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2 movies for the price of 1 thread

Started by JuanSnz, January 13, 2022, 10:25:59 AM

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Hi there, new user here. I found this site a few weeks ago, but yesterday I decide to register.

I sure that I didn't watch these movies complete, that was back in the 90s when I was a kid, and probably the movies were R-rated, so I bet that some adult doesn't let me watch the movie. Anyway, I hope you could help me to identify them.

I'm pretty sure this movie was part of the 'ninja boom'.
I remember two scenes: in the first one, our hero behead with a katana (of course) some bad guy. And in the second one, again our hero, that seems to be hidden under or behind some desk in an office building jump from his hiding when another bad guy is close and split his head in two halves with the katana (in this case, our hero did not allow his enemy 'to die with honor')

OK, this one is probably hard.
I just remember one scene and nothing more. As I said before, this movie is for sure R-rated. In the scene there are 3 or 4 guys with a girl which is grabbed from behind from one of the guy, there seems to be in the girl's kitchen. For some reason I think that the girl is in topless, I don't remember saw her breasts, or probably one of the guy taking her cloths. Well, the thing is one of the guy tried to torture or threat the girl to hurt her boobs with a hand blender (I remember that camera focus on the blades of the blender)...and that's all.

Again, I hope you could help me to identify these movies, specially the second one, now that I recall the scene, I feel the necessity to know what happen to the girl, and more that nothing, what the hell was thinking the guys or what the girl did to be threaded in that way


The first one sounds a LOT like THE CHALLENGE (1982).  Exactly the same ending.
Dunno about the second one.
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Quote from: retrorussell on January 13, 2022, 02:30:00 PM
The first one sounds a LOT like THE CHALLENGE (1982).  Exactly the same ending.
Dunno about the second one.

Hi, thanks for response, I will check up 'The Challenge'. According to the movie's article on Wikipedia, Toshiro Mifune plays in the film as an old Sensei! Which is a nice surprise.


It could be the Challenge except it differs from what you described.
The hero doesn't behead the bad guy, the bad guy beheads one of the
goons for shooting the good guys master during their battle, thus dishonoring
their match.
The end scene with the desk, had no dishonor to it unless you count using
a swingline stapler to attack someones face and then nearly electrocute them
as a dirty tactic during a sword battle. He does split the main bad dude
right down the middle of the head but that was during the heat of the battle.


Hoping the Challenge was the film, it's on Youtube in 1080p .


Hi, well, I'm not 100% sure that it is 'The Challenge', the last scene is quite original (you don't see every day in the movies the splitting of the head of the bad guy), but I remember that the scene was almost in the darkness, and in the case of 'The Challenge' there is a lot of light.

So, I think that I could say that it is 'solved' in a 90%.



If you want similar movies to watch check out...

Force Five
Raw Force
Miami Connection
Circle of Iron
Enter the Ninja
Revenge of the Ninja

also check out films by Godfrey Ho, he made many a ninja b-movie.


Yes, I watch both Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja, but not finished Ninja 3. In the case of Godfrey Ho, I only watch Ninja Terminator, for the obvious reason that probably most of the people watch that movie: a Garfield phone! Just amazing


the Garfield phone indeed, was that a Transformers or GoBots answering machine?


In the last few weeks, I was sending emails to 3 sites, trying to help me to guess what the movie could be (I mean, the movie about the girl and the hand blender).

Two of the sites published my message, actually one of the web is dedicated to remember movies. And the other site a few days ago, make a blog entry, but nobody answered it.

The other email, was answered, and the owner tell me that probably he could watch the movie, but at the moment he can figure what could be.

So, the mystery of the movie that probably nobody know it, still is unresolved.


I will post on a facebook page I frequent.
Did it look like a movie from USA or
could it have been from Italy?

The attack with the blender thing kind of
seems reminiscent of Night Trap, when the
house intruders were using that vacuum claw
thingy on the girl in lingerie.


^ Hey, thanks for the reply. I think the movie was in Spanish (my mother language), because I don't remember saw any subtitles, but, to be honest, I don't remember heard dialogues, only laughs and, probably, the girl's screams; so I can't say if the movie was American, Italian, or from other country.

I realized that, as I said before that English is not my mother language, and ignoring the accurate name of the kitchen device, Google Translate uses the words 'hand blender' and 'hand mixer' as synonymous of the Spanish word 'batidora de mano'. So, I think that the more suitable name is 'hand mixer' or the synonymous 'handheld mixer' or 'egg beater' or 'rotary beater'.