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October 17, 2018, 12:40:38 AM
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Author Topic: Carnosaur 2  (Read 6928 times)
« on: January 23, 2010, 07:03:21 PM »

Here is my review for the Roger Corman produced ripoff classic. I want this review to be publishable so any suggestions are welcome. One problem that I see is the review is very long. But I have tried to trim it down alot. I can provide pictures and even video clips if needed.

Carnosaur 2
Rated: R
4 slimes
Copyright Company and Date: New Horizon Picture Corp, 1995
Submitted by Arm

Jack Reed – John Savage! Corporal Hicks. I mean, member of the repair team sent to Yucca Mountain Nuke Repository. Lives.
Major Tom McQuade – Cliff De Young! Burke and Lt. Gorman in one. Sent to supervise the repair crew and be an all around prick. Dies with Monk.
Monk – Rick Dean! Hudson. Smart-mouthed member of the team. Gets easily scared when things go wrong. Dies while injured, lying next to McQuade with raptors approaching and McQuade lit dynamite.
Jesse Turner – Newt with some Ripley. Nephew of one of the workers at the facility. Likes to hack into classified government computer networks and plays with boxes of explosives for fun. Lives
Moses – Comic relief black guy. Part of the repair team. NOT the first character to die.
Ben – Sgt. Apone basically. Eyepatch Ben. Guy in charge of the crew. Wears eyepatch. Dies first.
Galloway – Helicopter pilot. Dies while being attacked by a Velociraptor in a helicopters pilot seat. Quite cute
Dinosaurs are attracted to Wagner's music.
Storing dinosaur eggs in a government nuclear waste facility is a bad idea.
High radiation can trigger nuclear explosions.
Throwing a stick of dynamite from 5 feet away is perfectly safe.
Ionizing radiation is the same thing as heat.
Secret government facilities that store dismantled nuclear warheads and dinosaur eggs do not have guards.
Velociraptors croak like a frog before attacking.
A military bases crew can be evacuated with one helicopter.
4 mins – Theres your network problem.
15 mins – Rock, paper, MIDDLE FINGER!
33 mins – Dinosaur vs. Man boxing match. Man loses.
35 mins – BOOM that choppers toast.
48 mins – Raptor killed with a flare gun. Yes, a flare gun.
56 mins – Pointless character bonding scene.
72 mins – Get away from her you b***h!
McQuaid: “Last night it blew its load again.”
Monk: “Nukes, they got nukes and dinosaurs here. Thats just perfect.”
Carnosaur 2 is the sequel to the low-budget Roger Corman ripoff of Jurassic Park. This time instead of just ripping off that movie, Corman has decided to rip off Aliens frame-by-frame. I will give the movie credit in one way though. The “Flu” from the first movie which caused women to give birth to baby dinosaurs and die would have triggered a lawsuit if it was included here. Carnosaur 2 is definitely better than the first Carnosaur. The special effects are a little better, the story slightly less ridiculous and no stupid Flu plot.

The best reason to see this movie is for Monk! Sure, Rick Deans character just rips off Hudson from Aliens. But where Bill Paxton was just acting crazy, Rick Dean really is. If you want more of Monk hes reincarnated in Carnosaur 3 as a soldier. If your looking for a sci-fi horror movie about a group of people stranded in a remote facility with monsters everywhere, Carnosaur 2 is it. Or you could just see Aliens again.
Carnosaur 2 takes place at Yucca Mountain repository in the Nevada desert. The computer network is FUBAR and the amount of repair is outside the scope of the limited staff. Later on everyone is eating in the mess hall when a raptor attacks and kills everyone. Everyone but one boy named Jesse, who survives by hiding behind a wall.

A repair team are led there under the guise that the place is a Uranium mine by Major Tom McQuaid. Since there is desert 80 miles around, the crew has to be brought in by chopper. When they reach the compound, which looks more like a dam then mine, theres no radio contact and nobody around outside. They makes their way in after jimmying open the door and find the place deserted. Theres blood all over the mess hall. The boy from earlier who survived the mess in the mess hall. Hes in “shock” and brought to the infirmary. Hes revived, but not before giving Monks face a good kick.

Eyepatch Ben decides that the computer network is too smashed for them to do anything in the control and must go down to lower levels to find the source of the problem. Some of the team, including McQuaid, go down to the lower levels trying to find any network problems. All is fine until they reach stairs where McQuaid says that the lower level is classified and cant go any further. He blocks their passage, but that doesn't stop others from sneaking behind him as he argues with Ben.

McQuaid gives chase to them down to the classified levels. As the camera slowly pans to show the large level, a crew members head is visible in the bottom-left. A person in the team finds what appears to be a giant tooth. Then Eyepatch Ben wanders off from the group and is attacked by a raptor and dragged down a hatch. His gushing blood closes the hatch. They runs back up to the surface with the pilot Galloway, Moses and Jesse listening to the killing over the radio. Jesse freaks out and starts running after them. Then Moses gets b***h slapped by a raptor, attempts to box it and fails miserably. The Galloway, who witnesses this, run off to get to the chopper!

Jesse meets up with the running survivors from the lower levels and they all make it to the surface. Galloway gets there first, starts the engines, then is attacked by a very stealthy raptor hiding in the back. The chopper hovers in the air before crashing down in a fiery explosion. The survivors cant stay outside because its desert 80 miles around with helicopter the only way in or out. The military has not heard of Jeeps. Going in would involve getting eaten. Staying out the sun would get them. Everyone goes back in.

