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June 17, 2018, 11:10:14 PM
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« on: April 19, 2001, 04:19:06 AM »

...such a site doesn't exist, but my spleen must vent. Yes, I know I can just skip them if I don't like them; however, they're like the wino splayed on the sidewalk outside my apartment; I can step over him, but he's loud and stupid and stinks the whole place up and there's little (legal) recourse against him.

When I bite into "The Big Picture," I get the sensation of being trapped alone in an elevator with a smelly geek who won't stop talking about himself. Lennie Peterson explains--every week or so--that his strip is about "real life," which means it's about him (and very little else); he seems to think a press conference should be called every time he breaks wind because Lennie Peterson is The Center of the Cosmos. In Lennie's "real" life, beautiful, smart  women date butt-ugly egocentric losers who draw strips about themselves, the disembodied head of his dead mother actually visits him once or twice a month, and the strip has a huge fan base. The fact that he feels he has to explain the strip's concept on such a regular basis reveals two things: his inability to write worth a turd, and his utter contempt for his readers. Lennie, if you have to explain the punch line, it's not a good joke. P.S. The phony, insincere "modesty" you try to display but depicting yourself as a defiantly obnoxious putz is old ham. With green stuff growing on it. You are the Tom Green of the comics page.

Back when Aaron McGruder was trying to entertain "the brothers" by suggesting that beating little girls with sticks was hilarious--as long as they were white--"The Boondocks" floated on top of a firestorm of controversy that made it popular despite its lack of real content. Sure, when the main characters' grandfather was messing with their heads, the strip could produce a giggle or two, but for the past several weeks (months?), it has been centered exclusively on two children--a kid who wants to be a "revolutionary," and a boring kid with dreadlocks--grousing at each other about "P. Diddy" or whatever the Hell he calls himself now. Ironically, it has become as bland as...white bread. For a while, McGruder was actually using cut-and-paste to use the same talking heads for four panels. The lazy ass was convinced this turd of his was going to be the Next Hot Property and loudly and publicly anticipated a deal with a major network to produce the animated version. Thank God the WB was already committed to "The Oblongs"...

"Mallard Fillmore." Bruce Tinsley can draw, but damn, what planet is he from? I actually read this one first every day to see what bizarre, who-gives-a-crap tangent he's going to rave about today. Still, you can be sure this time next year he'll still be taking cheap shots at Clinton. The only funny part about the strip is watching Tinsley try to jibe his obvious hatred for almost everybody, and his particular contempt for liberals (363 days a year) with his pure, nonjudgmental Christian love (twice a year). This is the sort of fool who thinks there'd be no more school shootings if all schoolchildren were armed. Rush Limbaugh is a beacon of insight compared to Tinsley--who is himself a Dittohead; what more needs to be said? If Lennie Peterson is the Tom Green of comic strips, "Mallard Fillmore" is "Battlefield Earth;" a trainwreck waste-of-resources based on the ramblings of the practictioner of a dying non-religion. Ultimate irony: in the Sunday splash panels, the title character is wearing George Dubya's patented Smirk of Rank Stupidity Posing as Superior Intellect.

Ah... That's better.

Anybody got their own loathsome examples, or want to burst into outraged obscenities and tears over my picks? It's all good, baby.
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2001, 12:43:43 PM »

Chill out, son. Haven't seen the first two toons, so can' t say. much ... ..I like Mallard Filmore,though...Please don't hate me...but i don't take Tinsley's humor the same as you do. If i wan'ed to dump on a liberal strip, i could unload on Doonsbury....but what good would it do? I see Tinsleys "Contempt" for liberals as no different then Trudeau's attacks on conservitives. Same intent, different target...its only a matter of preferance. Your giving the finger to Tinsley is realy no different in attitude that some on the think your point of view is right, so you vent. Be carful, thought, get angry enough, and you could get an me! It ain't worth it.! Just try not to De-huminise your intellectual opponents...then you could become what you claim to dislike. If i thought Tinsley realy was hateful, i 'd not read him. I don't like To Green, because that is how he comes across to me. Still, i can only answer for myself, and that the best thing to do. State your view, then move on. Btw,"A  dying Non-religion?" Huh?  me confused. Anyway,the idea of a bad comics .org......maby you should start a site for it, it might realy work!Who knew this site would be so good.?.well, i like it! Anyway, Btw..agine...what comics do you like? I wish Liberty Medows was in our paper. Frank (Monkey boy ) Cho is a god! If you haven't read it, Do so! Heck, go to his web site. Yahoo then Frank'll thank me for it.
Mofo Rising
« Reply #2 on: April 19, 2001, 02:09:48 PM »

I've been all about webcomics, as far as comic strips go.

There is a paper in the breakroom at work, and I usually read all the comics on the page.  "Drabble" I find particularly stupid.  No artistic or comedic content whatsoever.  "For Better or Worse" relies far to heavily on family homilies.  In fact, most of the comics are on the page only because they've been on there for years and years and if they were cancelled people would go crazy with the letter writing demanding it back and, really, who needs the hassle?

