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August 09, 2022, 08:58:43 AM
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Author Topic: 25 nostalgic things you remember from a specific year or decade!  (Read 3532 times)
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The sleep of reasoner breeds monsters. (sic)

« Reply #90 on: August 01, 2022, 09:22:07 AM »

Memories of 2010: When Life Changes, It Changes

1.   In the news, the 2700-foot tall Burj Khalifa opened in Dubai; the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill was an ecological disaster; WikiLeaks told lots of secrets; and coinciding with reports of snow flurries in Hades, TEA parties turned well-off Republicans into social protesters.

2.   It was a bad year for disasters. An 8.8 Chilean earthquake was one of the most powerful in history; Haiti likewise suffered a 7.0 earthquake that left a million homeless; Christchurch, New Zealand was hit by a quake that wrecked its cathedral and inspired the wizard who used to colorfully orate out front to retire; and the Fukushima nuclear accident followed a tsunami, fueling fears of an emergence by Godzilla.

3.   At long last, after about a half-decade of cohabitation, I got married on the vernal equinox. It came about because after resisting it for years, I woke up on January 23rd and said, “OK, let’s get married.” Things happened fast after that. We went to Brazil on our honeymoon, and I discovered the rain forest was an overhyped swamp filled with bugs and fetid mud. The rest of Brazil was pretty all right though.

4.   Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat to the MTV Music Awards, and I always imagined that if Joan Rivers had asked her, “WHO are you wearing?” Gaga would’ve replied, “Blossom and Clover and Sukey and Patches….”

5.   The penultimate Harry Potter film was in theaters, and suicide hotlines trained workers to be ready ahead of 2011 for calls from devastated Potterheads unable to face life without new Harry Potter movies.

6.   In politics, thirteen years of Labour rule came to an end when Tories joined forces with Liberal Democrats in a slightly hypocritical coalition; Obama repealed Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, and signed the Affordable Care Act into law; soon after, Republicans re-took the House. (Just sayin’…)

7.   On TV, The Simpsons celebrated twenty years on the air; The Legend of the Seeker was our enjoyable Saturday night never-miss; Conan O’Brien was fired from The Tonight Show; Lost was a wrap; and Downton Abbey, a soap opera dressed up as a drama, debuted, making me yawn.

8.   Elizabeth Edwards, Dennis Hopper, Gary Coleman, and Corey Haim died, as did one of my favorite writers, Louis Auchincloss, favorite illustrators, Frank Frazetta, and two of my least favorite authors, JD Salinger, and Howard Zinn.

9.   It was the snowiest February in local history, and I got to experience a thunder-blizzard. It would go on to be a drought across the rest of the year.

10.   In other news, geocaching was so popular even a Nevada brothel became a cache location; at a mall in California, three unconnected flash mobs realized they’d picked the same time and place to assemble; a disgruntled man flew a plane into an IRS center in Austin; and thirty-three Chilean miners were rescued after sixty-nine days underground, releasing me from the dreams I kept having about them.

11.   My thirty-month-old godson began a mildly awkward stage that accompanied his realization that ours is a diverse society, namely whenever he saw anyone of African descent in public, he would happily point and announce, “Black!”

12.   My pushy, nerdy literary agent decided to get out of the profession, and sold off all marketable manuscripts in his possession to other writers, who, via ownership, were then allowed to claim authorship of the stories as their own. “It goes on all the time in this business,” he told his former clients. It was in the fine print that he could “rep” us that way, brokering our work in this manner, but I was so hurt I stopped writing for about two years, and more than a decade later still have zero interest in being published again, just write for fun and let my friends read my stuff if they’re interested.

13.   A famous statue called Touchdown Jesus, that sat outside a megachurch off I-75, got struck by lightning and burned to the ground, while next door Larry Flynt’s Porn Palace sat untouched.

14.   In sports, Martina Navratilova beat breast cancer; Tiger Woods claimed he was sorry (right…) for putting his putter where it did not belong; the longest tennis match in Wimbledon history ended after three days; at the Winter Olympics there were noticeably few black athletes; and I went to a lot of eleven year old Tyler’s baseball and football games, proving to nay-sayers that boys who are gay do in fact play sports.

15.   In family news, my mom turned fifty; the two biggest video games in my life then were Fallout: New Vegas, and Demons Souls; we went on a five day Maine-to-Virginia “East Coast history trip”; I took an extensive insurance survey that forecast that I would live 87.3 years; and around Labor Day (can I get a drumroll, here?) I got pregnant with my son, yaaay!!!

