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Author Topic: Yongary, Monster from the deep (1967)  (Read 2881 times)
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« on: May 13, 2012, 05:39:16 PM »

Yongary, Monster of the deep
Rated: G (I think)
4 slimes
Copyright Company and Date: American International TV, 1967
Submitted by Stephanie


Astronaut- has no name in the American dub. I know he has one, but since the Korean copy no longer exists, i will never know...
Astronauts wife-nameless and not important
Ihlu (No, I'm too sure on that spelling there)-scientist. Responsible for killing Yongary.
Icho-annoying brat. Walks around in the sewers wearing shorts for a while, ends up helping save the world from the monster
Suna-another one I'm not to sure about. Wears a pink dress for half the film, then a floral print one.
People in the city, soldiers, ect-trampled, burned or crushed. One is thrown. 
Yongary- a giant monster with tusks, a nose horn, a spiky tail, back frill and glowing eyes. Breaths fire and has a laser attack. Bleeds to death out of his anus after having a seizure.


Honeymooning couples do not have sex, but rather talk.
The sky is a sheet of blue fabric.
Giant monsters eat gasoline and oil.

1:30 TV production...that's not right...

2:11 that looks like a miniature set, and their driving in the middle of the road...

3:20 Did anyone else see someone run past in that building? Where are they anyways, an office buildings parking lot? What?

7:47 Wow, what a beautiful, blue night! Looks kinda like a sheet of fabric!

9:47 wow, a 1967 cell phone!

10:55 that miniature looks cool.

15:09 is that the model of the capsule behind them?

15:33 They are just showing the same piece of toilet paper with writing on it again and again...

22:42 Random space!

25:25 Holy crap, what is that?

26:08 it skids as it falls down the cliff? And how did that happen?

29:35 YONGARY!

34:11 They don't use cutlery in Korea, apparently.

38:26 but there's nothing in his hand...? Did i miss something?

40:53 it sound like they made the road out of Styrofoam.

43:06 note the pipe sticking out of his throat.

46:45 "was that my tail that went and did that?"

50:27 that sounded like Gorge.

1:03:14 He's dancing? Why? How? And where did that music come from?

1:06:09 Gah! That green screen was so bad it scared me!

1:08:06 obvious cardboard bridge is obvious.


Icho: You should have seen him, he was dancing and playing!