But they don't really bug me.  What bugs me is the little "Find the Differences" pictures.  I hate them, but I always end up doing them anyway.  Oh, the branch is longer.  Oh, the dog wasn't dead in the first picture.

Anyway, if you need to vent about the funnys, try visiting "Comics I Don't Understand" at:
« Reply #3 on: April 19, 2001, 02:42:16 PM »

Ooooh! Thanks, Mofo. For the site AND the examples. The worst of those "Find The Difference" cartoons might provide a challenge to, say, a garden slug...I generally like "For Better or Worse," but you're right; it's very preachy. Recently, the elder daughter tried to get her roommate to stop smoking with a week's worth of heavy-handed, judgmental "snappy" comebacks that made me want to retch, and I'm a nonsmoker.
Flangepart, "Doonesbury" makes fun of both liberals and conservatives. It proceeds on the assumption that there are plenty of fools on either side of an issue. "Mallard Fillmore," according to its own creator, was created to "combat the liberal bias in government and the media" ("FREEMASONS RUN THE COUNTRY!") and proceeds from that vulgar prejudice. Tinsley acts as though every liberal is a drooling, corrupt, hypocritical, inhuman idiot fit only for a hot oven, and he is known to extend his very personal attacks to the wives and children of his targets (including Gerry Trudeau). Talk about dehumanizing one's opponents! I honestly don't think you'd like meeting him in person.

...and by "dying non-religion," I meant zombie-author L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology and/or Rush Limbaugh's Cult of the Big Fat Stupid Idiot. ("FREEMASONS RUN THE COUNTRY! MEGADITTOS!")

Oh, there are comics I like; I love "Get Fuzzy" and "Mutts." (I'm a softie for 'cute animal' strips. Garfield is NOT cute.) I also dig "Tom The Dancing Bug" and "Red Meat," which is just sick.
--Here, you can compose and bookmark your own daily funnies page.
--It's...sick. Not gross, not obscene...just...sick.
--"Tom The Dancing Bug," Carol Lay, Tom Tomorrow, and more.
--Roberta Gregory's "b***hy b***h"! I think I'm in love with a cartoon character...
« Reply #4 on: April 19, 2001, 11:33:10 PM »

"Bloom County" something terrible.  He tried to do a makeover and came up with "Outland" and that strip never really found itself like the original did.  Used to sit up with friends reading our favorite runs out of the books I have, we'd start crying from laughing so hard.

"Bill, put all that down, get away from the window!"

El Chupacabra
« Reply #5 on: April 20, 2001, 02:47:54 AM »

COMITTED is a terrible strip; just one
stereotypical "kid joke" after another
(how hyper they are, how much they like
sugar). B.C. is probably the oddest strip,
with it's Christian cavemen... I'm sure
it says something about how certain
values are timeless, but IMO, it doesn't
do it very well (A couple Easters ago,
the characters were depicted swimming
in blood, from a cross on the hilltop...
« Reply #6 on: April 20, 2001, 04:06:50 AM »

You know, Flange, I forgot to mention, in my list of funnies I like, that I too adore "Liberty Meadows." If you read the comic-book-style collections--and I'll bet you do--Frank Cho succeeds in self-depreciating humor (depicting himself as a hormonal, cigar-chomping chimpanzee) where Lennie Peterson fails so miserably.

"Dilbert" is another favorite of mine: just the comic strip, not the various, disasterous marketing attempts (plush dolls, ice cream, Dilbertrittos, and that horseass UPN cartoon). I swear I work for the same pointy-haired fool...
« Reply #7 on: April 20, 2001, 10:56:35 AM »

Oh,well. Guess we'll not see eye to eye on some things, Squishy. I like Rush and Tinsley, and so it goes. But give that Bad comics idea a thought, it may have potential. Your right about the weakness of newspaper comics. When we lost Calvin and Hobbs and The far Side, the coolest stuff went out the door. Did you see that Far Side Holloween Cartoon they showed. It was good! Me want more! I wprk for our paper, The Columbus Dispatch. All papers try to "Idiot Proof" the comics page for convieniance sake. Any thing challinging like Liberty Medows, or the other comics you mentioned, and thrie left to get snapped up by the local free papers. I've seen Mutts, and as a dog person, i find it good. Yea Verily. well, that speaks about the newspaper stuff, what about Comic books?
« Reply #8 on: April 20, 2001, 10:56:18 PM »

I'm suprised nobody mentioned "Crankshaft". Yea, that bitter old man lost in the past. I just don't understand that strip. By appearance, one might think they were reading a George Baker strip. But after reading it, your left with the feeling you've just read Apt.3-G.
I also have to agree with you about Mallard Filmore, I'm not into political strips, they make me angry actually. And why does that strip have to take up sooo much space?? But then again, what do I know....I like Drabble.....%^)
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