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August 21, 2019, 10:17:10 PM
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Author Topic: Episode VIII has a name now. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  (Read 33117 times)
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #30 on: September 06, 2017, 01:17:41 PM »


Episode VIII.
One rumor has become fact. Tom Hardy will appear as a storm trooper in Episode VIII. Another rumor, which has yet to become fact, but has yet to die, is the rumor that not only Tom Hardy will play a storm trooper in the film, but so will Prince William and Prince Harry. I can see them doing it, as it looks to be something they'd enjoy, and any money they earn, would then be given to charity.

Another fact is the size of Snoke's ship, which in Earth measurements stretches 25,000 feet from stem to stern, or almost 5 miles.

Thus, how do you see storm troopers traveling from one end of the ship to the other.

a.) Segways
b.) Rollerblades
c.) Motor scooters
d.) Golf carts
e.) Clown cars
f.) Bicycles
g.) Some other means of transportation.

How many storm troopers will fit in a clown car? 3 in the front seat. 3 in the back seat. 2 in the trunk. 2 in the engine compartment, as there is no engine in a clown car. and 1 in the glove compartment, or 11.

Episode IX
Will this be the last episode? While the films continue, and while there is some difference, the executives at Lucas Film have expressed no interest in doing more Episode films.

What began at Jakku will end at Jakku. We know that Lucas Film is interested in filming in Abu Dhabi, and as Abu Dhabi was a stand-in for Jakku in Episode VII, it is thought Abu Dhabi will once more stand in for Jakku.

The lack of interest in doing more Episode films leaves room for doing more stand-alone origin films. Right now the order seems to be . . .
2020 Obi Wan Kenobi
2021 Boba Fett
2022 Yoda

The subtitle for the Obi Wan Kenobi film is Joshua Tree, which suggests that it'll be filmed at Joshua Tree National Park in southern California, and it's desert location than could be used as a stand in for Tatooine, between Episodes III and IV.

Boba Fett.
The question about this one is whether it'll just feature Boba Fett or Boba Fett and some of the other bounty hunters. And depending upon where and when the film takes place, they could include . . .

Asajj Ventress -- Athgar Heece -- Aurra Sing -- Bossk -- Boushh -- Cad Bane -- Dengar -- Derrowen -- Embo -- IG-88 -- Jakoli -- Kiera Swan -- Mantu -- Onca -- Seripas -- Zam Wesell -- Zuckuss -- and 4-Lom.

More as it become available.

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #31 on: September 12, 2017, 03:55:49 PM »

6 facts.

First Order
The First Order has something to counter BB-8. It's called BB-9E. Available now for sale here on Earth.

Kylo Ren
The Knights of Ren, of which Kylo Ren is a master, is a lower order of the Praetorian Guard. That gives him a connection to the past episodes. We'll see whether there are any more connections to the past, when Episode VIII opens here on Earth in December.

She is definitely connected to the Force. Which we knew, but which we may not have known, this is a powerful clue to her parentage, which should be revealed in Episode VIII. We may also find out what is her connection to Kylo Ren.

He and Chewbacca have a reunion in Episode VIII. Of course, I have not seen it, except for the stills, but it is suppose to be a real tear-jerking moment, especially, as they brought in their go-to-composer John Williams to write original music for the scene.

A weapon that'll stun your opponent.
A weapon that'll keep your opponent at a distance.
A weapon that'll counteract a Sith's force lightning.
I'm down with that.

Apparently, Luke, besides his light saber, will be wielding a weapon that projects force lighting in Episode VIII.

Played by Benicio del Toro in the film is a slicer, or something similar to what we call a hacker here on Earth. His ability as a slicer will play an important part in Episode VIII. We should also find out what his connection to Snoke, if any, as people have noticed they both wear rings that are similar.

More as it becomes available.