The film starts with a shot of the earth and moon, hovering in space, something unusual for a kaiju film. It says monster from the deep but one should note Yongary comes from the earth.
Everyone in this movie sounds like a robot. The dubbing's okay but it sure sounds like their just reading off a script.
2 of the important characters, well, important for now, are on a honey moon, nothing happens that would be considered titillating, except a bratty kid named Icho shooting the itchy-ray at them as they drive off from the building they were married at.
The camera work is cool at times, but it feels like a sound set way to often.
I suspect she wants some, but he falls asleep on the balcony. SHE NAGS  HIM ABOUT SEX ON THE HONEYMOON. Also,did he just say whenever i get married? What? Well, they try to do something and the phone beeps, and he looses intrest.
This movie uses a lot of random miniature sets in it, and some look impressive but some seems cheap, and the giant carboard buildings show the fact they stopped caring after a while. This movie could have been great and they lost interest.Some effects are Godzilla quality (well, high quality) some are more Gamera like, not looking quite right and others are downright cheap. The space scenes look cool even though space is now blue, and it starts out as a good sci-fi film, but it won't last.
It's hard to review this without talking about individual scenes, but the basic plot is this: A giant monster emerges from the ground to bash South Korea to pieces, while they try to find a way to stop it. There's some space stuff, some romance and a heroic little brat.
They send the husband into space to watch the middle east who are doing some nuclear testing, which causes an earthquake, which somehow damages communications between earth and the capsule. I don't understand it either but at least i see
the importance of the testing-it awoke Yongary (or so i can assume).The earthquakes epicenter moves, something that happens in Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidrah, Giant monsters all out attack when Baragon appears..
Strange coincidence. The earthquake become the main concern after they recontact the capsule and it comes back to earth. They want to stop it before something bad happens. They don't think science can help...whatever. They know its dangerous and declare a state of emergency.The arrow that marks its path moves really fast. That's one quick earthquake. It continues to progress, causes tremors at the lab and the earth splits open! Something is moving inside the earthquake, and it sinks down after emerging for a second. Well, Yongary is not from the deep unless they meant depths of the earth.I like how the earthquake reminds one man of a story he was told as a kid about a monster named Yongary who made earthquakes and then instantly name the monster that after only a small bit of information about it.They plan on using the army against him, something which by now we know won't work.
The monster looks like something out of Gamera, and its great. There's some really neat detailing on the suit I've noticed over the years i really like too. The glowing eyes, huge tusks and back spines are all reminiscent of other monsters, yes, but he still looks original to me. One issue with him is the fact the sets he destroys have very flat backrounds, like a diorama.
His roar sounds very mechanical, although towards the end he makes a barugon hissing sound. The Army can't stop him as he rampages about, no suprise there.From head on he looks like a demon, but from the side he reminds me of a crocodile. He can breath fire as a main attack, and it's pretty effective.
The music is like something that you'd expect from Toho and i like it, but there's no audio record for this movie so i can't listen to it without watching the film. I've seen a few diffrent cuts, and one has a big blank area of black in it, and that's not in the MGM release. Ugh. I got off topic.
Back to the story. The scientist wants to see the monster, but as he runs off, Icho follows, and the story starts becoming more like Gamera.We see the dance club scene, where the stupid teenagers ignore warning and are then killed by the giant monster.As Yongary trashes the city, everything spews dust. The buildings look okay and its fun watching them get trashed. Yongary uses his fists and feet, as well as his tail to smash everything in his way. Sometimes he doesn't even bother to fully wreck a building, he just smacks it and continues on. Fires erupt as he marches through the city, while Icho and Ihlu run after him to see. Bricks fly everywhere and knock over Ihlu as he trys to save the girl in pink, whose name eludes me. They loose Icho and go hunting for him while Yongary wanders about. At one point he picks up a soldier and i think he
ate him, I'm not sure.To stop him they plan on using missiles, but fear destroying the historic parts of Korea by mistake. Icho hides from Yongary in the sewer(note he's in shorts) and almost gets stepped on by the big brute, protected by the manhole cover. He still follows him though, like the stupid kid he is.The army prepares to fires missiles at him. They note he's moving slower, and returning towards his point of surfacing. While surveying him from a helicopter, he shoots fire at them, and well, this is where the cheap feeling comes in.The pipe that allows his to breath fire is clearly visible. It looks like they tried to hide it at first and forgot to cut the scene where you can see it.Icho runs about in sewage and gets various bodily wastes all over himself. Yongary walks on top of a road made of celery, or at least, it sounds like it. We see the government officials watching the chaos on a TV, and i wonder where the cameras are, and why they haven't been destroyed yet. Icho ends up in a processing plant for raw natural gas, something i didn't know Korea had. We see Yongary feast on oil in a very Gamera-esque way, then hear his other, more sinister roars. These ones signify pain, caused by a chemical agent that hurts his skin.
This is a neat theory, considering he's been living underground so long, it makes sense his skin would be a bit sensitive to stuff like that.
