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Author Topic: Reading anything?  (Read 371768 times)
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« Reply #1395 on: February 17, 2014, 02:21:36 PM »

I just finished reading "Metro 2033" by Dmitry Glukhovsky. It's a distopian novel where the last survivors of a nuclear apocalypse live in the abandoned subway stations under Moscow. By the time the novel begins they have already spent decades underground, so they have their own society -more like societies- down there. Some stations have embraced Communist or Fascist ideologies, while other see themselves as the responsibles for keeping trade or knowledge alive. The main character is Artyom, a young man who is asked to take a message to the very limit of the populated stations. Travelling between stations is very dangerous: there are mutant creatures, collapsed tunnels and places where people are known to disappear without a trace for no apparent reason.

Funny thing, I learned of the book by stumbling into a FPS called "Metro: Last Light". Turns out the author is involved with the videogame studio, and they have realeased at least two games based on this universe.

Due to the horrifying nature of this film, no one will be admitted to the theatre.
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« Reply #1396 on: February 25, 2014, 05:59:09 PM »


Jordan R. Young's
The Laught Crafters :
Comedy Writing in Radio and TV's Golden Age
13th non-fiction book

An oral history

The highlight for me, being, as normal, the photographs, as I now can put unknown faces with known names. Some of which include . . .

Bert "The Mad Russian" Gordon -- Beryl Markham -- Fanny Brice -- Frances Langford -- Gregory Ratoff -- Jack "Baron Von Munchausen" Pearl -- James "Wanna Buy a Duck" Penner -- Marilyn Maxwell -- Peggy Lee -- and Skinny Ennis.

One of my true regrets is that I did not live thru the time when radio was the main source of entertainment in the home, but as the subtitle makes clear, may of those radio programs made the transistion to TV, and became some of the early TV programs. They include . . .

"The Abbott and Costello Show" -- "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" -- "Amos 'n' Andy" -- "Art Linkletter's House Party" -- "The Beulah Show" -- "The Burns and Allen Show" -- "The Danny Thomas Show" -- "December Bride" -- "The Ed Sullivan Show" -- "The Ed Wynn Show" -- "Fibber McGee and Molly" -- "The Jack Benny Show" -- "The Life of Riley" -- "Our Miss Brooks" -- "The Milton Berle Show" -- "My Favorite Husband" -- and "The Red Skelton Show."

We will never see their like again, and we are all poorer for that.

Next time: and again another 6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other
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« Reply #1397 on: March 05, 2014, 01:00:59 PM »


Cara Black's
Murder Below Montparnasse
13th in the Aimee LeDuc series
And an autographed copy as well.

When a valuable painting is stolen in that area of Paris, then the owner is killed. And then the thief is killed. And then another art thief is killed. The question is not only who is the killer, but also who has the painting.

Each mystery being located in a different part of Paris.

E. S. Harris'
What Darkness Brings
8th in the Sebastian St. Cyr series
7 more works of fiction

Simon Brett's
The Corpse on the Court
14th in the Fethering mystery series

When an old man is found dead on one of the courts of the local lawn tennis association, it is thought it was due to natural causes, as the old man was known to have a bad ticker. But, it turns out that the man may have been deliberately scared to death, which would make it murder.

Better than the last two, which I have also read. Maybe because the author sounds less uncomfortable discussing lawn tennis than the subjects of pedophilia and modern art, which were the subjects of the last two mysteries in the series.

Tessa Harris
The Dead Shall Not Rest
2nd in the Dr. Thomas Silkstone mystery series
I have not read the 1st nor the 3rd, which was apparently just published. This comes with a study guide, which is an idea I have not seen before.

Who killed the Italian musico? Was it the . . . ?

American doctor -- the Austrian composer -- the English medical student -- the French barber -- the Irish giant -- the Polish dwarf -- or one of the other characters: both English and non-English.

G. M. Malliet's
A Fatal Winter
2nd in the Max Tudor series
I have not read the 1st, but I have read the 3rd, which we'll get to later, and she has one more mystery series out.

When an old man is murdered in his bed, and then his sister and heir drops dead, apparently of natural causes a shortime later, the battle is on among his children and grandchildren for the old man's money.

A series in the manner of Agatha Christie. With the detective being the local minister. And like Christie the author does well with gather all the suspects in the same room, while the detective lays out who is the killer. And unlike Christie the authoress is better with child characters, as there are a couple of children in this one. In Christie, having read most of her 80 or some mysteries, I thnk the number of times children appear in them can be counted on both hands with fingers left over.

