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Author Topic: Forbidden World  (Read 5841 times)
B-Movie Kraken

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« on: November 17, 2017, 07:35:28 PM »

Forbidden World
Rated: UK 15
3 slimes
Copyright Company and Date: New World Pictures (1982)
Submitted by Dark Alex.


Mike Colby - An intergalactic troubleshooter who is younger than his son. He has the rank of Commander.
Tracy Baxter - Hot but naive scientist. Hobbies include screaming and going for showers with other women. Play a drinking game. Every time she screams take a shot. Must be incredibly fit with good lungs and she runs a lot and screams even more. Sigorny Weaver she ain't.
Dr. Barbara Glaser - Hot but naive scientist who is older than Tracy and also likes to shower with other women. Tries to communicate with the monster and finds out exactly what the monster wants. She knows more about genetic synthesis than anyone else alive.
Dr. Gordon Hauser - Head of research. Doesn't want Subject 20 killed. Ends up as monster chow and making Tracy scream.
Dr. Cal Timbergen - Chain smoking scientist with a high tolerance for pain. Also naive.
Brian Beale - Token black guy. Yeah, you just know he isn't going to make it to the credits.
Earl Richards - Security guy who likes to watch people on cameras. Although he is one of the few people in the film with a gun do not expect him to still be running around at the end of it.
Jimmy Swift - Janitor who based on his actions shouldn't be trusted with a mop never mind being in a top secret research facility. Ends up with his toe nail cells being indistinguishable from an eyeball cell. No need for this guy to invest in a pension plan, he is quite clearly not going to make it to retirement. Tracy's boyfriend.
SAM-104 - A robot and for my money the best character in the film. Has a hidden talent as an expert in diagnosing human diseases.
Anne - Dies before the film starts.


Having cancer can be good for everyone else except you.
A creature that turns everyone else to a self replicating food source would actually cut down the galaxy wide food problem in two ways. Less people and more food.
If you have lots of scars hot women will want to get in the shower with you to see them (alas personal experience has taught me that this is not true. Damn you Roger Corman!).
Strawberry Shortcake should always come with whipped cream.

0:50 seconds - I have seen this ship before.
1 min 24 seconds - Gratuitous shot of two naked women in shower.
2 mins 15 seconds - I have seen those ships before too.
4 mins 7 seconds - And this one.
8 mins 8 seconds - Nice bum.
15 mins 45 seconds - Of all the stupid things to do... Why don't you just play a character called Cannon O'Fodder.
25 mins 25 seconds - The monster is a peeping Tom?
26 mins 12 seconds - I wonder if she realises her nipple can be seen at this point?
27 mins 10 seconds - Almost a gratuitous breast shot.
28 mins 10 seconds - Gratuitous sex scene
33 mins 02 seconds - Sex and death.
35 mins 55 seconds - Gratuitous bum and breasts shot.
36 mins 01 seconds - Gratuitous bum shot.
38 mins 00 seconds - Gratuitous full frontal nudity.
46 mins 40 seconds - Headshot!
52 mins 14 seconds - Gratuitous two naked women in a shower scene.
58 mins 40 seconds - Barbara screams. This is a welcome break from Tracy.
1 hour 05 seconds - Sam-104 is a med bot?
1 hour 5 mins 50 seconds - Is he doing surgery with a Stanley knife?
1 hour 6 mins 11 seconds - Well that was handy.
1 hour 8 mins 38 seconds - Look, if you are going to drink every time Tracy screams at this point I would suggest just hooking a bottle up to an IV drip cos there is no way you are going to keep pouring and drinking fast enough from this point until the end of the movie.


Mike "Got any wire?"
Sam-104 "I'm made of it."

"Hey easy, easy. You wanna know what I want to know? I'd like to know what you and Tracy were doing in there dressed like that."
"Showing her his scars no doubt."


The film starts with a space ship piloted by a robot (Sam-104) who puts on some calming classical music and then wakes up his companion (Mike Colby) who appears to be dreaming about stuff that is going to happen later in the film. This is however in no way referenced in the rest of the film.