Yongary flails around in pain while the kid watches. Icho somehow gets home, covered in smoke and sewage, and tells them of his discovery.They head down to get a look but the army tells them against it, and they repeat what they said, either that of Youtube skipped. They manage to travel from any point on the map in mere seconds, confusing but it makes the film shorter. Since There's about 20 minutes missing from it, that could have been some of what they trimmed. Yongary consumes energy, and hitting him with missiles will only make him stronger, but the government won't believe, claiming the kid's story to be false, a change of pace from the norm. Don't they normally trust kids? They decide to try and lure him away before launching the missiles.
It turns out Yongary's weakness is a precipitate of Ammonia, which is cold and so it hurts him. It's neat seeing a normal weapon, well, more normal, used against a monster.
Back to the monster, he's still coated in the ammonia dust and they're luring him away to shoot at him. It doesn't work though, and they send a helicopter over to investigate. Ihlo and the gang are heading off, and left Icho behind, who found the itchy-ray from the beginning of the movie. Icho starts firing the ray at Yongary, making his horn glow. This makes Yongary approach him.
Now, i would run away from a giant, fire breathing monster, but the rather filthy kid stands his ground. He lures Yongary to the refinery, where he proceeds to eat fire. Yep, another Gamera thing. I feel bad for the guy in that costume. They were known for being hot and uncomfortable, but with fire? Not good. He can't see either, so it must have been really unpleasant. But when he eats the fire, it looks like a plastic toy or something breathing fire, the film shown in reverse.
Ihlu comes over in a helicopter to watch Yongary. They dump more of the ammonia dust on him and well, the effect is the same. At the same time the army shoots the missiles, and they miss a few shots (so much for guided missiles) and a few seem to hit home.Yongary screams in rage and a miracle happens: it rains!The water rinses off the ammonia precipitate, but it still seems to be affecting him. He collapses, but Ihlu doubts its permanent, and they return to perfect it. The government thinks it was the missiles, most of which missed.We get some lab scenes of Ihlu mixing chemicals which go from brown to yellow, while a now clean Icho steals the itchy-ray again.
Yongary is passed out at the top of a hill when Icho appears. He shouts at the monster but he doesn't wake up. He then shoots the itchy-ray beam at him and wakes up Yongary.Yongary then breaks out in a dance, happy to be alive.
I don't know who dances worse, the giant monster of that kid. Now, this movie would be fine if this scene wasn't in it, it could have been a serious monster movie that was more like gojira than a later gamera film, but nope, the kids got the film instead.
The army grab Icho and drag him away from Yongary. The sun rises (yes, most of this happened over the course of a singe day) and the army is at edge. He smashes stuff and they shoot him, but it doesn't work. We see him walk forwards, biting his tongue (it got caught in his teeth), some panicy soldiers and then pow, jump cut to a horrible green screen scene.Then we get to see his new weapon, activated by the itchy-ray, or so we can assume, the nose horn beam!I've heard people complain it come in too late in the story but godzilla only gets atomic breath later on in gojira, or rather, we only see it later on.  Also note the fact the car he splits in half has a 5th wheel on the bottom. Ihlu and company get a new helicopter to attack him with while Yongary heads towards a bridge thats on a sandy riverbank.I bet there was something cut from the bad green screen sequence too, but it's hard to tell. I like the fact his tongue wags in the air  when he roars. Looks silly.Some jets fly in and shoot at him, the shots of the pilots look really good. Yongary slices the planes with his horn beam, paws them from the air and breaths fire.When they shoot at him,  you can see chunks of something fly off the body. It looks like little squares, possibly detonation pads of something. The plane slicing is fair. Ihlu shows up and dumps the ammonia dust on Yongary. This is still effective and he falls over, trying to get the dust off. Everyone is super happy that they're killing him, a bit creepy but its not the strangest thing that happens. Yongary roars with that weird sounding bellow again, the one that sound more like an animal, and flails about, before making the Barugon cry and collapsing on the bridge, falling into the water.Yongary slows down as the ammonia slowly kills him, although i can't tell how it does. He falls and dies in one of the most suprising and child-unfriendly scenes in the movie: he seizures then bleeds to death out of his anus.  Yeah, i don't understand that, and its fairly graphic, not saying there hasn't already been blood in this movie. The main thing about it that bothers me is that it looks painful, and is among the more shocking giant monster deaths that I've seen. To top it off, everyone is so happy that he's convulsing and dying it just makes it seem out of place. Its almost sickening seeing the blood pool out of him like that, and i think it was cut on most of the TV showings of the movie. Icho wants them to stop but its pointless, the monster is already dead. He doesn't think Yongary was a bad monster, forgetting all the death and destruction he caused. The adults make a lack luster Temp to comfort him, Icho forgetting that they were laughing about the death of the monster, and the movie wraps up with another shot of Yongary bleeding out in the water while his tail and legs convulse and then a press conference about the death of Yongary.                         
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Yongary alternates between love and hatred. Hatred is when the monster is there. Love is every other scene.

Anyway, really in depth story explanation. Cheers
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You would have thought this movie had any meaning.
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