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Are you ready for the inevitable zombie holocaust? Just owning a shotgun and a chainsaw is not enough. You need to consider all the factors, all your options, and be prepared to make the hard decisions.

Burial GroundRedneck ZombiesDawn of the Dead

Right up the road.Well, it sucks to be you, doesn't it? The problem with living so close to the probable source of the biological, chemical, or supernatural experiments that create the zombies is that you are quite likely to get infected during the initial "accident." Buy a gas mask and wear it to bed.
Within walking distance.Which means it is also within easy shambling distance for the zombies. Get yourself a dog. The canine companion will not stop the zombies, but at least its barking might alert you to their presence. Plus, if the undead are eating the dog, that means they are not chewing on you.
On the other side of the state.Excellent! I can see that you did your homework before buying a house.
I don't know.Offhand, this is probably a good thing. You must be hundreds of miles away from the danger zone. You should still verify that there are not any new "no trespassing" signs posted at the abandoned military base on the edge of town.

Zombi 3 Where is the nearest government laboratory? Not satisfied with accidentally releasing the zombie-creating virus or chemical, they are quite likely to deploy troops with orders to shoot on sight.

None, and I hate guns.You should find and befriend someone who is a member of the NRA and does not mind protecting pansies with his ammo.
A BB gun.That would be great...if this was about surviving an aluminum can revolt. Get a real firearm.
A handgun.I hope that you mean a .45 or .44 Magnum. 9mm bullets make really small holes. You want to make as big of a hole in the zombie's forehead as possible.
A shotgun.Awesome! Make sure that you have plenty of ammunition, and practice reloading while moving.
A 30-06 rifle.You need to find somebody with a shotgun and hook up. With your ability to snipe targets at long distances, and his (or her) close range firepower, shooting your way out of situations should not be a problem.
An M240G machinegun.You and I need to talk.

Return of the Living Dead 3 Get yourself a shotgun.

My buddies are all hunters and survivalists.Well now, this will just be another camping trip, except that walking corpses are out to kill you and eat your brains.
We play a lot of video games together.Meaning that you are overweight and out of shape? Can you at least move faster than a zombie? Really? For how long?
We are "Resident Evil" fanatics.Well, at least you know to shoot them in the head.
My online buddy has a black belt in Judo.Have you ever seen this "friend" in person? He is probably just as pimply as you, and living in his parents' house, too.
All of my friends are girls.Let me guess: you are a boy, and you have a crush on all of them. The good news is that you are going to be sitting pretty on a bevy of grateful women if you can save them from the zombies. The bad news is that you cannot save all of them. Pick three favorites and concentrate on protecting them from the rotting horrors that have taken over the world.

Resident Evil 4 "Resident Evil" fanatics rejoice. You might not have touched a real firearm before, but at least you know to aim for the head (or parasite, as the case may be).

Blood makes me queasy.The world is not a nice and tidy place anymore. The road will be littered with rotting corpses and scattered body parts. Prepare to deal with compound fractures, serious lacerations, and septic wounds on a daily basis. Do everybody else a favor and avoid stuffing yourself full at meals. You are going to spend a lot of time vomiting. Regurgitated food is wasted food.
I keep some band-aids in my car.Do you have any idea how many band-aids it would take to treat someone who is covered with zombie bites?
My medical kit is stocked with trauma-related supplies.Glad to hear it. You need to add two items that are usually not included in an emergency kit. First off, you need acid. If a zombie bites somebody, Bactine is not going to cut the mustard. Cleanse the wound with acid. Second, get a hacksaw from the garage and toss it in with all the bandages and such. You know, just in case the acid is not an effective treatment.
I look forward to conducting medical experiments on the living dead.All righty then.

Zombi 3 Once the zombies are loose, band-aids are not going to cut it. Also, if you cannot stand the sight of blood, do us all a favor and get killed early on. Nobody wants to hear you scream every time you trip over another rotting corpse.

I don't have a car.Sign up for a gym membership and stay in shape. Until you meet someone who has a driver's license, you are going to do a lot of running.
My Prius is my baby.If the zombie outbreak takes place in Saudi Arabia, you can laugh at all those idiots driving 6 mpg SUVs. However, if the zombies are a bit closer to home, your amazing fuel efficiency is not going to impress them. The zombies will probably flip your electric toy over when you try to crash through a crowd of them. See if you can rig the batteries to electrify the outer shell.
I got a big ol' 4X4 truck/SUV.Overwhelmingly the most popular vehicle choice in the post-zombie holocaust world, and for reasons that should be obvious. Do not abandon the dude whose Prius is stuck in the ditch. Pull it out and ask the owner, and his hot girlfriend, to follow your truck. He is obviously a nincompoop who will not last long; meaning that the hot girlfriend is going to be available quite soon. Do you know how much the girls toss that stuff around once the end of the world is nigh? Get some while the getting is good.
I own an M60 tank.God bless America and her military surplus auctions.