A brief fire fight ensues which our heroes win (although Sam-104 does the actual fighting, Mike just yells "FIRE!" a lot. Anyway, Sam-104 informs Mike that they've had new orders and instead of going home have to travel to a place called Xorbia. The pair arrive and are greeted by Dr's Glaser and Hauser before bumping into Tracy. After being put through a ultra violet light designed to kill any living thing on his skin, which is a cancer risk apparently (this is important later). Although it can kill microbes through clothes because no one disrobes for this part.

I couldn't help thinking isn't skin alive?

Anyway, the is taken through to the lab where he meets Dr. Cal Timbergen who looks like a walking germ laboratory and smokes like a chimney no doubt undoing any good the ultra violet light would have done in killing microbes. They've left the lab as they found it following an "accident". Bits of what looks like bloody fur is hanging off every available surface.

Perhaps the Killer Bunny of Caer Bannoch finally met its end here?

Eventually Mike is told that Subject 20, a creature created by the scientists broke out, killed someone then put itself in an incubator and formed a cocoon. The creature is described as a metamorphic mutant. They have no way of predicting how it will grow and change, only that it will.

At this point I'd be pulling out a flame thrower and yelling "KILL IT WITH FIRE!"

The scientists however do not agree with this and demand that their creature is protected and kept alive. No one thinks to put it in somewhere a bit more secure than the incubator that it was able to put itself in.

Perhaps they were distracted by the sultry looks Dr. Glaser keeps throwing out there.

One of the staff (Jimmy) is told to clean up the dead creatures Subject 20 killed when it broke out while everyone else goes to discuss the problem over dinner. He is throwing what looks like dead rabbits into a bin when he notices Subject 20's cocoon is pulsing. He contacts security to let them know Subject 20 is waking up and then goes for a closer look, lifting up the panel of the incubator and sticking his head inside. He is distracted by Dr. Hauser calling on an intercomm as Subject 20 starts to leave its cocoon. Tracy is sent down to check up on things and Jimmy decides to close the door on the incubator he left open. Subject 20 however leaps on his face and there is much overacting as Jimmy staggers around the room screaming unnoticed on the security feeds by everyone else having dinner.

The scientists explain that Subject 20 is a genetic splicing to create an unlimited food source between Proto B and an animal.

At this point Tracy discovers Jimmys body. Her screams (drink) are quite low and restrained compared to what comes later. Although Jimmy has been ripped open (about half his face is gone and you can see quite a lot of inside his head) he is still alive and he is carted off to the medical centre by Cal while the other men look for the creature which is nicknamed a 'Dingwhopper'.

After Cal drops off the body and leaves the room the sheet covering his body starts to move. Kinda looks like Jimmy is playing with himself under the blanket.

Tracy has went off to her room and gets ready for bed, apparently watched by the monster through an air vent. This is indicated by some sort of drool running down the camera lens. I am assuming it was the monster though. I mean to be fair several of the crew do look quite pervy. She has a photo of herself and Jimmy which seems to indicate the pair were in a relationship.

Other than taking him to the Med Centre no one has actually given Jimmy any medical treatment. Not even a painkiller. He was just taken to the room and left.

Despite the trauma of Jimmy being torn up Dr. Glaser invites Mike back to her room for sex (watched by Earl the security guy on the cameras. Couldn't see Jimmy losing his face, but a couple decide to bump uglies and you are right there). The sex couldn't have been that great to watch though as Earl decides to go off wandering looking for the monster with gun and torch. Neither of these seem to do him any good when he finds it and his 'death' scene is interposed with the other two having sex.

Cal meanwhile is giving Jimmy some treatment. His skin seems to have melted off, leaving a bunch of nerves and muscles writhing about on the table. From the open eye moving around I assume Jimmy is in some way conscious during this period and most likely in a lot of pain.