Jim H
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #32 on: September 12, 2017, 05:06:47 PM »

Played by Benicio del Toro in the film is a slicer, or something similar to what we call a hacker here on Earth

That sounds neat.  They carefully maintained some of the low tech feel (by modern standards) of the OT in VII, so I'm betting a slicer is a somewhat literal name - like physically slicing the chips, circuitry, vacuum tubes, whatever, in computer/ship systems to achieve some result.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #33 on: September 24, 2017, 02:21:46 PM »

Episode VIII
Fact. Even at this late date, they are still pulling in actors to appear in the film. The latest is Joseph Gordon Levitt, so if you see the film, then watch for him, or, I should say listen for him, as he voices one of the aliens on Canto Bight.

Fact. Canto Bight. Think of it as a high class Mos Eisley, but worst.

Fact. O'er the streets and thru the casino. There is to be a speeder chase in the film. Hopefully, it'll be better than the one in Episode II or III, which was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Fact. Yes. No. Maybe. Earlier this year, the executives at Lucas Film expressed the opinion that they were not interested in doing any more episode films. Now they seem to be doing some backpedaling. Maybe. If episode VIII and/or IX spin off any good ideas. Rumor. If more films are done, then they will feature the offspring of Rey and/or Kylo Ren.

Fact. Mark Hamill let slip that the next trailer should be released October 9, 2017. Till then, check out the stills from the film in Entertainment Weekly..

Han Solo stand alone film.
Fact. Despite the problems with the film, the release date is still held to be May 25, 2018.

Rumor. Both Darth Vader and Boba Fett will make cameo appearances in the film.

Boba Fett stand alone film.
Rumor. It is Boba and 5 or 6 more bounty hunters. Though, the only one suggested so far is Cad Bane, they have a number of characters to choose from.

Darth Vader stand alone film.
Rumor. In VR. With Lucas Film interest in this format, with House of Mouse interest in this format, with Galaxy's Edge opening in the theme parks in 2019, I see this as a possibility. Though, fans want something more accessible. I can see a short film in VR, then a longer film in 3-D.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #34 on: September 24, 2017, 02:33:01 PM »

Books and comic books

Fact. Canon. Comic Book. Crait.
Luke and Leia in a comic book that takes place on Crait. Unfortunately, this is not to be released till December 27, 2017. So we will get no insights on Crait from this till after Episode VIII is released.

Fact. Book. From a Certain Point of View. 40 stories [by 40 authors] to celebrate 40 years of Star Wars. To be released October 3, 2017. To be released in hard book, e book, and audio book. With all 40 stories being read by a certain number of actors. (IMHO) the most interesting name associated with the readers is Wil Wheaton. Yes, that Wil Wheaton.

The authors, at least, are giving up any money earned and donating it to First Book. A charity that provides books to underprivileged children.

More as it becomes available.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #35 on: October 02, 2017, 02:37:13 PM »

Episode VIII
1st. Ready for some football.
Fact. The new trailer will be run sometime on Monday Night Football on Monday, October 9, 2017.

Fact. The film will clock in at 2 and half hours, which will make it the longest Star Wars film to date.
Not even a rumor, but a thought, if this film runs this long, will Episode IX clock in at 2 hours and 45 minutes, even 3 hours.

Fact. There will be 3 important relationships in the film.
Luke and Rey -- Leia and Poe -- Finn and Rose. With the most important relationship being the 1st.
Personally, what is not said is as interesting as what is said. We will most likely not see a relationship between Finn and Poe, as some people thought we might see.

Fact. We will get more clues to Rey's parentage, but her parentage will not be made clear to Episode IX.

Fact. A flashback vision sequence + dialogue will give us more insight as to what Luke was doing between Episodes VI and VII.

Han Solo stand-alone film.
Fact. Darth Vader will have a cameo in the film, and the film will feature Kessel and its spice mines.
Personally, this reminds me of Frank Herbert's 1965 novel Dune.

Canto Bight.
We have at last the subject of the book, actually, 4 subjects, since the book has 4 novellas about 4 of the inhabitants. Though, whether any of the characters that appear in the book will appear in the film is unknown.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #36 on: October 10, 2017, 01:35:06 PM »

Star Wars : from a Certain Point of View

40 stories
43 authors (some doubling up)

Some I know from their Star Wars writing.
Some I know from their other writing.
And much to my shame, some are unknown to me.