16.   As a former ‘90s teen, it was amusing to live through the date 9-02-10.

17.   On The Late, Late Show, Geoff Peterson became Craig Ferguson’s gay robot sidekick!

18.   In movies, there was Shutter Island; 127 Hours; Winter’s Bone, the social network, and a remake of everyone’s favorite eye-rollingly, awesomely bad ‘80s flick, Clash of the Titans.

19.   Chelsea Clinton got married, and so did Katy Perry, Megan Fox, Emily Blunt, and---let’s review here---me.

20.   For some reason I found myself using the word “automagically” a lot, and had no idea where it came from. Did I invent it? Was it from a movie? Did it slide into my mind from some dark evil word-inventing government bureau?

21.   Music was total crap in 2010. Really. Can you think of one good top-40 song from that year? Besides Firework?

22.   The FIFA World Cup in South Africa showed that people everywhere could come together in mutual detestation of vuvuzelas.

23.   Mark Twain’s pseudo-Dadaist autobiography was “officially” published after a hundred years, and reminded me he had dropped unnumbered pages on the floor, and rather than take time to put them back in order, handed it off all mixed up. I… totally…. admired…. that.

24.   Apple released the iPad, which sold for half a grand, so I bought a fifty-buck knockoff that did the same stuff.

25.   In closing, Lisa Simpson once quoted: “prayer is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” and as 2010 was the year of someone’s terrifying plan which he called “the Mouse Trap,” it was, not coincidentally, the end of my being nihilistic toward God. In fact, developments left me praying like there was no tomorrow, because I wasn’t sure there would be. In late winter I was getting married, I had a small child, life was beginning anew in so many ways, yet it suddenly looked like I was about to die. The fires of life test us and reveal who we really are, and I humbly admit there was hypocrisy in my pretense of agnosticism. If 2010 was the year I lost connection with being young, in return I was forced to concentrate on more important things, which was a fair trade. And if you notice, I'm still here.

And that was 2010.

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What does not kill me makes me stranger.
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The sleep of reasoner breeds monsters. (sic)

« Reply #91 on: August 05, 2022, 01:03:40 AM »

Memories of 2018

1.   Billy Corgan grabbed my attention for the first time in years when he went on Howard Stern and detailed his encounter with a naked shape-shifter.

2.   The #MeToo movement did some good and some bad, but did get Harvey Weinstein arrested.

3.   In the news: Prince Harry wed Meaghan Markle; fidget spinners were a fad; Kilauea erupted, sending plumes six miles into the air; and Saudi Arabia removed selective restrictions on women operating motor vehicles, possibly as good publicity following its hit on journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

4.   George H.W. Bush, Stan Lee, Burt Reynolds, Anthony Bourdain, Stephen Hawking, John McCain, and Billy Graham died in 2018, as did Aretha Franklin, Barbara Bush, and Koko the Gorilla, whose alleged use of sign language never convinced me. Furthermore, Dolores O’Riordan, like Jim Morrison and Whitney Houston before her, may have fallen victim to a musician-slaying creature with the ability to mimic a harmless bath tub. (Maybe that’s what Billy Corgan saw…?)

5.   Pornstress Stormy Daniels claimed she was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about a tryst with Donald Trump. (Obviously money well spent…)  She would compare the First Penis to a mushroom character from Mario Kart. How embarrassing for the mushroom dude!

6.   TWC’s Mike Seidell got busted faking being blown around by a hurricane, while men were seen causally walking past him in the background; speaking of weather, where we live we had a day in July ’18 where the temperature was 107 and the heat index 111.

7.   On April Fool’s Day someone showed me an ad he’d faked that had me thinking Playtex Tampons had won naming rights to an NFL stadium. It was a convincing ad, I tell you.

8.   I woke up one January morning after a seven-inch overnight snowfall, amused to see a coyote doing her best to leap up and eat seeds from our lowest bird feeder. That year we also had a fox and her babies come up on our patio each night for weeks. Since she had white socks, we nicknamed her Momma Montelli.

9.   Driving home I saw a Japanese schoolgirl in a white medical mask standing near a high school with what looked like red lipstick smeared from her mouth to her cheekbones. Some kid cosplaying Kuchisake-onna….or the real thing?

10.   My maternal cousin Donna, a physical therapist, told me ideally a person should only be up during noon or midnight, not both. This made a profound impression on my sleeping habits in ’18.