Back in the control room, McQuaid tells the people where the giant lizards came from. A (mad) scientist took dinosaur DNA and brought them back to life. Then a bunch of people died. The military sent in a team to kill all the dinos. But then they discovered a nest of eggs. Instead of say, stomping on the eggs with their boots, the military decided to stash the eggs inside the facility. But its ok, McQuaid says, because they put the eggs on ice.

Jesse remembers from his previous breaking and entering stunts that theres a storage shed with dynamite in it. Use the explosives and blow the dinosaurs up. McQuaid apparently feels getting eaten is a better deal and argues with them not to go. But Reed and Monk ignore him and set out to find the explosives. McQuaid tries to remotely lock them in the shed but they break the door open. Door locks wont hold them, Tom McQuaid decides to pursue them and use his negotiation skills to get them to not blow up the place. Reed and Monk stroll around, putting up explosives around places in an attempt to blow up the facility. But McQuaid is there to make sure that doesn't happen. He knocks out Monk and fights Reed. While fighting, alarms go off, something about containment failure in two hours. They fight some more, Monk and Reed double team McQuaid and eventually subdue him. Reed kills a raptor with a flare gun that attacks Monk.

Back in the control room, McQuaid tells them that Yucca Mountain is not a uranium mine but a repository for dismantled nuclear weapons. The radiation levels are rising because the dinosaurs are playing House with the nukes. And in two hours the whole place is gonna blow up somehow. They pull up floor plans on the computers to find the corridors that the dinosaurs would use to get to the control room and lay trip wire in them. Reed also plays Wagner's “Ride of the Valkyries” on Monks boombox outside one of the traps for some reason. Jesse gets the idea of shutting down the computer system completely to trigger some kind of emergency rescue. But as the team celebrates their good fortune, the dinosaurs start trying to get into the control room. Some get blown up.

Everyone leaves the control room for the elevator since raptors will soon be in. As they ride down, a raptor pulls a woman by the arm out through the top escape hatch and mutilates her. The elevator crashes down to the bottom of the shaft afterwards. They climb into a vent where a raptor waits. Waiting to be blown up with a stick of  dynamite! Everyone wades through various tripwires until Monk is injured by getting hit with flying debris. McQuaid stays with Monk to try and get him up. But this proves futile as raptors from all over approach him. McQuaid lights a bundle of dynamite as the raptors approach, blowing everything up.

Reed trips a tripwire, loses his balance and falls off the railings down several stories. A message plays stating an evacuation crew is at the surface. For an entire nuclear waste facility, theres 4 guys and a small helicopter to evacuate them all. Jesse tells them Reeds still alive and ventures back down to get him.

He goes down to the bottom sub-level, finds Reed, his ribs are broken and they both limp back to the elevator. Along the way they see a bunch of dead bodies and hear a loud thumbing. If there was a cup of water on a table nearby, it would probably have waves in it right now. Then they look up and a Tyrannosaurus is standing right in front of them. Now Jesse and Reed must run back to the elevator before the Queen Rex devourers them. They get in, shut the door when the t-rex climbs to the top of the elevator and rides up too. The tyrannosaurus is seen standing on top of the wire mesh ceiling of the elevator car. Jesse and Reed motion away from the wire mesh and somehow an animal weighing several tons does not crash through.

They reach the surface and the evacuation crew has decided not to leave them. Reed gets in the chopper, but Jesse forgets his backpack and has to run back for it. The t-rex breaks down a door and eats one of the rescue men. Jesse runs and gets a forklift to fight the t-rex with. Jesse fights with the rex for a while, gets it weakened, opens a door with a 150 foot drop and knocks the t-rex in. With the t-rex dead, Jesse runs to the chopper. He gets in and everyone flies away to a giant explosion, first of orange and then bright white.
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« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2010, 08:43:43 AM »

I personally couldn't stand this movie. What really disappointed me was the fact that there was no continuation from the first film. It would've been great to see other parts of the world fall victim to the virus and fight against the dinosaurs. But, instead they rip off Aliens. What a waste.
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2010, 12:33:22 PM »

I didn't really like Carnosaur 1 much, but loved 2. Im glad theres no continuity. The idea of a virus infecting humans and the women giving birth to baby dinosaurs is very ridiculous. Plus with the rest of the Aliens ripping off going on in this movie, it would of been too much to include it here.

I love that dark orange lighting for the lower levels in this movie. It gives the world this gloomy, unwelcoming to all the classified levels. From the lighting its self, you should know not to venture there.
Ken Shabby
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« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2010, 12:05:38 AM »

This movie honestly had one of the cruelest death scenes I've ever seen, when the woman gets her arm torn off and then disemboweled by the raptor. No one else in the movie gets anywhere near that graphic of a death, so what made her so special? I dunno,, I guess it was just the setup, her helplessness in a small space, the sudden unexpected gruesomness.
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« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2010, 12:14:00 PM »

This movie honestly had one of the cruelest death scenes I've ever seen, when the woman gets her arm torn off and then disemboweled by the raptor. No one else in the movie gets anywhere near that graphic of a death, so what made her so special? I dunno,, I guess it was just the setup, her helplessness in a small space, the sudden unexpected gruesomness.

She looked like the black haired chick from Resident Evil too, if I remember correctly.
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