Peter James
Not Dead Yet
8th in the Roy Grace series
11 more works of fiction and a children's book

Deborah Crombie's
The Sound of Broken Glass
In the Kincaid and James series
14 more works of fiction

Next time: it does "Young Sherlock Holmes" one better.

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #1398 on: March 11, 2014, 04:41:55 PM »


Andrew Lane's
Black Ice
3rd in the Sherlock Holmes : the Legend Begins series
With a 4th one out, which we'll get to later, and a 5th one promised

When young Sherlock comes to Russia to absolve his older brother Mycroft of a murder charge in the U.K., he finds himself trapped between two secret organizations. One is known, and one is unknown, but . . .

both are all-seeing, all-knowing -- both are international in scope -- both are large -- and both are ruthless.

Besides bringing up the idea that it is those who you think you can trust are those who you can't trust, and those who you think you can't trust, are those who you can trust, the series, for a series for teens, has nothing prosaic about its threats to life and limb. So far death and near-death have come about by . . .

bees -- boat oar -- brass knuckles -- cosh -- falcons -- feral kids -- icicle -- knout -- leopards -- lizards -- ship's machinery -- slingshot -- whip -- and wild dogs.

And next time: back to the beginning or 1 of 6 and a half dozen of the other.
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« Reply #1399 on: March 11, 2014, 05:25:05 PM »

Part of my "books I was supposed to read in college but I read the Cliff Notes instead" series

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« Reply #1400 on: March 17, 2014, 03:52:16 PM »

An insanely readable account of a filmmaker's work with Sultan Productions, a company like The Asylum but much, MUCH lower tech, if you can believe it. I want to watch some of their movies, but I don't think they would be as much fun as the stories behind the scenes.

It's cheap enough if you have an e-reader. I'm buzzing through it between calls at work.

Next title I can't wait to dig into:

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #1401 on: March 25, 2014, 02:35:01 PM »

But, we'll put off what I was going to post to post this.

Beginning with "Bitter River" and Anne Perry and ending almost 70 mysteries later, here are the 16 mysteries that have . . .

a. a child either a boy or a girl or both in it. And here a child is someone of 17 years or younger.
b. a murder,
c. and sex with a child.

Cara Black's "Murder in Pigalle"
C. J. Box's "The Highway"
Julia Keller's "Bitter River"
Lynda LaPlante's "Backlash"
Anne Perry's "Murder at Marble Arch" and "Paragon Walk"
Kathy Reich's "Bones of the Lost"
Priscilla Royal's "Covenant with Hell"
Cath Staincliffe's "Dead to Me"

Ellen Hart's "Taken by the Wind"
D. A. Mishani's "The Missing File"
Anne Perry's "Blind Justice" and "Bluegate Fields"

Benjamin Black's "Holy Orders"
Michael Pearce's "The Bride Box"
Anne Perry's "Death in Devil's Acre"

The interest for me lies in the percentages.

Total books 69 So 16 is  %23
Boys 4 %25 Girls 9 %56 Both 3 %19 or boys 34% and girls 66% or not far off from actual crime statistics.
Present time 9 %56 Past time 7 %44
In the U.S. 4 %25 Outside the U.S. 12 %75

Authors 12 total
Americans 5 %42 non-Americans 7 %58
Male authors 4 %33 Female authors 8 %67

Next time: What I was going to post this time.
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« Reply #1402 on: March 28, 2014, 03:13:52 AM »

Local Space 2200 AD a good introduction into the Terran Trade Authority/ Galactic Encounters universe.
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« Reply #1403 on: April 07, 2014, 03:01:46 PM »


Donna Leon's
The Golden Egg
part of the Comissario Guido Brunetti series

Another one in the Star Wars omnibus series

Speculative fiction in the world of Star Wars. What if the Death Star had not been destoryed at Yavin? What if Luke had died on the iceplanet Hoth?, etc.

Janet Hubbard's
Champagne : the farewell
1st one in the Vengeance in the Vineyard mystery series

Who killed the French vineyard owner and winemaker? Was it the heroine's boyfriend? The German who is buying up alot of the vineyards in the area? One of the man's neighbors in the Champagne area of France? A relative? Someone else?

Each book in the series is suppose to cover a different wine making area in France.

Yael Kohen
We Killed :
the Rise of Women in American comedy

Or 7 decades from 1957 to 2012 or from Phyllis Diller and Elaine May to Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler

The writer also talks to their agents, club owners, critics, directors, male colleagues, managers, network executives, producers, and writers.

