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Hey they are playing this right now tonight and it is pretty interesting.  They are profiling the giant mutant animals from  old 50's monster movies and  comparing the real thing to the mutant version., They did  The Killer Shrews first and now they are doing  The Giant Gila Monster.    I didn't know that shrews are actually venomous, but they look nothing like the dogs they had playing them in the movies.  They also go through the funnier bits of the movie.

You should catch it if they play it again (cable channels always do!).

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i love this!!! as a bio student i love mocking these movies based off of science, The killer shrews part was really interesting.

Killers shrews.....FUNNY!

"killers shrews . . . FUNNY!" True, but not as funny as a giant gila monster. As the program pointed out, because of the way they are constructed, we are more likely to see a giant killer shrew, then we are to see a giant gila monster.

Does anybody know whether this is going to be a regular feature of the Animal Planet? If so, I'm going to start to watch that cable channel more frequently. As they seem to prefer to talk about mutations of actual animals, I guess there won't be a "Q: the Winged Serpent" or an "Angry Red Planet" w/ its bad/rat/spider, but, that still leaves alot of possibilities. Some of which are . . . ffrom a (Cough! Cough!) laundry list of films reviewed at this site.

"Attack of the Crab Monsters"
"Barn of the Blood Llama"
"Black Scorpion"
"Beginning of the End" w/ its giant grasshoppers
"Day of the Animals"
"The Fly"
"Hell Comes to Frogtown" or "Return to Frogtown" w/ its giant frogs
"Humanoids from the Deep" w/ its mutated fish
"The Last Dinosaur"
"Piranha I and/or II"
"Planet of the Apes"
"Prophecy" w/ its giant, mutated grizzly bear
"Shark Hunter"

and one of my favorites . . . "Lair of the White Worm." I'd not only like to see how they explain that giant, white snake/worm/wyrm in the basement of that house, but, how a woman can sprout snake fangs, which she uses so effectively on boy scouts, coppers, and Scotsmen in kilts.

What is really hilarious about the gila monster is that the lizard in the movie is a Mexican  beaded lizard not a gila monster.  Well that and the fact that  the experts said gila monsters only come out of their den for like one week out of the year and they are so slow they prefer the eggs and helpless babies of other species.

In the movie it only had to look a vehicle to make it crash and explode.

I don't know if  it's a regular series, but I plan on looking out for it .


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