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Author Topic: BloodRayne 2: Deliverance (Unrated Director's Cut)  (Read 4755 times)
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« on: February 12, 2012, 07:39:14 PM »

Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance
Rated: Unrated Director's Cut
1 slime
Pitchblack Pictures Inc. 2007 BOLL KG 2007
Submitted by WingedSerpent

Rayne: Natassia Malthe: Half human/half vampire heroine of the series. You know something Rayne…there’s something different about you.

Pat Garett: Michael Pare:  Lawman who was best known for killing Billy the Kid in real life.  While he does shoot Billy, it’s technically not his kill.  

Newton Piles: Chris Coppola: News reporter who comes to the old west in order to find stories. May have actually survived this movie due to being a coward.

Mayor Franklin Holden: Michael Robinson Mayor of Deliverance. After being pushed around by Billy the Kid he decides to make a stand and promptly gets shot.

Muller: Brendan Flecter A member of the Brimstone Society. Tells Rayne about the villain’s plans and then dies.  Really that’s all there is to him.

Preacher: Michael Eklund-An outlaw preacher. Since killing vampires isn’t a sin, he’s quick to join Rayne’s posse. Shot.

Slime Bag Franson: Michael Teigen: Hired by Rayne to help her take out Billy and his gang. A Gatling gun later pierces the bag.

Billy the Kid: Zack Ward Old and supposedly powerful vampire. Beaten-up, shot a hundred times with a gattling gun and then staked through the heart. O.k I think he's dead now.

Flint Lock Hogan: Mike Dopud-Typical Western outlaw now vampire that once escaped Rayne. Doesn’t happen a second time.

Sheriff Cobden: John Novak: Sherief turned Vampire. Only real friend is his gun Sadie.

Bernadette, Vince, William and Jessie: The family that had befriended Rayne sometime before the start of the movie. I think their last name was “The MacGuffins”. Killed and/or taken by Billy the Kid.

Cowboy Vampires: Those words alone SHOULD have made this movie more fun.

A small frog like man wanders into the sparse town of Deliverance in full tourist mode. He meets with the Mayor and explains that he is Newton Piles and his here for stories of the old west. The Mayor pretty much tells them that he is out of luck because Deliverance is a quite town and soon the railroad will be coming through.
Past sundown, a small family is settling down after dinner. In traditional horror fashion, the investigation of a strange noise outside leads to the parents dying and has the children being taken hostage by a vampirc Billy the Kid. This will have several icky implications that will be shown later.

The viewer will also notice that this movie was filmed in two different times. Some parts before a sudden snow storm, and some after it. If we pointed out the times when in one scene the ground is covered and then not, we’d be here all day.

Billy’s gang soon takes over the town, turning the sheriff, and holding the children hostage. He recruits Piles in order to chronicle his takeover.

Riding now to the rescue, in comes Rayne. No longer played by Kristana Loken, but Natassia Malthe.  I’ll get into what I think about the two actresses later.
Rayne is a friend of the family kidnapped earlier. She finds the bodies of the parents lying in the snow. While searching for the children, she runs into Garrett who informs her of Billy’s escapades.

Entering Deliverance, Rayne is watched by the now vampire sheriff and his equally vampire deputies. She finds Flint Lock Logan, a bounty that escaped her, drunk and playing cards. Flint Lock in case you were wondering is also a vampire. Logan offers Rayne a chance at the poker table.  A fight almost breaks out when Rayne wins, so she and Logan decide to have a night time shoot out in the streets.  Rayne kills him, and so the sheriff arrests her for murder. Which I guess is technically true. I mean, half the populace of Deliverance now seems to be vampires. Rayne tries to fight them off, but is soon overpowered.

Piles visits Rayne in jail. Luckily for the audience it isn’t a conjugal visit and thus is spared the sight of him with his shirt off. Instead he wants an interview, and the man in the next cell, named Muller, decides now’s a good a time as any to get some exposition out.
Muller, who is actually a Brimstone agent, tells Rayne and Piles that Billy is an extremely old and powerful vampire. That’s he’s building an army. That he’ll use the railroads to conquer America. We the audience learn in a few scenes later when Billy drinks the blood of a young girl that’s he’s probably the kind of person who is required by law to go door to door and explain to people that he’s just moved into the neighborhood. The bar tender stops by to say that Rayne represents their best hope for freeing the town from Billy’s gang.
Muller is taken to the gallows and hung.  You know, when I first saw this movie I had him  pegged as the potential love interest for Rayne. But no, in fact there’s no tacked on love story in this movie.  All right.  You scored some points there.

Rayne is brought up next and the noose is placed around her neck. Just before she is hung, she’s able to free herself and get her swords from the bartender. She kills the sheriff before diving into the swamp to try to escape the barrage of bullets.
Rayne is pulled from the river by Garret and explains she’s a dhampir. She needs to drink some blood to recover, and Garrett is willing to supply some by cutting his arm. Although he could have put it in a cup, but maybe its better to serve it fresh.

The two will need some help in order to take down Billy. Their first new recruit is a criminal posing as a preacher named…Preacher. At first they try to blackmail him into joining them, but then tell him they need his help killing vampires. He’s so eager to do it, he’s practically willing to pay them for the opportunity.

 The second is “Slime Bag Frason”. They find him at the local bordello. Rayne is able to convince him to join using her feminine ways-and a gun pointed at his skull.

The quintet arms themselves with silver bullets, garlic, holy water and go off to fight Billy the Kid and his vampire army. Why isn’t this more exiting?

The town’s people are hold up in the saloon, now completely under Billy’s power. There is a spark of hope when Rayne comes down.  The dhampir, not the weather event.