11.   I got chucked out of an after-party at the Chinese musical Shen Yun, for pointing out the suspiciously tiny feet of its female dancers; I also heard Neil Gaiman speak yet again and noticed since his marriage to Amanda Palmer, he’d aged quite a lot, satisfying me Palmer was a succubus; we saw a Doors tribute band called The Doors of Chicago, saw Steve Martin and Martin Short do a play, saw the Pixies and Weezer in concert, and for Christmas went to a Boar’s Head Festival where we met Henry VIII!

12.   I was hanging with my dad at his office when I wasn’t working elsewhere, and would have lunch fairly often with my almost father-in-law who worked nearby, and one day my dad said, “Going out to lunch three times in a week counts as dating.” Oh, yeah, real funny, Dad. THEN I got home and my husband told me he was tired of my “emotional affair,” but ironically he was talking about an entirely different man. I swear, some people think everything in my life is about sex, when it’s really about higher things, like wisdom, and money.

13.   At the same office, same summer, an intern brought in a 1995 magazine article “Things That Will Be Extinct By 2020” which in some ways was prescient, since pay phones, videos stores, and Saturday morning cartoons are gone, but we still have paper money, newspapers, and beachfront property in Florida, since oceans did not rise as anticipated.

14.   In TV: Super Bowl LII was the least watched since 2009, and the Academy Awards drew its lowest audience ever; Babylon Berlin, and The End of the f**king World, justified paying for Netflix a little longer, but I think 2018 was the year the streaming service began to tank.

15.   Roseanne Barr was fired from her eponymous sitcom for comparing a Presidential advisor to the product of an unnatural union, yet happily host Samantha Bee was not fired for calling First Daughter Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t,” proving free speech does still exist in post-Woke America…..for some people.

16.   On the Hebraic front, I went to an Israeli film festival; took a course in the Talmudic commentary of the Medieval French scholar Rashi; and tried to convince my cousin Joshua, who planned to convert to Reform Judaism when he turned thirteen in a year, to adopt the name Shlomo. Alas, no dice on that.

17.   At age nine, Daisy, my oldest daughter, joined the Roman Catholic Church, entirely her decision; she then acquired a resultant scrupulosity stage of wondering whether various things were “sinful,” like her reading The Mortal Instruments. If there is one thing about religion that drives me crazy, it is when it conflicts with a person’s freedom to read. I later took her to where I went to college, and we buried a time capsule under the pines outside my former bedroom. I was disappointed Ray, my pervert downstairs neighbor, didn’t live in the building anymore, and wondered if ‘00s girls didn’t put up with his groping like we did in the ‘90s?

18.   I also found it a disappointing commentary on society that six of the top twenty movies in 2018 featured superheroes. Think of the great scripts that never got a chance.

19.   While on spring break at South Padre, eighteen year old Tyler, the boy I partly raised, had sex with eight men, and boasted about it. I present that fact without additional comment.

20.   My friend Clare’s eighty-nine year old grandmother died. Even though the grandmother lived across town, Clare never met her because the woman disowned her father before Clare was born, after her dad married her mom (who was pregnant with her older brother) instead of going to medical school like the grandparents wanted for him. What. A. b***h.

21.   In 2018: I completed a marathon, but only by running-walking, running-walking; I tried a Vietnamese dish called phuk, pronounced exactly like it looks; I was diagnosed with a spot of skin cancer, which I had removed without anesthesia, because phuk pain (see what I did there?); I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and Ready Player One in the same day; I listened to The Black Tapes Podcast (which is about demonology) on nights when I had insomnia. It didn’t cure my insomnia.

22.   Proving a rivalry never dies, the 2018 release of Dark Souls Remastered VR, and Skyrim Special Edition VR, divided younger nerds as the original games had their older peers in 2011; however nerds everywhere joined in vomiting their disgust at Fallout 76, the most panned game in Bethesda Softworks’ history.

23.   November 11th marked 100 years since the conclusion of The War to End All Wars, though despite the optimistic name, the armistice brought more of a generation-long pause, reminding us that: “War. War never changes….”

24.   In more news: Facebook was in the hot seat over violations of privacy; thousands of US students paraded through the streets protesting gun violence; Kirk Douglas turned 101, and Olivia de Havilland 102; scientists declared Earth has an eighth continent, Zealandia, mostly under the Pacific in our era; and a poll showed only 40% of Americans believed the USA would still exist in 2118.

25.   Finally, on September 6th there was a mass-shooting in a downtown lobby I was a few minutes away from walking through as my usual shortcut to get to a federal building were I worked several days per month. Upon hearing on the radio of a gunman leaving passersby dead there, I thought of the small decisions I had made that morning that changed my arrival time. Chilling stuff.

