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March 27, 2015, 12:28:59 PM
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Author Topic: Aaron and Bianchi's "Thanos Rising" Dissected  (Read 701 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 29, 2015, 05:26:43 PM »

From the time Thanos is born on Titan till the time he first flees Titan.

It'd be interesting to know what time they keep on Titan, but here we'll use standard earth time.

Year 0 Age 0

Thanos is born brain damaged, as the umbilical cord that wrapped around his neck, as he was born, deprives his brain of the oxygen that it needed to be normal.

Thanos is born inheriting his mother's insanity. And that is something I know about. For on my mother's mother's mother's side of the family, we can trace back insanity in the family for more than 160 years.

1st Female Betrayal
His mother tries to kill him.

He is then saved by his father, who then seemingly washes his hands of him.

Both events Thanos remembers.

Year 1 Age 1
Eros, Thanos' younger brother, is born one year to the day after Thanos is born.

2nd Female Betrayal
Eros quickly becomes his mother's favorite, which Thanos remembers.

Year 2-6 Age 2-6
Thanos is educated at home like most of the children of the elite.

Next time: timeline continues
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« Reply #16 on: February 08, 2015, 02:46:24 PM »

Timeline continued

Year 7 Age 7-8

Enters pre-I in Junior School. Along with 15 fellow classmates, born on the same day as Thanos, and Eros, his younger brother, who receives a dispensation to enter school an year early. These students will not only have entered school at the same time, but they will take the same classes taught by the same professors, and will graduate at the same time.

Surprisingly, not only does well in classroom, but makes many friends among classmates on playground.

Year 8 Ages 8-9

Grade I

Year 9 Age 9-10

Grade II

Timeline to be continued
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« Reply #17 on: February 14, 2015, 04:08:38 PM »

Timeline continued . . .

But first . . .?!

We know that Thanos killed 18 Titans on Titan, before fleeing the planet. They were . . .

(1) His mother
(2) The boy (Sogarth)
(3) The girl (Loktus)
(4) and two or more of his professors.

But, who were the rest? This is what the timeline will attempt to answer.

Year 10 Age 10-11
Grade III

Explores the moon, where he was born, with two of his classmates, who die on the exploration. Though, Thanos is not responsible for their deaths, as they happened by accident, he later claims them as his 1st and 2nd murder victims. We are told that he did explore the moon, where he was born, with or without his classmates, but we are pushing the exploration up by an year.

And both murderers and non-murderers, for various reasons, will take credit for murders which they did not commit.

Year 11 Age 11-12
Grade IV

Explores Saturn, with two of his classmates, who again die on the exploration. Again, Thanos is not responsible for their deaths, as again they were accidents, but again he later claims them as his 3rd and 4th murder victims. We are told that he did explore Saturn, with or without his classmates, but again we are pushing up the date of his walking upon Saturn by a year or two.

Year 12 Age 12-13
Grade 5

Sees his 1st dissection. Sight of which causes him to vomit.

While exploring out-of-bounds cave system on Titan, with his girlfriend Cythera and two best friends Argos and "Four Eyes,' so called because the boy wears glasses, kills all 3.

Motivation: 3rd female betrayal
Found Cythera snogging (now, there's a word) the other two. And in a blind rage, not knowing what he is doing, further brain damaged by being concussed with a rock in the initial rock fall, he strikes down all 3, he then staggers away and collapses, not remembering what he had done. Awakening sometime later, and not remembering what he had done, he discovers the bodies of his 3 friends being eaten by the lizards who live in the cave.

Now, if you look at the picture of his 3 dead friends and treat it like a crime scene photo, what do you see? They all 3 died almost instantaneously, and they all died at the same time. For, if neither of these were true, then their bodies would be found further apart than they are in the picture. Thus, their deaths were caused by something other than the cave lizards, and, most likely, someone. So, who else but Thanos, who was the only other one in the cave at that time.

Something else works against them being killed by the lizards. Why wasn't Thanos killed as well? Most likely, because the lizards are only carrion eaters, eating something that is dead like the 3 friends, and not Thanos, who as unconscious as he was, was still alive.