We then cut to Tracy wearing some underwear and going for a shower. She disrobes and you see some monster goo on a air vent. She apparently is having a steam bath. Some noise however distrubs her and she screams (try taking a drink every time she screams, you'll be dead of alcohol poisoning before the credits), but Mike walks in on her. Initially she tells him to get out, but then decides he looks like he could do with a steam bath too and invites her to join him and is quickly examining his collection of scars and kissing him. Poor Jimmy isn't even dead yet and she has moved on already. She then goes to lie on a bench when something wet, white and gloopy looking drops on her sunglasses. Looking up Tracy notices the creature above her in a steam vent, screams (drink) and runs out just as the creature drops down onto where she was lying. Quite what the sticky looking white substance was I don't want to know, especially given the monsters proclivity for spying on naked women. Luckily Mike has his gun with him and shoots the creature several times, but with no effect. They run out, shutting the door behind them and sound an alarm.

The doctors and Brian arrive. Mike again asserts that he wants to kill the beast but Dr. Hauser insists that Mike sticks to his mission and captures it alive. While they are all talking about what to do, the creature bursts through a sky light and into the desert world beyond. Mike decides to form a posse and take them out to hunt the beast.

Barbera goes to find Cal who is having a coughing fit and still wearing his blood stained white coat. Jimmy is now a gloopy mess on the table in a vaguely human shape which seems to be dividing and multiplying into a pure protein mass making him a food source for Subject 20.

Cut back to the others, who gear up to head outside. They get a shock when Earl's body falls down in front of them and spot another cocoon on a cliff side. Over the scientists objections Mike and Sam-104 shoot at the cocoon until it falls. Unfortunately however it is empty. It also falls on Sam-104 breaking him a bit. Either that or a shot reflected off something and hit him. I was distracted for a few seconds and missed that bit. Tracy meanwhile is watching all this on a scanner and tells the group the creature is heading back into the reseach centre. She see's its new form on a camera and screams (drink).

Mike again tries to kill it, but the creature leaps over them and down an air vent while Tracy screams (drink), Dr Hauser shouts at Mike telling him to stop trying to kill it, but Subject 20's head pops back up out of air vent, bites into Dr. Hauser's head (now that's gratitude for you) and pulls him down the shaft while Tracy... well Tracy screams (drink).

Tracy stops screaming long enough to go look up schematics to find out where the air vent leads to. Now remember that to enter the complex people had to go through that thing that killed all microbes and germs? So how come they have an air vent leading directly to the outside world that a creature substantially bigger than a man can fit through? This research complex was not designed well, and quite frankly who ever hired the staff needs firing too.

Anyway, back to the movie. Tracy realises that the vent leads directly to the control room where she is. Just at this point the monster breaks into the control room in a shower of sparks. Can you guess what Tracy's reaction to this is? She screams three times (drink, drink, drink). She runs across the corridor to the med centre where Cal, Barbera and Jimmy are. Jimmy has split and multiplied enough that his body takes up a fair bit of floor space, but Tracy doesn't even give him a second look. Cal looks through the door at Subject 20 before deciding they all need to get further away from it.

Cal has figured out the creature is intelligent and is looking to turn everyone into a lasting food source. Barbera thinks if it's intelligent they should try and communicate with it, although Mike tells her that's the stupidest idea he has ever heard.

As Cal is engaging in scientific technobabble to explain what is happening and Brian watches Subject 20 getting into the Med Lab and feeding on Jimmy. Dr. Hauser staggers into the room looking like he should be dead and falls on Tracy. Tracy screams and screams and screams and screams and screams and screams and screams and screams and screams and screams (drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink and drink. Then go get a new bottle. By now you've finished the one you started on and you are going to need a lot more). Cal gets all excited and does something with a needle to Hauser. He could have been taking a sample or killing him, I don't know.

Cal explains to Mike that the creature is half Proto B and half human. They implanted it in Anne's womb and she died giving birth to it.

Unnoticed by the rest of the group Tracy and Barbera have slipped off for a shower together. Barbera persuades Tracy that they should try and talk to the creature and make some sort of deal with it so they can all live together happily. The women finish their showers and wearing nothing more than matching short bathrobes they go off to make peace with the beast.