Calling out Billy, the gun fight begins. And if you were ready for an awesome third act filled with humans vs vampires-then you’re somewhat out of luck.  These vampires have very few special abilities. No changing into bats, or such.  It really could be a shoot-out from another western. When you think about what could have been, it’s a bit of a let down.

Rayne investigates one of the buildings to find Billy holding the children hostage in some sort of multiple gallows that’s controlled by a counterweight. Rayne manages to grab its rope, but one of the children-Jessie from the still falls and gets hung. Billy, not one to let a free meal go to waste drinks the blood of the now dead young boy.  No…just…yuck.

Piles and the mayor man up and decide to help the four.  This will not end well for one of them.

Preacher and Slimebag get pinned down in a barn by a vampire using a Gatling gun.  They get in some quiet quips before they start shooting back. Garrett tries to save them, but Slimebag is killed and Preacher is gravely wounded. Shame, these two were actually kind of fun to watch for the short time they were in the film. Why couldn’t they have been introduced earlier?

Piles and the Mayor make a grand stand outside the saloon, but it ends almost instantly with the Mayor being shot. Piles high tails it back into the building. Preacher manages to kill a few one more vampire with his knife edged hidden in his cross. (That old gag) before dying.

Rayne figures out the puzzle and uses her sword to free the children by jumping and cutting the ropes quick enough. (One of the reason I sometimes use a strategy guide.) Now its dual arm swords against dual Bowie knifes as Rayne and Billy square off.

The battle leads into the streets with the town watching. When Billy gets the upper hand and thinks he’s won, he goes into some super villain style boasting about how he’s going to take over the world and kill everyone in town.

Rayne gets back up and soon almost kills Billy. When he gets the drop on her with his six-shooters, Garret blasts him with the six hundred shooter-Gatling gun. Then just for good measure Rayne stakes Billy with a broken shovel. Had there been an anvil around, Rayne would have dropped it on his head.

The remaining children are rescued. Piles is made sheriff (Yeah I don’t see it either). Rayne rides off to fight another day.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________
One of the first things you’ll notice about this movie is the drop in visual quality. It looks cheap even for a direct to DVD release. The budget according to some sources was less than half the one of the original and it really shows.

I'd say they writing actually a little better this time around, but it's still not the movie it could have been. The carnal aspect of Rayne is pretty much removed. The violence is toned down, because they knew it might turn up on tv at some point. And thus, they relay on the characters swearing almost constantly to give it some bite.

It's more mediocre then anything else.. The action scenes are passable. It doesn’t introduce some of the more fun characters until nearly the end.  There’s plenty of bad to just okay acting.  There are a few highlights, but not enough to recommend it to most people.

Now the big question. Who was the better Rayne? Kristana Loken from the original or Natassia Malthe from BloodRayne 2? It’s not really a clear winner because what was one’s strength was where the other one faltered.

For Loken’s movie, the visual adaptation of Rayne from video game to movie was actually pretty good. The outfit looked right, the hair was the right length and color.  The swords even looked right. All together, it was a faithful look.

In Malthe’s movie, there were a lot of little changes that would be noticeable to a fan. The outfit isn’t quite right, and through most of the movie it’s covered by a trench coat and cowboy hat.  Her hair also not the right length or color. Yes, it’s nitpicking but only because the first movie did it right. I can sum it up best by saying this: Loken’s Rayne looks like she was designed by somebody who had seen the character in the game. Malthe’s Rayne was designed by somebody who had been told what Rayne looked like and made it up from that description.

HOWEVER, Malthe was much better at portraying Rayne’s personality then Loken. In the games, Rayne is an action heroine wielding guns, cracking jokes almost to the point that she’s a parody of the genre. In the first moive-Loken portrayed Rayne as…a wimp. She was a little too quiet, was easily defeated several times, and in one instance, the only resistance to her captures she gave was some screams. I know it’s a prequel so she not supposed to be the Rayne fans recognized, but the character is so far removed, it was disappointing.
Malthe’s version is much closer to games. Her version cracks jokes, and can actually handle herself in most situations. She puts up a fight against several opponents and manages to take them out. She still gets in over her head sometimes, but she made the better character.  

There’s a High Mid-Night.
Guns don’t like sleeping at a strangers house.
A vampire attack is a great time to network.
Vampires squeal like pigs
When it comes to bravery, it’s the thought that counts.
It can be said that the experiences one has can be liken to a particular part of the male reproductive system. And that said difficulties and pleasantries correspond to its different states of arousal and use.

8:14 Ron Weasly from Harry Potter hides.
9:45 Was that a fourth wall break?
17:42 I swear I just heard a dragon.
1:03:45 Snow on the ground when they went in, no snow on the ground when they came out.
1:10:20 Enough with the close-ups. I feel qualified to be a dermatologist by now.

Billy the Kid: Tell me Mr…Piles. Is telling stories your reason to live?
Piles: Uhmm….yes.
Billy the Kid: Then bear witness to the greatest story ever told.

Garrett: There could be bloodshed. A woman alone might be able to handle herself.
Rayne: Your fly’s open.

Mayor Holden: Ms…you don’t know what your messing with.
Rayne: That’s fair, because neither do they.



Rayne: Big speech, small guns. You overcompensating for something?

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At least, that's what Gary Busey told me...
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BloodRayne: The Third Reich review coming soon....

At least, that's what Gary Busey told me...
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"C'mon boy, you can do better'n'at! Squeal! Eee!"

Heh heh! Sorry, wrong movie, I know, but that's the first thought that comes to mind when I see the title for this one.
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