And no one holds him responsible for their deaths, because like the other deaths, they are put down as being tragic accidents. That is all, but one: the girl (Loktus.) Maybe, because she and Cythera were BFFs or even lovers. And she, to get her revenge, comes on to Thanos and pretends to be attracted to him and plays with his emotions. (4th female betrayal.) And when Thanos gets up the courage to reply in kind, she cuts him off at the knees and rejects him, while her posse: the black girl, the lesbian girl, and one of the two gay boys in their class,  all laugh uproariously at him.

Would that not drive someone like Thanos, who is already half mad, into further madness, and a desire to attack all 4 of them? But, then his animal cunning kicks in, and he realizes that if he attacked all 4 of them, they would most likely beat the crap out of him, as those Titan girls are tough. So, he'll wait for his revenge on them for rejecting and laughing at him. And as they say; "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

Next time: Timeline continues . . .
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« Reply #18 on: February 19, 2015, 07:23:21 PM »

Timeline continued

Year 13 Age 13-14

While none of his classmates hold Thanos responsible for the deaths of his/their 3 friends in the forbidden caves, he is now shunned by them. Maybe, because his madness is making itself more manifest.

Which then makes him vulnerable to being seduced by one of his female professors. Whom he then kills.

Motivation: 5th female betrayal
Not only does she seduce him, an innocent, but she then, in an effort, to get to his father, tries a bit of blackmail, which he will not abide. Thus, he kills her.

As her death is passed off as either a suicide or an accident, he is not held responsible for her death.

He also vivisects his 1st living creature, a cave ape, in prep for his final, which counts toward a large part of his grade, in terrestrial biology, in the hope that if he does well enough, his father will finally take note of him. Does well. Does better, but not well enough for his father to take notice of him.

Next time: as we are running out of time, another year in the life of Thanos.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #19 on: February 19, 2015, 08:15:31 PM »

Timeline continued

Year 14 Age 14-15

This year, before the final exam, he wants to vivisect something else, but he knows not what. Then . . .?! He finds his next two victims: the girl (Loktus), who laughed at him 2 years ago, and the boy (Sogarth) who is her current boyfriend.

We know what Thanos is doing there, as he received a dispensation to take a day off from school to prep for the upcoming final exam, but what are they doing there?

They are playing hooky from school, as they want to swim and soak in the hot springs in the same area and to smoke the dope, she has brought with her, and to get sloshed on the champagne, that he brought with him, sneaking it out of his parents' wine cellar. And he thinks, if he gets lucky, to get in a little skinny dipping, so he can see her in the nude, which he has yet to do, and she thinks, if she really gets lucky to cop his cherry, as he and Thanos is the only two of her surviving classmates she has not had sex with, and that includes both boys and girls and their terrestrial biology professor.

We know how Thanos got there, but how did they get there?

That is the problem. If they thumbed a ride with someone, then there is a witness, and, if they brought their own vehicles, then there is something that needs to be disposed of. The best I can do, is to say that they thumbed a ride with someone, who then did not report it afterwards, as he or she were also carrying something highly illegal, which would have got them in serious trouble with the authorities.

How did Thanos subdue both of them?

The old trope. The boy (Sogarth) hears a noise, and then wanders off alone to investigate, whereupon Thanos sprays him with a mist that causes temporarily paralysis. He then does the same to the girl (Luktos) who comes to investigate the thud of a falling body.

How does Thanos get both of them to his secret lab?

He is strong enough he can carry one over each shoulder or one under each arm, and he also takes all their clothing with him and any thing else they had brought.

He then straps each of them to a separate dissection table, after which he strips them of what clothing they still had on.

He then vivisects the boy (Sogarth) 1st. To show the girl (Luktos) what was awaiting her for laughing at him 2 years ago, and as if to say to her: "Now, do you see what happens to one who laughs at me? One loses someone they like or even love!"

He then kills them. How . . .?!

With an injection that allows one to see how the injected person dies second by second, and allows the injected person to feel every second of their approaching death.

Now, that both victims are dead, he takes their nude bodies out to the deserted spot in the desert, where he buried the remains of last year's cave ape. He then digs a shallow grave in a shallow arroyo and throws in the nude body of the boy (Sogarth) 1st, so the boy lies face up in the bottom of the grave. He then throws in the nude body of the girl (Loktus) 2nd, so she lays face down on top of the other body in the grave. He then throws in the soil that was removed in digging the grave, making sure and removing any trace of the grave.

Thus, he . . .

1st kidnaps them.
2nd straps them down to the dissection tables.
3rd strips them of any remaining clothes, leaving them in the nude.
4th vivisects and tortures them, while they are still alive.
5th kills them both with an injection.
6th and buries their nude bodies, so they be harder to identify, in the same area that the cave ape was buried. And destroys all their clothes and other possessions.

Would you like a slice of cheese and/or a hunk of beef with that? That is all the victims are now to Thanos. Thus . . .?!

When are the two victims disrespected the most?

1st. Not when they are kidnapped.
2nd. Not when they are stripped naked.
3rd. Not when they are tortured.
4th. Not when they are killed.
5th. But, when they are buried, as to the way they are buried.

They deserved better.

As for Thanos, he got the highest marks in his terrestrial biology class that year, but failed to gain the notice of his father.

Next time: as we are again running out of time, another year in the life of Thanos.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #20 on: February 19, 2015, 08:32:35 PM »

Timeline continued

Year 15 Ages 15-6

Classmates Tuhesvig and Mulyvt, the gay couple in Thanos' terrestrial biology class, disappear.

Time: same
Place: same
Steps: same
Motivation: same, except Thanos now receives the 3rd highest score ever achieved in the history of terrestrial biology, behind only the current terrestrial biology professor and his father, who again fails to notice him.

As everything is almost the same, this time and the next 2, we need not play out everything again, but recreate using a montage of images.

1st. The victims disappearance.
2nd. Their torturous vivisection.
3rd. Their murder.
4th. Their burial in the same area as the other burials.
5th. The school announcement of their disappearance.
6th. Thanos being rewarded for his classwork.

Next time: Timeline continues
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #21 on: March 08, 2015, 02:51:05 PM »

Timeline continued

Year-16 Age 16-17

Classmates Vyjitwh and Nymwav, the black couple in class disappear.

Time: same
Place: same
Steps: same
Motivation: same, except Thanos receives 2nd highest test score ever scored in terrestrial biology, behind only that of his father.

Montage of scenes as before.

Year-17 Ages 17-18

Classmates Wakovxj and Panxew, the lesbian couple in class disappear.

Time: same
Place: same
Steps: same
Motivation: same, exept Thanos receives the highest test score ever scored in terrestrial biology, but his father continues to ignore him.

Montage of scenes as before.

Year-18 Ages 18-19

Instead of going on to the university, like his brother Eros, Thanos takes to his lab, and there he murders his terrestrial biology professor, and his last victim on Titan, his mother.

Motivation: he discovers that for the past 18 or 19 years, at least since the time of his brother Eros, his terrestrial biology professor and his mother have been carrying on an off and on affair, 6th female betrayal, behind his father's back. "There is no accounting for a woman's taste in men." Only to be discovered by his father and brother, just after Thanos has killed his mother. Thanos, unable to kill either his father or brother, then flees Titan for other parts.

Next time: questions about Thanos' time off of Titan.
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« Reply #22 on: March 18, 2015, 11:46:18 AM »

"Round a baker's dozen questions about Titan and Thanos' life on and off Titan. And in no particular order.

Q: Has there ever been a more stupid group of space pirates, then the ones here, their stupidity culminating in the captain's "Kill all aboard!" And why is that stupid? Because . . .?
A: a. If you leave a person alive, then you can rob them more than once, but not if you kill them. b. People will fight harder and longer if they know they are going to die, then if they know they can surrender. c. People will put more effort into pursuit and punishment, if you kill someone, then if you just rob them. d. And in any fight, you may be the one that gets hurt, not your victim.