And that was 2018.


What does not kill me makes me stranger.
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« Reply #92 on: August 06, 2022, 01:15:12 AM »

1. Upon completing my first year of high school at Beaverton High School, I moved out of my dad/stepmom's house.  I just couldn't stand either of them anymore and moved up north to Auburn/Federal Way area in Washington State to live with my mom and stepdad and his kids.  Though he could be a bit immature I got along with everyone fairly well.  Lived in a very nice split level house.
2. Thomas Jefferson High School was the only school I'd been to that wasn't at least almost all in a single building-- you had to go outside to get to every class.
3. DOUBLE DRAGON, even though there was awful slowdown and you could exploit a trick to make the game painfully easy, is a rousing success in the arcades.  The franchise CONTRA makes its debut as well.
4. Reagan publicly admits that the US engaged in an arms-for-hostages deal, despite previously saying they did not.
5. PLATOON wins Best Picture at the Oscars.
6. THE SIMPSONS first appears, as animated shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show.
7. The great cynical, dark-humored sitcom MARRIED WITH CHILDREN debuts.
8. The phenomenon that is RICK ASTLEY begins with the hit "Never Gonna Give You Up".
9. All but one on board Northwest Airlines Flight 255 are killed during a takeoff crash near Detroit.
10. Pope John Paul II visits LA and San Francisco.
11. Stock market levels fall all over the world, known as Black Monday (10/19).
12. A weird hack broadcast interrupts 2 Chicago-area programs: a football game and a Dr. Who episode.  It features a nut in a Max Headroom mask, who is never caught.
13. All on South African Flight 295 die when it crashes into the Indian Ocean due to a fire in the cargo hold.
14. North Korean agents bomb Korean Air Flight 858.  It crashes into the Andaman Sea; 115 die.
15. The passenger ferry MV Dona Paz collides with an oil tanker in the Philippines; around 4,000 die.
16. Famous deaths include Ray Bolger, Andy Warhol, Liberace, James Coco, Randolph Scott, Danny Kaye, Robert Preston, Rita Hayworth, Fred Astaire, Jackie Gleason, Lee Marvin, John Huston, Lorne Greene, Bob Fosse, Henry Ford II, Ralph Nelson.
17. THE UNTOUCHABLES is huge at the box office-- even though I'm not a big fan of Kevin Costner I have to admit this is great-- especially the baby carriage scene at the train station.
20. DUCKTALES debuts!
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More to come when I get home from work.

"O the legend they say, on a Valentine's Day, is a curse that'll live on and on.."
In the town of Valentine Bluffs, there are many ways to die. Take your pick.
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« Reply #93 on: August 06, 2022, 02:01:59 AM »

21. Also debuting in 1987: The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon!
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22. Also: Star Trek TNG, 21 Jump Street, Full House, Blackadder III, Animal Crack Ups, Bionic Six, Bol And The Beautiful, Classic Concentration, A Different World, Father Dowling Mysteries, Friday the 13th the series, Jake and the Fatman, Morton Downey Jr., Max Headroom, My Two Dads, NFL Primetime, Out of this World, Remote Control, Thirtysomething, Unsolved Mysteries, Wiseguy, Win Lose or Draw
23. Sports: Twins win the World Series, Lakers beat the Celtics in the finals, Giants pummel the Broncos for their first Super Bowl victory, and the Gretzky-led Oilers win the Stanley Cup.
24. The cartoon Beverly Hills Teens was big with my stepsister, and I admit I loved the limo pool in the opening!
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25. With or Without you and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For are big #1 hits for U2.
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"O the legend they say, on a Valentine's Day, is a curse that'll live on and on.."
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The sleep of reasoner breeds monsters. (sic)

« Reply #94 on: August 06, 2022, 08:53:37 PM »

Memories of 2017: Quite The Year.

1.   A solar eclipse that summer left parts of the US in darkness, and saw daylight dim for millions more. President Trump gazed at the sun with his bare eyes, inspiring some of his admirers to abandon the advice of science, and do the same.

2.   Netflix produced a controversial version of a 2007 YA novel I’d liked called 13 Reasons Why, but turned it into a festival of woke teenaged emoting, and as I watched I kept thinking a better title might’ve been 13 Reasons Whine.

3.   New words: GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) was added to The Oxford English Dictionary; my friend Edie said some atheists told her the new term they wanted to be called was “bright” as in, “I don’t believe in God, I’m bright.”

