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 :question: OK in the summer of 1987 i when to the movies with my summercamp and watch this movie, but now i can not remember its name.

Here is what i remember about it(some variation is expected from actual film)

In this movie the planet its taking place on is inhabited by humans on one side and monsters on the other. the monsters are constantly attacking. they capture humans and take them back to their side of the planet where the are brainwashed to join the badguys by a woman with eyes in the palm of her hands. A young man (a police like person, i think) goes to a scientist friend (after the woman he loves is captured, i think) and gives him self to be transformed into a cyborg the this is done on a table with a only the friend there. the resulting cyborg form is a red and black leather covered robotic man that can shift back to his human form at will. he then proceeds to infiltrate the enemy. at one point he is thrown or pushed into a hole (in human form) and then transforms and grabs the wall the jumps out.

OK this is the best i can do right now.  :question:  :bluesad: I'm pretty sure  it was 87 be cause there was a life size cardboard ad for revenge of the nerds 2 in the lobby.

This sounds like it could be "The Super Inframan" aka "Infra-Man" (1975).  Here is a review that might help to verify if it is your mystery film:


OK, It seem like that might be the oringanal version BUT i was not born yet in 75 so either you got the year wrong or there was a remake 11-12 years later. released in the us

but then again it may have taken that long to be released in the us

I agree with Andrew, that really does sound like Infra-Man, the character She-Demon has eyes in the palms of her clawed hands, and they do brainwash some of the good guys. Great costumed/kaiju flick with all the elements that make this genre so fun to watch. Despite losing the widescreen format of the recent DVD release "The Super Inframan", the VHS "Infra-Man" version has some of the most hilariously enthusiastic dubbing I've ever heard. All the mutants have great over the top voices, and who could ever forget a villainess like Princess Dragon Mom.

Its possible this could have been shown in some theaters as a revival in '87, but the original was definitely put out in 1975.


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