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The Slime People

Started by Priss Asagiri, November 25, 2006, 04:09:49 PM

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Priss Asagiri

I'm sorry. I have to say this! My MST3K riddled mind just thought if this. Oh. So voyeurism and invasion of privacy were fun things back then?


Cheasy as it is, that slug costume looks suprisingly good if you consider the time period.

Chris K.

Not bad. Could have been better, but it is still good. THE SLIME PEOPLE is not cheasy in any shape or corner, but it is a bit silly. This is a movie that actually has some good acting in it.


Agree with Dre.... she's my sis.... such cheesy love stories.... and only three slime people costumes!!! Just watch, they never have more than three of the monsters in any given shot!


My dad has always said that the Slime People was the worst film ever made, and had to take his word for it until a couple of months ago. I finally saw it, and you know what? He wasn't lying. It's BAD. So bad it's good. If you can find it, WATCH IT. You'll see.


My Uncle Joe was the producer. We had great fun with the costumes, walking around the neighborhood and looking in windows.  My other uncle got to wear it in the movie. This wasn't my Uncle Joe's worst movie by any means, several way worse. LOL. Enjoy it.

Michael Mellenthin

Hey now, I saw this one at the theatre, when I was twelve, we had seen pictures in Famous Monsters of Filmland, and couldn't wait to go.  We thought the Slime People were pretty cool, and at 12 you were there for the monsters, not the academy award winning acting, (None here).  This was about as good as it got in 1962 for us Monster Kids, but now that I have it on DVD I get even more entertainment from the asinine dialog, and just plain bad acting, The writer/goat guy was a regular on the old Perry Mason series.  Yea its a real good example of a 60's B-movie, but it sure could fill a Drive-in Movie theatre back then.  Mike


Intresting piece of cheese. Basic American, i'd wager...
The writer with the goat fixation...priceless...
"Aggressivlly eccentric, and proud of it!"


I remember watching this movie in the early 60's on Chiller Theater.  I loved it then and still do.  There is no need to think or even to pick this movie apart.  The environment is to target rich.  I try to always have a copy on hand.  Technically I still do but when Rhino brought it over to DVD they did a lousy job.  The sound is unbearable.  I have tried to find a bootleg but surprisingly there doesn't seem to be any.  If you liked EEGAH then you will love this.


This movie is so awesome, you can't even see what's going on half the time! Seriously, they went way overboard with the whole fog thing. And the sound on my copy was pretty bad too. Still an enjoyable little flick, though.


The mist ruined my experience I think. Although a terrible movie, with or without the mist, I just wish i could have appreciated the costumes more, they were awesome!

Svengoolie 3

The poster for the. Movie. Had a slime person with an arrow pointing to it's mouth that read 'put your ear here.  Learn the secret to save your life! '  was there some gimmick in it?  A hidden speaker  or something?.

The doctor that circumcised Trump threw away the wrong piece.

Awful Movie Reviews

After reviewing lots of terrible films, I can honestly say that The Slime People is one of the top 10 worst movie that I have ever seen in my life. One of the main problems was the over-use of artificial fog, to the point where sometimes I had absolutely no idea what was going on !

Ticonderoga 64

It's a low budget classic! There's still a LOT of movies out there way worse than this one.. :smile: