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Author Topic: Frozen (2013)  (Read 2921 times)
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« on: December 01, 2013, 04:02:47 PM »

So I went to the theaters to see Disney's newest film and honestly, it was utterly fantastic.  It's a return to old school Disney films, with them being musicals and about princesses.  However, all of the music is just great and there's honestly not a bad one in the bunch.  The characters are great, being very well developed and people we can truly sympathize with.  The humor is great (that snowman is actually not annoying in the slightest despite appearances.  Heck, he delivers some of the best jokes: "Oh look, I'm impaled.").

One of the better aspects of the film though is that while it has the typical princes formula, it tweaks and twists several aspects that give it a different feeling from the other Disney princess flicks.  There were moments that genuinely took me off guard in this film that made the film even better to me.

Anyways, did anyone else see this film?  What did you think of it?

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« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2013, 05:09:01 PM »

Just to hold my place in line. Yes, I did see it, and yes I did like it, and I'll have more to say on it, as soon as I have the time, as I have quite a bit I want to say. Later!
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« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2013, 05:29:01 PM »

Okay! This is what I got out of it.

it is not a film for everybody, but it is probably the best animated film of the year, and it has already been nominated for a Golden Globe in this category in competition with "The Croods" and "Despicable Me 2." And it is likely also to receive an Oscar nomination, if not a win, in the same category.

More surprisingly, perhaps, some people also regard it as being the best musical of the year, and there is talk already of one or more songs from the film and its music score being nominated for Oscars in the appropriate category. My favorite song from the film is probably one that will not get nominated. It has a name, but I just call it "The Icecutters' Song" at the beginning of the film, because other than country and western, I seldom hear a song about the working man.

It has also won praise for its more or realistic look at Norway and Norwegian culture. Which led to the biggest laugh from me. For when the shopkeeper in the film pulled out that jar of lutefisk, I almost fell on the floor laughing. Growing up in a Norwegian-American community in the Pacific Northwest, I know that dogs won't eat that stuff, while it is a delicacy for Norwegians. Which probably says more about dogs than it does Norwegians.

It also comes across--to me--as one of the oddest films I have seen in sometime.

1. It does not seem to be the typical Disney animated film.
2. I presume they expected it to be successful, but it has been wildly successful, both at the box office and critically.
3. For such a popular film, parts of it seem to be misunderstood. Which I'll get to later.
4. Whatever one thinks about it, the more you think about it, the better it probably becomes.
5. Most films' boxoffice gross decline week by week, but here, as I understand it, the boxoffice gross has actually increased from the previous week. The last film I remember doing that, and there have been probably others, is "The Santa Clause."
6. And there is something else odd about it, which I can't put my finder on, and which no one else has seemed to be able to put their finger on neither.

Misunderstandings (and not everyone misunderstands. Just someones.)
1. Olaf. What is the purpose of Olaf? To me, he brings some much needed light to the darkness. And the filmmakers knew like Shakespeare, if you want to make drama and/or horror more intense, then leaven it with some humor. Which Olaf does. He is actually something of a controversial character, as opinions on him range from one of the best secondary characters in a Disney animated film to one of the worst.

2. The villain.
Unlike some viewers I actually like the villain and think he is one of the better villains in a Disney animated film. Whereas alot of the villains are flamboyant, so you know they are villains, and watch 'em accordingly, he is more subtle, so you do not know for the most part that he is a villain, and you do not watch him accordingly, which makes him far more dangerous than alot of Disney animated villains.

And while alot of the Disney animated film villains are more or less stupid, he is probably the smartest guy in the room. Which again makes him extremely dangerous.

To be continued, as I have ran out of time.
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« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2013, 06:14:14 PM »

Continuing from where I left off.

Villain's motivation
I have heard complaints about the motivation, but I think this is a misunderstanding of the character. Here is someone who not only has 12 older brothers, who are actually older than he is, but probably bigger as well. So, as long as he could remember, when anything was handed out, he was always the last in line. The one who got what his brothers did not want. The one who got his brothers' hand-me-downs. No wonder he wants something that is solely his, and he'll do anything to get it, including murder.

Who is the main villain?
And I heard this from a film critic, which is why I don't pay much attention to some film critics. Who is the main villain? It is us, or I should say it is our fear of being ourself. And when that fear reacts with our desire to be ourselves, and it reaches a critical mass, we have an explosion,
as in the film. Though, that explosion works out better than some explosions in real life.

Talking about villains, leads to one of the strengths of Disney animation, and that is its villains and villainesses. For a hero or heroine can only be as good as the villain or villainess he or she faces, and one of the greats was seen in the cartoon which preceded the film in the theater, where i saw the film. "Get a Horse" and its black-and-white, rubber hose style of animation, which was passe by the time I was born, but which I miss anyways, but which gave rise to one of the greatest villains of all time: Pegleg Pete, who here unlike some of his later adaptations does have his pegleg back. Pegleg Pete, not only one of the greatest Disney villains of all time, but most likely one of the earliest Disney animated characters. For before there was a Mickey the Mouse. Before there was an Oswald the Rabbit. There was Pegleg or some variation of him in the old Alice cartoons.