4.   In my diary I summed up my existence by noting: I'm thirty-eight and I bet in my life I've slept and eaten as much as most thirty year olds, consumed less meat than most ten year olds, worried and grieved more than most do in a long life, loved more deeply and passionately than most humans ever do, and been luckier in my family and friends than almost anyone.

5.   The same activists who raged against suggestions Barron Trump might be mentally impaired later claimed the display of a Donald Trump mannequin head on TV had Barron Trump believing his father had somehow been decapitated without him hearing about it.  Way to sit on both sides of the fence there, activists.

6.   The Last Jedi came out, and I said new Star Wars films were like post-classical Greek art: Hellenistic, but never Hellenic. Sigh, well, history majors got that.

7.   My nine-year-old daughter, Daisy, got into soccer, and for a time I thought it would be to her what tennis was to me. The sport brought out a competitive aggressiveness in my bookish girl I’d never seen. She also got a pet snake for Christmas, and named it Cornelius, because we were told it was a corn snake (get it?), but it was later identified as a scarlet king snake. One night Cornelius disappeared in our house, never to be found, and for all I know is still slithering sOmEwHeRe aMoNg Us….

8.   Two quotes I liked that year: “I have loved the souls of men and the bodies of women, but never the bodies of men or the souls of women.” And: “The days are long, but the years are short.”

9.   In the year that Kurt Cobain would’ve been fifty, Czech tennis star Jana Novatna passed away at forty-nine, Mary Tyler Moore died at eighty, Hugh Hefner at ninety-one, FOX grand poo-bah Roger Ailes died a few years too late, and the world lost Tom Petty, whom I always thought of as the Sarah Lee Cheesecake of Rock, because nobody didn’t like him.

10.   When one of the tenants at a house we rented-out shot himself after a breakup with his fiancé (as in male), my husband and I had to go clean the place after his intended moved away. I can now say I have scrubbed-up copious human blood and picked up pieces of brain and skull, and will tell you, I’m not rushing to do it twice.

11.   I earned my green patch in Krav Maga, but was told by the iron-tough Israeli instructors I needed more strength to go with my speed, and should lift weights. Never wanting to be a hard-body, I figured if I couldn’t outrun a thug, I’d shoot him. As life would later prove, sometimes neither is possible….

12.   My friend Amy, a funny, wild girl, one of the first friends I made in college, died of breast cancer. I’d lost people my age to other causes, but she was the first who died of a physical ailment. God, I miss her.

13.   A hard drive containing Terry Pratchett’s unpublished writings was run over by a steamroller, fulfilling the late author’s request.

14.   I have never felt our century-old house was haunted, but for a few weeks in 2017, every one of us heard a strange recurring sound at night, that to me was like distant white noise, and to my husband was like a hair dryer running far away. We never figured out what we were hearing and eventually stopped hearing it. I remember my five-year-old, Trinity, having a vivid nightmare during this time about the ground opening up and eating our house with “teeth made of rocks.” Shudder!

15.   Years ago I read The Poisoned Kiss, by Joyce Carol Oates, which she claimed she did not write, but rather channeled an unseen contributor she called “Fernandes” who placed the words in her mind. Late in 2017 I experienced something similar, and the result was 110 pages that flowed through me almost as if I was taking dictation, and which emerged complete and without re-writes, a rare thing for a flawed writer like me. It was one person’s recounting of his life and afterlife, and begins with an opening sentence in which he introduces himself, then promptly says he is dead. Even the title that came with the story, Tu Fui Ego Eris (Latin for “what you are, I was; what I am, you will be”) was unknown to me until I looked it up. The experience of writing Tu Fui Ego Eris remains among the oddest of my life.

16.   In good news, my college roommate adopted a bi-racial little girl named Sophia; in bad news, my psycho cousin Celia got arrested for domestic violence. In good news we acquired a second black lab; in bad news our existing dog wanted to kill her, so we had to return the new lab. In good news I got to meet Ashley Jenkins in Austin; in bad news, she wasn’t cool in person at all.

17.   First Lady Melania Trump refused to don a hijab (head scarf) when visiting Saudi Arabia, and I remember thinking, good for her!  After all, to avoid offending us, do you see Arab women taking their hijabs off when visiting here?

18.   My hometown’s most notorious serial killer, a man who murdered thirty-seven patients at a hospital where he was a nurse in the ‘80s, was beaten to death in prison.

