees can get mixed up.

. Unbreakable glass can get broken

. Aliens are smarter than you think.

. Alien Queen's can sneak aboard a ship without you even knowing it. 
Memorable Quotes

Hudson: "Game over man."

Burke: "He's just a grunt. No offense."

Hicks: "Non taken."

Ripley: "Get away from her you b***h!"

Bishop: "Not bad for a human."

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« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2007, 04:44:33 PM »

This is one of my favorite action films.  One of the few times that a sequel really is the equal of the original, though "Alien" was more of a horror than a crazy action film.

Andrew Borntreger
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« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2007, 07:59:16 PM »

Alien was a near perfect blend of sci/fi and horror while Aliens was a near perfect blend of a combat/war film with sci fi underpinnings.


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« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2007, 10:28:29 PM »

Aliens is an awesome movie but does it really belong on this site?

It isn't a bad movie. 
It had high production values, a top notch director and great actors.
That's hardly the right criteria for a bad movie website.

Decent review by the way...
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« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2007, 06:39:11 PM »

All of this praise and then I have to come along and say:

I've never seen Aliens.

I've seen all of the other films in the franchise, just not Aliens.  I've watched the first few minutes of it in the past, but have never sat down and made an effort to watch it.  I'll have to pick up that box set that was released a few years back and give it a try.

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« Reply #5 on: August 17, 2007, 10:35:21 PM »

I've never seen Aliens.

You need to put it at the top of your Netflix que right now!    hot
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« Reply #6 on: August 18, 2007, 04:13:27 AM »

Aliens is great fun.  Easily the best one of the franchise, I think. 

But I's not a bad movie like Alien: Resurrection, and doesn't really fit in a place like this.
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« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2007, 04:43:33 AM »

You may be right about that but I just felt like doing a review for Aliens since it is my favourite out the series.   
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