Q: With 8 or 9 wives, and as many offspring, can Thanos really be expected to track them all down to kill them, without allowing one or more to escape?

Q: And would not some alien races be incapable of producing offspring with another race, if not entirely incompatible?

Q: And is it really feasible for Thanos to kill all the inhabitants of Titan, when he returns, when . . .?!
A: a. As most of the inhabitants apparently live underground, and while there are bombs and missiles that will penetrate that far . . .?! b. And you are looking at a population that is likely in the millions, and with a population that large . . .?! c. And we have historical proof that it is likely impossible. The Holocaust. That one Jew died in the Holocaust is one Jew too many, but a concentrated effort was made, over six years and sometimes longer, by some people to kill every Jew in Europe, and it could not be done, as some Jews survived.

Q: Why does everyone seem so blasť about . . .?!
A: a. The death of Cythera, Argos, and "Four Eyes" in the caves on Titan. b. Loktus and Sogarth's disappearance. c. The death of so many inhabitants on Titan, when death is practically unknown on Titan, especially among the children of Titan. d. The escape of Thanos from Titan. And e. Thanos rampages thru the galaxy around Titan.

Q: What did "Four Eyes" see on the walls of the cave?

Q: And going back to the deaths of the boy (Sogarth) and the girl (Loktus), if it was them buried two weeks later, why two weeks, instead of one week or even two days, before their burial?

To be continued . . .

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #23 on: March 26, 2015, 02:51:55 PM »

Continuing questions about Titan and Thanos?

Q: How much are the Titans aware of the world out there, and how much is the world out there aware of them?

Q: And is Titan really such an Utopia, when . . .
a. needles and syringes are still used.
b. women still bear the pain of childbirth.
c. the mad are put in straitjackets and locked away.
d. glasses are still needed to see, unless they are some form of fashion statement.
e. cock rings (the round metal objects on the surgical tray) are still needed to enhance sexual performance
f. students still use pen and pencil and paper.
g. children are vulnerable to being kidnapped and taken off the planet.
h. and the mad are so heavily drugged that they are comatose.

Q: We know that Thanos' killed 18 people, because we are told he killed 18 people, including the boy (Sogarth) and the girl (Loktus) his 1st confirmed killings and his mother (Sui San) his last confirmed killing on Titan. Thus, how did he kill 15 more people on Titan, within a space of an year, or an average of one killing every 3 and a half weeks, without being caught?

A: Better, as posted above, that the 18 killings happened over a space of 7 to 8 years, or an average of one killing every 21 and a half weeks.

Q: And why both boys and girls?

A: If he killed only boys, then it'd smack of homophobia, and if he killed only girls, then it smacked of misogyny. Thus, we have is neither homophobia nor misogyny, but something else. Or, that is my guess.

Q: Of the children killed by Thanos, which killing were the most bothersome?
a. the deaths of the 3 children in the cave.
b. the deaths of the 2 teen lovers in the lab.
c. the death of Thanos' son and his mate off-planet.

A: c. is brutal, but we are somewhat removed from it, because his victims are so anonymous.
a. the victims are not anonymous, but we are removed from them, because we are asked to believe that someone or something other than Thanos killed them.
b. Thus, the answer is b. The victims are not anonymous. The boy (Sogarth) is poetical, and the girls (Loktus) is practical. And we are told that Thanos killed them.

Q: Thanos' secret lab? His father's secret lab abandoned?

A: That would go a long way to explain how Thanos was able to find it, and if it was still equipped, then Thanos would not bring attention to himself as he tried to equip it.

Q: And how did Thanos' father, Allars, a man so self-absorbed in himself, that he has no time for others, ever become the ruler of Titan?

A: Yet, he is one of the most human characters on Titan, as on earth, there are humans that are just as self-absorbed.

Q: And we know that Ms. Death can only be seen by Thanos, but does she really appear to him, or is she a total figment of his imagination?

Next time: Will we ever see this story made into a film? Why or why not?
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