19.   My eight-year-old godson was at the height of a stage where he seemed to have an inordinate amount of fear, and among other things wouldn’t be alone in a room with a door closed. I found his fears ironic because his uncle of the same name didn’t seem afraid of anything at all. Fortunately my godson did outgrow his peculiar apprehensions about everyday life, and maybe going zip-lining with his grandpa in Costa Rica that summer helped him build courage.

20.   I was understanding when my husband spent weeks with a dying woman named Corrine (Corrie) with whom he fell in love long before he knew me. I didn’t adore the situation but I let it happen. He used to come back from the hospital smelling like a honeysuckle candle, and I have never since been able to like that scent. In 2016 Corrie fell victim to a virus that attacked her heart and left her weaker and weaker, til it eventually killed her in May 2017. I was even all right when my husband took our daughter with him and went to Corrie’s funeral in California, and I bought Daisy a black dress at a boutique, and let her wear my grandma’s pearls. I thought they were coming right back but they spent several weeks driving home, and went to San Francisco and the Grand Canyon and all across the Southwest. It was the first time death had ever touched my husband’s life (the Irish call such a person a maighdean bàis literally "death virgin"), and he was vulnerably unprepared. I admit, ours is an unusual marriage.

21.   I went to my twentieth high school reunion and read David Sedaris’ diary while there, mostly staying aloof and wondering why I’d come. Classmates I’d found interesting weren’t present, and ones I hadn’t liked were, including Andrea, whom I’d once shoved to the ground after she said something about my mother. Many from the class of ’97 had gotten fat, and they all looked older. I left before it was halfway over, so don’t know who got the prize for Best Facelift.

22.   I read The Book of Joy, co-authored by the Dalai Lama and the man who gave Tyler his middle name, Desmond Tutu. (It’s the Desmond part, though Tutu would be a funny middle name.)

23.   Speaking of Tyler, he moved in with us a few months before he graduated from high school; moving out while still in 12th grade being something I had once done myself. Tyler and I had deep talks, and one evening he informed me he’d just tried sex with a girl, who was herself having first-time sex with anyone. I asked what he thought and he said…an ironic observation about the dimensions of the female body. Fact is girls were all over Tyler, and he ended up getting another girlfriend that year and they’re still together and have a surprise son named Giovanni, but all through their relationship Tyler has carried on with boys. I know he loves her, and maybe that’s how Freddie Mercury felt about Mary Austin, but I don’t get why a nice girl like Kylie puts up with that.

24.   During one of our talks I asked Tyler, who was still only seventeen, how many men there had been in his life in the last year and he said, “About sixty halfway and maybe thirty all the way.” I convinced him to have a blood test by saying I’d go with him and get one too, just to get him to go. I grew up in the early days of AIDS, and was worried sick for him, even though he told me times were different now. When our tests showed we were both clean, I asked him to see this as a fresh start and be more careful, and he said he would.

25.   Still….that August a man he met on a hook-up app tried to lock Tyler and his friend in his dungeon-like basement, but they got away. He came home freaked out and told me about almost getting abducted, and under my relief that he was OK I blew up and asked if he considered accepting an invitation off an app for a three-way involving a complete stranger to be keeping his promise to be more careful? Like a little kid again, he said, “No….” I told him I loved him and yet nothing I could say was going to make him stop being so stupid in his personal life, was it? He said he was sorry for scaring me, and I knew he was, but I also knew he was going to keep it up, and for a couple more years he did, before a realization that he wanted to be there for his son seemed finally to have made him wiser. The man who tried to abduct Tyler disappeared not long after.

And that was 2017.


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« Reply #95 on: August 06, 2022, 09:37:45 PM »

I notice some folks are just listing stuff that just happened that year- not something they actually recall.

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Either he's dead or my watch has stopped!

« Reply #96 on: August 07, 2022, 12:00:16 AM »


I was 18 and grandfathered in on the newly changed drinking age in NJ (from 18 to 21).  I went to bars.  A lot. 
I saw JEFFERSON STARSHIP for the first time at South Mountain Reservation South Orange, NJ. 

I finished my first year of college that June.  I was living in Morristown, NJ. 

In my 2nd year, I turned 19 and a month later December 1980, JOHN LENNON was murdered. 


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I notice some folks are just listing stuff that just happened that year- not something they actually recall.

Eh, that's okay; I was just initially hoping people at least wouldn't list 25 things for a year they weren't yet born.  Describing in detail personal memories is better and more interesting IMHO.  But I'm flexible.

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I'm a Mac...

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This wasn't my setup but it actually was pretty close to what I had

I miss the days of the Atari 2600. 