Ewart Hutton's
Good People
A 1st novel

Robert Crais
28 more works of fiction

When his female partner is killed in a botched street robbery gone wrong, a L.A. cop suffering from PTSD, with the help of his new partner, a German shepherd, named Maggie, who is also suffering from the dog version of PTSD, after her handler was killed in Afghanistan, decides to go after and take down the robbers himself.

I had problems trying to follow some of the events in the book, but it is regarded as one of the best suspense novels of last year.

Gail Carriger's
v. 2 or chapters 8-14 in the graphic version of the juvenile book

The illustrations being better than the story.

Next time: another 6 of 1. A half dozen of the other
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« Reply #1404 on: April 07, 2014, 03:46:40 PM »

Love, Peace and Soul: Behind the Scenes of America's Favorite Dance Show, Soul Train by Ericka Blount Danois

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« Reply #1405 on: April 15, 2014, 04:32:26 PM »


D. A. Mishani's
The Missing File
1st in the Avraham Avraham series
1st novel

When a teenage boy disappears on the way to school, who was responsible for his disappearance. His parents, his tutor who lives in the same apartment building, the convicted sex criminal who lives in the area, or is the boy just a runaway.

1st mystery that I read that takes place in the present Middle East, which made it interesting. The hero also has one of the most interesting hobbies I've ever seen. He reads old mysteries to prove the detective in the mystery was wrong. Using the same clues as the detective in the mystery, our hero sets out to prove that the detective arrested the wrong person. And while the hero proves to be competent, there are questions about his competency. Maybe because we ssee him not only thru his own eyes, but thru the eyes of another.

Timothy Zahn's
Star Wars : the Thrawn Trilogy
(in graphic format) and part of the Star Wars omnibus series

Normally, I prefer a graphic version of a novel to its original version, but this time I actually found the original version superior to its graphic version.

Larry D. Thompson's
Dead Peasants
2 more works of fiction

Elizabeth J. Duncan's
A Small Hill to Die Upon
4th in the Penny Brannigan series

Erin Hart's
The Book of Killowen
4th in the Maguire and Gavin series

When a car is pulled out of an Irish peat bog, two bodies, both murder victims, are found in the boot or trunk, but one was murdered just a year ago, and the other was murdered over a 1000 years ago. And what do the bodies have to do with a near-by artists' retreat, and a medieval book, as old, as the first murder victim, which is also found in the peat bog.

Geoffrey Kabaservice's
Rule and Ruin :
the Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party from Eisenhower to the Tea Party.

The history of the Republican Party over the past 60 years, and a plea by the Republican author for the Party to moderate its political positions or face its destruction.

One stop reading. It is surprising how much of what the author writes about that I remember. Though, one of things he writes about that I had forgotten is how at one time the Republican Party had a better Civil Rights voting record than the Democrat Party. Though, that has changed over the years. Also the book raises the question is whether the U.S. would be better or worst off, knowing that politics hates a vacuum, without the Republican Party. No way of actually knowing, except if history is any judge, if pne thinks things are bad now. They can only get worst in the future.

Next time: another 6 of 1 and a half dozen of the other.
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« Reply #1406 on: April 15, 2014, 04:56:53 PM »

After a free-view weekend of HBO last week, I decided to start re-reading the SONG OF FIRE AND ICE series, better known by its TV title,

"I'm always up for a little anarchy, as long as it's well-planned and carefully organized!"
« Reply #1407 on: April 20, 2014, 01:39:44 PM »

Been reading two books on classic exploitation (meaning they exploited what the Hayes Codes would not allow). Great stuff when you view it from a class/sociological point of view. And I've been watching movies mentioned in the texts. Not only are they interesting, but they are also major hoots!.
Bustin' makes me feel good !
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I've seen things you people couldn't imagine...

« Reply #1408 on: May 05, 2014, 04:28:37 AM »

Necroscope by Brian Lumley.

It's a Cold War thriller between soviets and the UK.
With psychics. And vampires.

It's got a nice hero, devious villain. Lots of ogre and freaky horror stuff and it's very easy to read. There's loads of sequels and spin offs to read which I'm looking forward too.


If God exists, why did he make me an atheist? Thats His first mistake.
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« Reply #1409 on: May 10, 2014, 10:13:13 AM »

After a free-view weekend of HBO last week, I decided to start re-reading the SONG OF FIRE AND ICE series, better known by its TV title,

Funny how my views on that series (the books) have changed. When I read them in 2011 I thought they were brilliant and today I can barely stand them. Shrug.

Das was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich noch merkwürdiger. (What does not kill me makes me stranger.)
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