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December 18, 2014, 04:42:18 PM
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Author Topic: I'm searching the tittle of this movie for years  (Read 779 times)
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« on: September 15, 2013, 11:16:37 AM »

Hi!, I'm new in the forum.
Not all the time but already fro years now I was searching the title of a movie I saw like a child.
I tried all keywords in google, but no luck at all.
I don't remember the year, but I remember the period. There was a guy in my birth-town that made his own hobbyist v-towel, and he was broadcasting his VHSs to the town. I saw the movie I'm searching for broadcasted from his tv-towel. I found many of the other titles I saw in that period, so the movie I'm searching for should be made in the time period of the other titles. Some of those titles are:
Robot Jox (the first movie)
The Goonies
The Wraith (an avenger from the future with his car)
The Fly (tele-transporting experiment goes bad)
Now that the time period is approximately defined, I will try to describe to you some scenes of the movie I remember very well:
Wait!, Better if I tell you about the plot first: It's a movie about robots and gadgets, I would name its style "invention-punk". It's about inventors. They was fighting each others in some big city, with big buildings. There was developed the story. I don't remember why they was fighting for. The movie was real life action. I could thing it was Asian, but not sure. When I asked before years in the internet, one guy responded me that he watched that movie and the movie name is "Machine Sensation", but I never found the movie using that key-words, so neither this info is for sure.
Here go the scenes:

Scene 1:
A guy is too lazy to wake up of his bed. To solve such problem, he made a phone on wheels. The phone was old, like these ones with cable and a wheel to select the number. The guy used the parts of a radio-controlled toy-car to make the phone. The phone was basically on top of the car parts. They don't showed the making process of the car, i'm just explaining what the phone-car was. So the scene shows how the lazy guy is sleeping. The phone rings, but he don't want to take off of the bed and catch the radio-controller and drives the phone-car to his bed. There was a table leaning on the end of the bed. The phone-car drove trough the table and climbed the bed that way and stopped in hands of the lazy gay(he was not lazy to construct the phone-car)

Scene 2:
The big city. Tall buildings(not too much). There are a dozen of artifacts flying through the city. They are like boxes with helicopter blades. They are of the size of a mail-box(the American style(that mail-boxes on front of the wood houses in movies)). After flying through the city for a short while, the artifacts crashed onto one of the windows of the buildings and got trough the windows inside the building. The building was a living apartments one. The artifacts landed on the community floor near to the stairs of the building. Then their blades hid like in transformers. The parts then moved through the floor closer one to the other and then merged(Voltron style) into a human sized robot. The robot then smashed the door of one of the apartments and gone inside. There the robot attacked a guy with little rockets and maybe in other ways too. I clearly remember the rockets. The guy won the fight hitting the robot with a CRT TV set. The robot then suffered a short circuit and "died". He was wearing the TV like a helmet when died.

Scene 3:
The bad guys and the good ones are inside some industrial space. They got closed inside and cant get out. The space is more like a large office space, not like a metal industry factory. The good guys was two. When they realized they are trapped, another human sized robot appeared and attacked them. They then opened the two suitcases they was holding all the time. From the inside of the suitcases begun to go out a lot of very little toy robots. The robots was moving in different ways. Some of them was walking, other had wheels. And each of the little toy robots had a different little weapon. Some of them had lasers, others had chainsaws, other pinchers. One of the suitcases had little Katyusha launchers and was shooting at the robot. LOL I know, it's amazing! Finally the little toy-robots won the human sized one and the good guy survived.

Scene 4:
The bad guys are pursuing one good guy. The guy rides a motorbike(maybe cross style motorbike) and the bad guys had cars. After a persecution through the city, the good guy rode to a seaport and jumped with the bike into the water. The bad one stopped near the border and waited to see if he drowned. Then, underwater, the wheels of the bike was expulsed and in their place appeared(transformers style somehow) two skis and the good guy emerged from the water riding his bike like a water-motorcycle.

Scene 5:
The final scene I think. In an open space, outdoors, there is a sport-car. The car is bulletproof. The moment I remember well are when the car is shooting rockets from its body(James Bond style). Next the roof of the car opens and a guy propelled by a rocket backpack begun to fly and to shoot rockets from his shoulders. (I know, rockets again, LOL!)

So this is it. I think the movie is very hard to find. I asked in 4 places in internet, dedicated to VHS, 80s etc and nobody could give me a hint.
I hope somebody of you people can help me! It's a movie that worth the watch. But in a mad world, such movies are lost forever I guess. Maybe people thrown that VHS tape into the flames to make place for Twilight.

Rayo Casablanca
Bad Movie Lover

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« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2013, 06:26:08 PM »

Wow.This is going to be difficult.

I'm guessing the film is Japanese (or possibly from Hong Kong). I would suggest TETSUO or TETSUO II but it's not one of those. Nor is it one of the more well-known Japanese cyberpunk films.

Do you recall if it was subtitled or dubbed? My first guess would be a low-budget manga adaptation -- there are a ton of them. Clearly, it's anime influenced with all the transforming, robots, and over-the-top effects.

I'll keep looking.
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« Reply #2 on: September 19, 2013, 09:24:54 PM »

Thank you, Rayo!
I cant remember if the movie had subtitles or not. In that time, movies on VHS was often dubbed with only one unique voice. Often a male voice dubbing both male and female characters, gosh, what a memories...
I just saw the trailer for Tetsuo, and lol, it's pretty punk! :)
I remember it as Asian movie, like from Hong Kong or Japan. But, now that I'm trying to remember other tittles from that period, I think it could have been from USA. Cuz all the titles I can remember are from USA. And only few from USSR. I cant remember a title from Asia, still have the feeling it was Asian. Maybe I am wrong. I remember that series Brisco County JR. and another about some kind of power rangers, but American version. That one is hard to find too, but not so much. In the series there was two robots, one with wings, and they was CGIs, and they was regenerating themselves no matter the damage, and the rangers was wearing some dresses with electrical circuits wired inside them and when powered, that dresses converted to armor, power ranger style, but more serious, not so much colors like Japanese version. They had a spaceship that had the extra to camouflage itself. Anyway, the matter is that I can make a memory only about USA productions, and a bit of USSR.
I hope that movie re-appears again, so all the community could watch a good show!
Rayo Casablanca
Bad Movie Lover

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« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2013, 05:04:41 PM »

Ok. It's not a perfect match at all but the Japanese movie GUNHED (1989) has a lot in common with what you've described and it has an American cast, so maybe that's why you assume it's American. The movie has floating "mailbox" styled things, lots of cyberpunk robots and technology, and people turning into robots with TV heads.

Check out the trailer:
Small | Large
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« Reply #4 on: September 26, 2013, 05:12:11 AM »

Thank you again! I learned a new title today :)
Sadly I am sure from seeing the trailer(later I will watch the whole movie) that this is not the movie. The one I saw was not so futuristic. The cities and places was more friendly, full of light scenes, many and shiny outdoors. More than a futuristic city, the one in the movie I'm searching was like a big city nowadays. And the effects in Gunhed seems more advanced than the ones I remember. I am almost sure in the movie I'm searching for, was not used CG effects at all.
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