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Memories of 1989

1.   That June my parents and I moved thirty miles north from a house we’d lived in for three years near an international airport in Burlington, Kentucky, to a booming little city called Mason, Ohio. But I’m mostly telling the year in order, so that’s getting ahead of myself.

2.   In fourth grade we had an assembly to watch George H.W. Bush’s inauguration, and it was pointed out that Ronald Reagan had been the first President since 1840 elected in a year ending with zero to survive his time in office. This was termed “the zero factor” which ten-year-old me misheard as “the zero factory,” and as in some sinister President-killing place of industry.

3.   The local NFL team went to the Super Bowl, played well, lost. At school, Sssster, my teacher and the coolest nun ever, had promised she’d do the “Icky Shuffle” for us if the Bengals won, and I regret not getting to see that. Later in the year, when Lucille Ball died, Sssster called off lessons for the afternoon and let us watch I Love Lucy episodes. Sssster was awesome.

4.   We had a tornado watch in January, which everybody said they couldn’t remember happening locally that time of year. It had been a warm, sticky day, more like April, and a freaky lurch by the jet stream sent a batch of storms from the Gulf states to our area. Nothing happened that day, but in March ’86, about the time we moved to Burlington, a tornado had skipped past our neighborhood, downing trees and flipping over planes at the airport, so tornado watches weren’t something you could entirely shrug off.

5.   My dad, an Apple fan from the beginning, had a Macintosh SE, with a then-staggeringly powerful 20 megabyte internal hard drive. That computer cost him $1500.00!

6.   Because we were near the international airport I mentioned, we could watch planes land pretty much all the time. We also used to sometimes see lights in the sky we couldn’t ID, so we called them UFOs. We’d see them so often they stopped being remarkable, these odd hovering lights. I have had an odd childhood… adolescence… adulthood, and if I make it there I’ll probably have an odd old age too.

7.   While we still lived in Burlington, I hung out with a neighborhood wild boy nicknamed Tarzan, who was always building these insanely unsafe ramps to jump his bike off of. One day he dared me to climb to the top of a tall tree in order to be let into a club, so I agreed, and he was so sure I was about to fall to my doom he gathered not just neighborhood kids to watch, but his mom, who came out not to stop me but to spectate herself, and right before I started climbing, she said, “Little Catholic Girl, does your mom know you’re doing this?” (Yes, we lived by her three years and she never learned my name.) I made it up and down fine though I don’t remember the club I risked life and limb to join being a big part of my childhood.

8.   About a month after we moved to Mason, Gina and her brother Mark moved in down the street. Gina was my age and went to my school and would stay my best friend for many years, though she moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and sadly we’ve been losing touch. Her brother Mark, who is three years younger than Gina and me, is still local, and still my friend.

9.   Gina and Mark’s mother, Lynn, while always nice to me, used to work in tiny put-downs about my mom, implying she thought my mom was dumb. I did not like these…. Eventually it was pointed out to me that Lynn was jealous of my mom and was shamelessly flirting with my dad, who was completely uninterested in her. This would stay Lynn’s pattern for years, badmouthing Mom, hitting on Dad.

10.   While hanging out at her house, I watched my cousin Dana, who was fifteen, break up with this boy during a big verbal fight she 100% started, then the same afternoon take a phone call from the boy on speaker while he tried to patch things up with her. She told him, “Not yet, but keep asking and we’ll see.” She explained that some guys were at their best when they were trying to win a girl back, and he’d be a lot better boyfriend after “wiggling on the hook a while longer.” Her self-confidence just floored me!

11.   My grandpa took me to a ball game downtown the day after I got home from my summer trip to Ireland, and he asked what I liked best over there that year, and I instantly answered, “Being with new Baby Celia.” Having no (surviving) siblings I was completely captivated by my newborn cousin over there and would do my best to put her near the center of my life for the next two decades. I probably don’t need to go back over how that turned out.

12.   My dad took me to Mammoth Cave on the last day before fifth grade started at my new school, and it was a fun trip except the guide turned off the lights to show us how dark a cave was, then pretended the lights wouldn’t come back on and we were stuck in the dark, badly freaking out a Japanese lady in the group. Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t imagine a tour guide pulling a stunt like that nowadays.

13.   Local hero Pete Rose, whom my grandpa, a Reds super-fan, deeply admired, and to whom he once introduced me, was banned for life from the sport because he bet on it while a player and a manager. I believe the sentiment behind Rose’s overwhelming support in town was that, sure, the man was a sleaze, but he was OUR sleaze. I remember feeling a little shocked that this great baseball player, who’d been on such a pedestal all my life, toppled like that, but mostly I only noticed because it upset so many people.

