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Fred Olen Ray Interview

Started by Andrew, October 12, 2007, 03:05:34 PM

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Fred Olen Ray is a name known to many cult movie fans, though the gentleman has also made films under a number of other monikers.  I have always associated him with "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" and "Bikini Drive-In," but his favorite type of movies are not gore fests filled with naked women.

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When I saw on the IMDB that Ray made (well, edited) his first film at about 18 and made so many afterwards, (even though most were soft-core porn) it was love at first sight, it really gives me hope for my own career! Thanks for giving the guy his interview Andrew, he sounds like a great man.
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Fred is pretty cool (I hung out on the set for about an hour when he was helping direct <i>Ice Spiders</i> here in Salt Lake City), and he's a film buff through and through.  The man knows his cinema.
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Great interview Andrew.

I really want to like Ray but his films are hit and miss for me.  I only enjoy about 50% of his films.  Still, I'm in awe of the guy for accomplishing what he has over the years.
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Great interview, Andrew.  Fred is a genuinely nice guy and a class act all around.  He has a great love for the classic b-movies...he used to hang out at the old Scifilm board quite a bit ("glory days...") and I always enjoyed his comments.