And finally, a plug for "Muppets 2," which will be released sometime next year. And if one does not see it for the Muppets, then see it for the cameo guest stars in it, which at this time include . . .

zach galifiankis -- usher -- tom hiddleston -- til schweiger -- stanley tucci -- selma hayek -- sean "puffy" combs -- ross lynch -- ray liotta -- peter serafinowicz -- lady gaga -- jermaine clement -- frank langella -- dexter fletcher -- debby ryan -- danny trejo -- christoph waltz -- celine dion -- and bridget mendler.
« Reply #4 on: January 12, 2014, 04:51:29 PM »

I thought Frozen was fantastic. In my opinion this film was one of Disney's best in a long time.
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« Reply #5 on: January 12, 2014, 04:53:36 PM »

Every time I see this mentioned I think people are talking about that movie where people are stuck on a ski lift  TeddyR

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« Reply #6 on: January 16, 2014, 08:41:53 PM »

Fantastic movie...good to get something that resembles the movies I loved as a kid with their music and classic Hero/Princess-stories.

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« Reply #7 on: March 18, 2014, 08:36:14 PM »

Alright, I watched it and though everyone above is entitled to their opinions I found the dialog to be boring,  the songs forgettable and the characters all...yes even Olaf...unlikeable.   The dialog lacks the wit and humor that has made prior adventures, even up to Tangled, shine.   Mind you I'm not looking for a fart joke festival but rather make me chuckle.   All this was for me was a study in a manic depressive princess who was cold as her powers.   Maybe if they went the route of having Ana trying to help her sister with controlling her powers.  It would have made for some sort of sentimental feeling towards them.   In the end Ana comes off as that yippy puppy in the old cartoons that followed the bigger dog around and Elsa, well to put it simply a total beeyotch.  I'd rate this easily with Pocahontas as one of Disney's most uninspired adventures.  Perhaps if it wasn't slapped with Disney's label people could see past the BS a little better.  The ONE thing that could have saved this film was Olaf but all he ended up being was a poor man's Donkey from Shrek.  

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« Reply #8 on: March 24, 2014, 04:10:51 PM »

Everybody dislikes something, and everything is disliked by somebody.

Though, after giving it some thought, there are at least two reasons it's so popular. One that should have been obvious, and one that would not be obvious to me.

The one that should have been obvious, and has been obvious even before Disney Studios started making full length animated films, back to the time of Pegleg Pete and the Big Bad Wolf, and that is the villains in the film. For a hero or heroine is only as good as the villain or villainess that they face. For it brings out what is inside. And the villains here are very good. I compare them to Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," but they are even better than Gaston, for whereas Gaston was almost all bravado and braggadocio, here they are often quiter, which makes them even more dangerous than Gaston. For they are thinking instead of talking, and it is the quiet ones which one often underestimates, which is what makes them more dangerous.

The one that is not obvious to me is that while, I did enjoy it more than the previous poster, it did NOT "speak" to me. But it has "spoken" to alot of people. I was surprised at how many people were down for one reason or the other, but saw this film and came out of the theater uplifted and happier.
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« Reply #9 on: March 24, 2014, 10:23:25 PM »

I finally watched this last weekend with my family, and really enjoyed it.
One of Disney's better recent efforts, IMO.

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« Reply #10 on: March 26, 2014, 12:42:54 PM »

The soundtrack is pretty sweet. One of my gaming buddies can't stop singing the snowman song. That was actually the first time I really took notice of the movie. Didn't see the actual movie yet but will be trying to.
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« Reply #11 on: April 01, 2014, 05:51:50 PM »

Fast facts from "Frozen"
and other facts

The highest grossing animated film of all time.
The 10th highest grossing film of all films of all time.
$398.4 million (37.15%) domestically. $674 million (62.85%) internationally. = $1072.4 million
The 7th film from Walt Disney Studios to earn over a billion $.

Soon to be 8th, as "Star Wars: Episode VII" will be out next year, and until then you can dine with the characters at Walt Disney World at Disney Hollywood Studio.

Sci-Fi Drive-in has, for breakfast, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Jawas, Greedo, and Stormtroopers. And clips from the previous "Star Wars" films.

Hollywood and Vine, for lunch and dinner, has the Disney characters dressed as characters from the "Star Wars" films. Mickey as a Jedi knight, Minnie as Princess Leia, Donald as a Stormtrooper, Goofy as Darth Vader, and Chip 'n' Dale as Ewoks.
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