14.   Speaking of baseball, a big earthquake hit San Francisco during the World Series that October, delaying the event for what I was told was the first time ever. Again, baseball disappointed my grandpa, who said the game should play anyway.

15.   My dad used to coach a youth basketball team for “high risk” young men in the inner city, and I’d go with him sometimes. I met a boy there a few years older than me, in a wheelchair, because he was shot on the sidewalk in front of his house in a particularly bad neighborhood called Over-the-Rhine. Why? No reason. Some other boys in a passing car just either shot him or were shooting indiscriminately out the window and happened to hit him. Both then and in retrospect what impresses me most about that young man was how little self-pity he seemed to have about his situation.

16.   It’s the funniest thing now, but on a Friday my grandparents flew my cousin Jared and me to Sea World in Florida, and we came back late on Sunday, so I didn’t even miss school Monday. In fact not all my classmates believed me when I told them I’d been to Sea World the day before.

17.   After it taking five years to get her abusive first marriage annulled by the Catholic Church, my Aunt Christie got remarried. It was a lovely wedding, all the family came, glad for her, but in one dark cloud that day, I was clued in by Dana that Aunt Christie’s teenaged children, our cousins Adam and Alison, were drugged out of their minds the whole time, unwilling to stay sober for a handful of hours, even for their own mom.

18.   I did like Alison, though, and one day that year our grandma took Allie and me to a farm in Indiana where miniature horses were raised. I don’t remember being scared, but don’t know if it was because these horses were the size of collies, or if my hippophobia wasn’t yet at full power. It was a rare day of not catching thirteen-year-old Allie high, and I much preferred her that way.

19.   I went to see Batman that summer with Dana, who’d already seen it a few times and loved it. Sadly, I found it absurd and kept telling her so during the movie, til after going “shhh” to me a few times, Dana got up and moved to another row. She was fifteen, I was ten, and always trying to impress her, so I was crushed with embarrassment! We walked to Taco Bell afterward and she said she’d buy, then gave me the pretty gold chain she was wearing, so I guess she felt bad about hurting my feelings, even if I should have shut up during the show. (I never have enjoyed super hero flicks.)

20.   My dad used to sometimes let me go with him to the federal building where he worked, and his friend there was this FBI agent, a black man named Ted, who shared my dad’s love of basketball, and who actually was the person who introduced my dad to the urban basketball program where Dad coached. Anyway, one day Ted burst into Dad’s office, not knowing I was there, and started happily telling him, “We ‘effing’ got another one off the ‘effing’ list down in Miami! ‘Effing’ Humphries shot the ‘MF-er’ in the ‘effing’ head…” Then Ted saw me and froze, and my dad jokingly picked on Ted for his spicy language in front of a kid, and later told me in the car, “Those FBI guys have no control over their mouths.” In his career dad had a higher opinion of the FBI than I did, since I am of the view that 9-11 may not have happened if a bunch of a***oles in the FBI had not withheld intelligence federal law required them to share.

21.   Mel Blanc died that summer, and I remember seeing a poster that had all the Warner Brothers characters he voiced standing by an empty microphone, bowing their heads.

22.   We had a dodgeball game in PE that my class dubbed “the bloodbath.” One boy named Greg Stoeffer got hit in the stomach so hard with the ball, he hurled up his lunch right then and there in gym. Another girl got elbowed in the mouth hard enough to draw blood, and I was after the ball myself when it bounced off the bleachers and bashed my nose. Another girl wiped out face-first on the floor, and still two more boys smacked their heads together. Yet when the gym teacher blew his whistle because we were too rough, everyone yelled that we wanted to keep playing.

23.   After the US invaded Panama in December, I saw a picture on the front page of the local paper showing a girl I kinda knew named Dawn, at a funeral holding the high school jacket of her brother, James Markwell, a Ranger who died in in the fighting. People on TV kept declaring what a great victory Panama was, but I always thought of the look of grief on Dawn’s face in that photograph.

24.   I remember the local FOX affiliate kept showing commercials for The Simpsons Christmas Special, which was airing ahead of the regular series debut in January, and I wrote in my diary “the Simpsons give me the creeps because they’re so crazy looking.” I’d go on to love that show across the ‘90s.

25.   On the subject of my beloved diary, I’d begun writing a journal the Christmas before, when my grandma gave me a blank diary for a present, and finished about a hundred pages worth of thoughts in ’89. During some years to come I’d write six times that, but big undertakings gotta start someplace.

And that was 1989.

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