Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (unrated)

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Hello one and all. It has come to my knowledge that there exists an uncut/unrated version of film (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001811RQQ/ref=nosim/iwantipod-21) which has about two more minutes than the more widely distributed American (rated R, NTSC) edition.

The uncut version apparently circulated in Europe in PAL version. This is a cannibal movie, and the extended version has to do with additional 'cannibal' footage, should anyone wonder. In any case, any information regarding where I can find this movie, or a trade of any sort, will be much appreciated--seems like finding this uncut version is my internet 'final frontier', I can't locate it at all.

In case anyone stumbles upon some info., there is an advertisement in sell.com offering an "unrated" version of this film: the advertisement is incorrect, and they do not carry the unrated version.

There you have it...

Why do you think this version is unrated?
The convertion to pal is always a longer version as it run slower, so 2 or 3 minutes should be normal.
The french VHS is saying 90 min on the back cover, but most of the time it's not accurate, and can be 5 min longer or shorter, even more.
The one you pointed out is from the UK, and as it was one the most censored country in Europe, I doubt they had a better version than anyone else.
I'll come back if I can find more infos about European versions.  :smile:

   The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck Uncut version does exist but is extremely rare to find.  The website dark cavern were having a discussion about the film, in their forum a tribesman f**king a white women.  Two guys on there said they had seen the uncut version of tennessee buck, the cut scenes involve Kathy Shower being raped by cannibals as does Tiziana Stella ( the native girl who is buck's girlfriend in the beginning of the movie).  The cut scenes are mostly in the Cannibal Chief's hut, after Buck and co are capture by the cannibal tribe, Kathy is taken to the Chief's hut where she is stripped naked, held down and oiled up by a group of native women.  After the oiling the women tie Kathy down on her front with her ass up in the air, the chief comes in and rapes Kathy from behind.  After he has finished, he ties Kathy up to a poleand leaves the hut.  Two other cannibal men enter the hut and fondle the bound Kathy, one guy holds her down while the other rapes her.  Tiziana Stella also gets stripped naked and the tribesman have their way with her as well.  Kathy has even said that originally the film was meant to be more serious and have a darker tone until David Keith came on board and made a few changes to the film.  I have also been looking for the uncut version of the film, but alas have not been able to find it but won't give up, just got to spread the message around on other forums until someone uploads a copy of the uncut version of this cult classic.

Anyone got any news about this...?

Hi Guys,

I would love it if this unrated version existed. I'm in no way saying it does not, but what I would say is I'm a friend of Kathy Shower and have personally asked her about just such a version and also about any type of filming that may have occured to bring about just such a version, and to my knowledge no such filming or scenes where filmed. I'll certainly ask her again, but Kathy to my knowledge is a straight up person and sharp. She would remember.
In the meantime (I know... I'm pushing my product here), if you want to get your Kathy fix, checkout a DVD I made with Kathy in 2009 entitled 'Playmate, Model, Mom'. Is available via Ebay or via the website I run for and about Kathy at www.kathyshower.com.



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