Has anyone here seen the Necromatik movies? If so, can you tell me if these clips are taken from either of those movies;

 For anyone curious, they show a guy screwing a corpse in what looks like a morgue.

 Maybe I'm just sick, but these clips were the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. The corpse is incredibly fake, when the guy drags the point of a knife over it, it sounds like it's made out of concrete. I've always read that Necromatik and its sequel were supposed to be shocking, but if these clips came from either film, then I'd probably see them as comedies.

Steven Millan:
       Those clip may be from "Aftermath",another grueling,but entertaining necrophilia horror film/underground video classic.
         Yeah,"both "Aftermath" and "Necromantik"(the first one,not the pathetic,but still sick sequel)absolutely rule....if you like your horror twisted and extremely grueling.
          By the way,when the hell is Jorh Buttergeit going to return to fillmaking?! He's a twisted talent who shouldn't let his sick mind go to decaying waste.
          Unless he feels he's been upstaged by the talented but warped Takashi Miike(see both "Audition",and mainly "Visitor Q",featuring the ultimate dysfucntional family who make Al Bundy's clan look like the Brady Bunch:I kid you not!! And,every bodily fluid rolls in that later film,too!With a necrophilia scene,and every other on-screen taboo you can imagine:yep,that one,too!!),a filmmaker who's venturing further into forbidden territotries that both David Cronenberg and John Waters never dared to land upon in their youthful years.


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