Stories about major well known characters.
Stories about minor lesser known characters.
Stories about characters that do not appear in the film.
I think the most interesting stories are from the last two, which puts me into opposition with those who prefer more stories about the first characters.

One reason to read it or listen to it in one format or the other is that it apparently fills in a number of plot holes in Episode IV : a New Hope.

One of the formats is an audio version, which lasts 15 hours, so I think it contains all 40 stories in the other formats, or, 22 and a half minutes per story, which should be long enough for each story. Only 10 narrators, as far as I know. Thus, not every story gets a different narrator, but 4 stories per narrator.

And as I said, I think the most interesting name associated with it is that of Wil Wheaton. Who to my surprise is not one of the narrators, which I expected, but one of the short story writers.

And if you have not heard, the official trailer is now out, so it can be googled, along with any number of breakdowns, reactions, and reviews.

And we will see what we will see.

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #37 on: October 22, 2017, 03:11:53 PM »

What do we know about the film?

Is this the film that no film in Hollywood history has yet to do, and that is surpass Avatar at the box office? Unadjusted for inflation.

B-2 Spirit
And some people thought the B-2 was useless. Snoke's ship is based upon a stretched out model of the B-2 Spirit.

Costumes will be worn. People are saying they don't care what other people think. They are coming in costume to the film's premiere.

Easter eggs
There are supposedly o'er a dozen Easter Eggs, referencing the earlier films, in the trailer alone. Who knows how many there are in the film itself.

End credits
The end credits will feature a salute to the late Carrie Fisher.

I am having more hope for this, as they seem to know the old ways. (IMHO) there is no better action scene than a running gun battle on horseback. And this has Finn and Rose on horseback, here fathers, being chased by an unknown group on speeder bikes with both being chased by the police of Canto Bight on speeder bikes. Hopefully, with everyone shooting at everybody else.

Noah Segan
Appears in the film. Noah Segan who appeared in the director's Looper, as the director is one of those directors who likes to use the same actors time and time again.

Apparently, people have figured out who are Rey's parents. I have stayed away from those posts on the internet, as I want it to be a surprise, when I see the film. Hint: it's the light saber she uses.

4 major twists
--Kylo Ren
--the Force

After the film comes out, I hope someone points them out, as I'll probably miss them.

Next time: other facts about the other Star Wars films.

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #38 on: October 31, 2017, 03:02:15 PM »

The Last Jedi
Referencing Luke Skywalker. That according to the director, who ought to know.

Opening weekend
From ticket sales, an expected weekend opening of $215 million. From midnight on Friday to midnight Monday, that is about $50,000 per minute.

And then there were two.
Anybody heard the rumor that Dark Horse Comics has gone out of business. I hate to see that as I know the pain of a business going out of business. Maybe more so, because Dark Horse Comics was not that far from my old stomping ground. O'er the river and thru the woods to Grandma's house we go.

It has some significance, as Dark Horse comics once had the rights to publish Star Wars Comics. I believe Marvel had it 1st, then Dark Horse, and now back to Marvel. If I had a knock on Dark Horse it was too much about the Solos and the Skywalkers and not much else. Which brings up our next subject.

The character played by Benicio del Toro is getting his own comic book series. Of course, the 1st issue will not be out till after the film opens in December. Till then, think of him as the Lando of Episode VIII, except . . .
--less trustworthy
--more treacherous

Next time: more on upcoming Star Wars films.

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #39 on: October 31, 2017, 03:30:03 PM »

Okay. Here's some more on other Star Wars films, believed to be in the order they are to be released.

Solo : a Star Wars Story
It is believed that a trailer for the film has already been cut, with the trailer to be shown prior to Episode VIII : The Last Jedi.

Episode IX
Tentative date of release May 24, 2019.
Location scouts have been seen in Peru, so the thought is that part of the film will be filmed in Peru.
And we are back to the idea that this will be last the episode. While the films will continue, they will be more like the next film.

Obi Wan Kenobi : a Star Wars Story.