The other survivors are sitting around trying to repair Sam-104 and discussing possible ways of killing Subject 20. The women cut through the med lab and Barbera finds that Subject 20 has somehow tied itself into the base computer system. She starts talking to the creature which activates a computer terminal and the pair start talking. She asks if they can coexist and it sends a tentacle out towards Barbera. Have you seen the tail rape scene in Alien? What happens next is basically that, only the tentacle bursts out of her right shoulder. Tracy screams four times getting out of the room (drink, drink, drink, drink) and then runs down a corridor screaming another three times (drink, drink, drink). Eventually she finds the men and tells them the creature has Barbera. Brian, Mike and Tracy head back to the computer room.

Sam-104 is now operational again. Cal is excited as he thinks he might have figured out a way to kill the metamorph. Sam asks him how long he (Cal) has had cancer for. Cal having just got Sam-104 working again decides to switch him off.

Mike and Brian realise because the creature has connected itself to the computer systems they can't shoot it in case they manage to destroy their life support so decide to try and call for help. Cal meanwhile has found a gun and starts destroying the bodies Subject 20 was turning into a food source. Brian meanwhile is trying to rewire some electrics despite Mike telling him to get out of there. Some gunk comes squirting out of the monster and Brian gets electrofried instead. Cal runs in and tries to get the monster to eat him, but is knocked back. Mike picks him up and carries him out. Sam-104 has somehow switched himself back on walks along behind them. Cal sends Tracy to get his morphine and tells Mike that if they can feed Subject 20 his cancerous tumour it will kill it.

Tracy on the way back is walking past Dr. Hauser's now semi gelatinous body when his hand grabs her. She screams like seven times (drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink) and runs off, taking the hand with her as it falls off the body. Cal must be fed up of her screaming as he tells Mike just to operate without waiting for the morphine. Mike starts cutting with what looks like a Stanley knife and Cal screams a bit, but manages to stay still and let him keep cutting.

Tracy meanwhile is screaming down a corridor (drink, drink, drink, drink) even after the hand falls off her. She runs into the monster (drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink, drink) and runs some more. While Mike is operating on Cal (who is in a calm voice giving Mike instructions on what to do), Tracy gets to the genetics lab door and starts screaming to get let in (drink, drink, drink, drink). We have some more shots of Cal and then Tracy who must be worried she isn't getting enough scream, sorry I mean screen time screams some more times (drink, drink, drink). Finally she gets in, screaming (drink, drink) and calls for Mike, who is currently elbow deep in Cal's guts and in position to deal with a screaming woman.

Despite this I am going to give her bonus points for remembering to bring the morphine and not drop it en route.

Mike sticks the morphine in Cal and then cuts the tumour of Cal. Cal is however now dead. Possibly from the crude operation, maybe an overdose of morphine or (and this is what I am going to go with) his body shut down on hearing Tracy scream yet again. Subject 20 batters its way into the genetics lab as Tracy screams (drink, drink). Sam shoots at it although it has been established several times that their laser weapons don't effect the creature and he being a robot would presumably know this is ineffective. Perhaps he remembers being hit with a laser bolt earlier when it bounced off something else and is hoping the same will happen again and he won't have to hear Tracy screaming. Mike meanwhile runs over to the beast and tries to force Cal's cancer into its mouth. He gets knocked back and Tracy screams (drink, drink) while throwing random glass vials at the beast (multitasking ftw!) then screams another couple of times (drink, drink). Sam makes a brave attempt at taking it on in hand to hand combat and ends up in a couple of pieces. Mike gets back up and tries to get the tumour in the mouth again while Tracy assists by screaming (drink). Mike is seen via a camera inside the creatures fanged maw grunting and every so often the camera cuts to Tracy who obligingly on cue screams (drink... drink... drink). Finally Mike gets it to swallow the tumour and almost imminently it starts vomiting up a pink goo (which was actually corrosive to human skin so the camera men made a wall out of black bags and poked a camera through to film this part). We get treated to a bunch of flashbacks from the movie (surprisingly however Tracy doesn't scream at all in any of them, although Barbera does).

The film ends with Tracy cuddling into Mike as the camera pans around the shattered genetics lab
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« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2017, 08:07:13 PM »

This movie was a perennial favorite on the mess decks of the USS Lockwood back in the mid-80's!

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Glad I am not the only one who enjoys it.

But do you understand That none of this will matter Nothing can take your pain away
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