Zombi 2 Bicycling your way out of the zombie apocalypse is not an option. Buy an old 4X4, fix it yourself, and keep it in running condition. If you just cannot bear to leave your bike behind, install a roof rack on the Land Rover.

Written by Andrew Borntreger on 17 June 2008.
Are you ready to fortify the house? Continue reading Do you have a zombie plan (Part 2).

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Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #9. Posted on June 18, 2008, 01:25:32 PM by Patient7
Believe me, I see this coming.  As soon as I can I'm stockpiling weapons and building a fortress, nothing like my own custom, fuel efficient Hummer to take me to safety.  Yeah, I'm going to make a fuel efficient Hummer.

Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #10. Posted on June 18, 2008, 02:14:19 PM by BTM
Hehe.. this is funny.  Sadly, if a breakout ever did occur, not sure I'd last too long, as I'm not in the best of shape and own NO weapons.  Course, maybe my "inside knowledge" (ie all the s**tty films I've watched) would give me a slight advantage. 

One thing I don't get is why people in zombie films NEVER think of covering the areas of their body that are vulnerable to bites.  I mean, you take some of the stuff they have goalies wear on their legs (shin guards?) and strap them to your arms, then put on an elbow pad to protect that.  Also put on something thicker than a t-shirt to keep zombies from ripping open your chest and digging out your intestines.

Also, not to jump on the "I did a thread like this..." bandwagon, but I did do a thread once about whether or not zombies would really take over if such an event happened.,100701.0.html

Basically, my hypothesis is I don't think we'd see a complete and total collapse like we do in the George Romero films, at least not with the slow moving zombies.  I mean, think about it, in the U.S. we could do stuff that no zombie film will ever have the budget to show, like getting out fight jets to bomb crowds of zombies from the sky, send in platoons of soldiers with automatic weapons, heck, you could hope in a tank full of gas and probably RUN OVER several hundred zombies before you'd need to refuel. 

Unless of course, the zombie outbreak was combined with something else... like maybe an EMP or some other terrorist attack.  Hmm.. think I got an idea for a script here...

Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #11. Posted on June 18, 2008, 04:36:48 PM by BixDugan
Oooh! Good Stuff. I'll keep my Suit of Armor with Chain-mail oiled up!
Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #12. Posted on June 19, 2008, 12:49:19 AM by Terf
Andrew, you are the man. You just brightened my day.  Cheers

Recently I was part of a "Zombie Survival RPG" on a gaming website. (Yes, I am overweight and somewhat pimply, but I also enjoy writing and telling stories, and this was sort of like a story, so...) Sadly, it went nowhere, and I was very sad. (Still am a little.)

I haven't looked at the other people's links, but one important thing I think you left out: what KINDS of zombies are they? Are they Romero's or Russo's? "Do they shamble or do they run? Can shooting them in the forehead work or must they be entirely incinerated? Do they eat brains, flesh, or a combination of both?" That sort of thing...  Wink

*Checks out links*
Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #13. Posted on June 19, 2008, 08:24:47 AM by Sardu
Remember, the Government Installation that you don't know about is the one you have to worry about.  These are usually in desolate areas and underground but they can lurk in more metro areas as well.  For instance, any abandoned Drive-in theaters in your hood are guaranteed to be camo for either missile silos or secret bio research labs that could be ground zero for a zombie attack.  Nowhere is safe.
Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #14. Posted on June 19, 2008, 12:09:12 PM by Katherine
I wouldn't knock the hybrid.  At a certain point during or after the zombie apocalypse fuel may become scarce between the lack of fresh imports and the scavenging of the other rag tag survivors.  Your camel-like compact may serve you and your few remaining companions well.

The trick would be to avoid situations where you need to mow down a mob of zombies or ram a barrier.
Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #15. Posted on June 19, 2008, 12:57:12 PM by Erskine
I, for one, welcome our new zombie overlords!  Thumbup
Re: Article: Do you have a zombie plan? (Pt 1)
Reply #16. Posted on June 20, 2008, 12:09:30 AM by superjoe
Well, I own a shotgun, 12 gauge tactical pump. Let's not forget the efficiency of the shotgun in the effect that it can fire slug rounds as well as shot. Also knock down value is something to consider. most big handguns (.45, .44, .357...etc) have decent knock down power, but you have to get close with them. Also, rifles are great at a distance but I agree that shotguns are the way to go for most purposes due to there universal uses (hunting, defending your stuff from zombies...bikers...mutants...etc.) and just plain fun to shoot. I would not discount the .22 rifle either! According to the Zombie Survival Guide, it's exceptional in dealing with zombies due to the low ammo cost and weight, it is HIGHLY accurate and when you shot a zombie in the head...the bullet will pierce the initial skull but instead of exiting the back of the skull it will just rattle around and make the brain mush. Also, .22 rifles are light weight and anyone can shoot one.

So, my advice...gather yourselves a .22 rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun with AMPLE ammo, a good melee (hand-to-hand) device. I prefer a short axe or entrenching tool myself.
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