And if they ever make Boba Fett : a Star Wars Story with Fett and the Magnificent 7 Bounty hunters. These are the ones I'd like to see. Of course, that is doubtful, as they are so obscure, but still . . . ?

Tutti Snibit -- Jeigh Essie -- Castas -- Rango Tel -- Mala mala -- and Remel Fud and his partner Dafi.

Any idea as to why the last pair always leaves me on the floor? Here's a hint. "That's all folks!"

Next time: what is canon in the Star Wars universe
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #40 on: November 19, 2017, 04:43:26 PM »

While I did say, I would list what is considered canon this time, we will put it off to next time.

Episode VIII
The planet of Cranit is the salt flats of Bolivia. So it is no surprise that there is some thought that the next episode will be partially filmed in the highlands of Peru, since the location scouts from Star Wars were seen in Peru.

Those who have seen Mark Hamill's performance are talking him up for an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

It is suppose to be the darkest film to date, which says something after Rogue One.

The trailer for Solo : a Star Wars story should precede the film, and if not then, then in January, 2018.

There are suppose to be 10 TV spots. With 7 or 8 shown to date.

It is suppose to be the longest film to date at 150 minutes with the credits running 10 to 15 minutes.

How many princes can you get in 1 elevator? 2 + 1 actor + 1 singer. What was once thought to be true, does now appear to be true. Prince William and Prince Harry appear as storm troopers in the film. Along with singer Gary Barlow and actor Tom Hardy. The 4 of them acting as Finn's (John Boyega's) escort aboard Snope's ship.

There will be another trilogy. Except, unlike this one, it will feature characters we have not seen before, and it will not be connected to the Skywalker saga, which gives people the idea that it'll take place in the Old Republic. With the director-writer of Episode IX taking it on. And at that same time, there is talk of finally getting a live action TV series set in the Star Wars universe.

Thrawn will be getting a 6 issue comic book series. Though the 1st issue will not be released till February 7, 2018.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #41 on: November 20, 2017, 07:04:03 AM »

Those who have seen Mark Hamill's performance are talking him up for an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

What a time to be alive; Star Wars getting a potential acting nod at the Oscars...

I'm excited for this one, if only due to my love for Rian Johnson, but always got to keep your enthusiasm in check when it comes to buzz for any film let alone the rabid fan base that Star Wars has (and hey I'm one of them)

------------The password will be: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
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« Reply #42 on: November 29, 2017, 05:35:42 PM »

Canon. What is canon? What is not canon? The following is canon to date.

Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (unseen)

Episode 2: Attack of the Clones (unseen)

The Clone Wars (TV) (unseen)
Dark Disciple (book) (read)

Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (unseen)

Catalyst (book) (unread)
Lords of the Sith (book) (read)
Tarkin (book) (read)
A New Dawn (book) (read)
Rebels (TV) (unseen)

Episode 4: A New Age (seen)

Battlefront 2: Inferno Squad (book) (read)
Heir to the Jedi (book) (read)
Battlefront: Twilight Company (book) (read)

Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back (seen)

Episode 6: Return to the Jedi (unseen)

Aftermath (book) (unreadable)
Aftermath: Life's Death (book) (unreadable?)
Aftermath: Empire's End (book) (unreadable?)
Bloodline (book) (unread)
Phasma (book) (read)

Normally, my opinions run diametrically to others. What others like. I dislike. What others dislike. I like. But, I have to agree with other's opinions about Aftermath. Which is too bad, as the writer is suppose to be a great guy. Thus, a great guy, but a "bad" writer.

Episode 7: The Force Awakens (seen)

Episode 8: The Last Jedi (to be seen)

Thus, to date
14 books
09 films
02 TV shows.
Though, there will be others: books, films, and TV shows.

What is not listed here, for the most part, is considered Star Wars Expanded Universe, and I have always been surprised for the love of others for the EU, as I have (IMHO) always found most of the books in the EU to be unreadable, as well as the comic books from that period. Maybe because most of the stories concentrated on the Sky walkers and Solos, who I found--again (IMHO)--to be some of the least interesting characters in the Star Wars Universe. Now that canon has opened up the stories to the non-Sky walkers and Solos, I find the stories to be more interesting and readable.

Next time: more Star Wars data.
Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #43 on: December 09, 2017, 04:19:17 PM »

Episode VIII
Rumors run rampant.

Yoda will appear as a Force Ghost.
Luke and Leia will have a reunion on the Millennium Falcon. If not in this episode, then in the next episode.
New light saber color. Green? or some other color.
Mustafar + castle + caverns = Vader's and Snoke's connection.
As for what we do know.

You can't tell the players without a scorecard.
In a trend with which I approve, and which is not unique to Star Wars, it'll be increasingly difficult to tell the protagonist from the antagonist.

You ain't seen nuthin' yet.
One word to describe the battle scenes. "Crazy!' We'll see.

Anything is possible with the internet.
The Chinese film trailer is available on the internet and it features snippets of the Battle of Crait and Canto Bight not seen in the American trailer, and I must say the snippets look great.

Episode I - VI
The House of Mouse is negotiating with 20th Century Fox to purchase its assets (more on this later) which include episodes I - VI. If the negotiations are successful, it'll be the 1st time that all the films: past, present, and future will belong to the same studio.

Episode X - XII
What we DO know is less than what we DO NOT know.

We DO NOT know who'll direct XI and XII.
We DO know who'll direct X.
We DO NOT know if XI and XII will have 1 or 2 directors.
We DO know that all 3 episodes will be written by the director of X.
We DO NOT know when it'll be set.
We DO know that it'll not be set in the days of the Old Republic.
And my guess is that we won't see anything till 2020 or later.

More news (TV)
We DO know that the live-action TV show will be set in the time of the Old Republic.
We  DO know that it'll be available in 2020.
The bad news is that if you want to see it, you'll have to pay, as it'll be part of a streaming service from the House of Mouse, which will begin in 2019.
The good news, if any, is that the streaming service will be priced lower than Netflix's streaming service.

Still more news (Books)
Canto Bight (Star Wars) Journey to Star Wars : the Last Jedi
4 stories. 4 inhabitants of Canto Bight, who may or may not appear in the film, but should give one some insight into Canto Bight.
Release date December 5, 2017 in both print and audio format.

And these may or may not give you some insight into the film, depending upon when you see the film, as they are all scheduled for release on December 15, 2017.

The Last Jedi : Cobalt Squadron (adult fiction)
The Last Jedi : Bomber Command 9adult fiction)
The Art of Star Wars : the Last Jedi (non-fiction)
The Last Jedi : the Visual Dictionary (non-fiction)
The Last Jedi : Incredible Cross Sections (non-fiction)

+ any number of books, both fiction and activity, for the younglings.

And released on December 27, 2017, the comic book series Storms of Crait," a prequel to the film with Luke and Leia on Crait.

And the 3rd edition of the Star Wars cookbook sometime in 2018.

And still more news (theme parks)
Galaxy's Edge will open at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2019, but ere then Star Wars : Secrets of the Empire will open in London (England) on December 16, 2017, and on that same date it'll open at Disney Springs (Orlando, Florida) and January 5, 2018, it'll open at the Downtown Disney District (Anaheim, California.) It's not virtual reality. It's supposedly one step beyond VR or Hyper Reality.

Next time: more as it becomes available.

Frightening Fanatic of Horrible Cinema

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« Reply #44 on: December 13, 2017, 05:30:15 PM »

An Obi Wan Kenobi film replaces the Boba Fett film for release in 2020.
Filming begins in 2019 with interiors shot at Pinewood Studios (England) and exteriors shot at Joshua Tree National Park.

Then the next day a film called "Tin Can" is on the agenda, and they think that may be the Boba Fett film. If so, I wouldn't expect tp be released to 2021 or 2022.

Episode VIII
What was once rumored to be true has now been proven to be true. Prince William and Prince Harry have cameos in the film as Storm Troopers. Look for them in the elevator scene with Finn (John Boyega.)

If one does see it, then be aware that it is apparently not like any of the other Star Wars films.
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