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Rules of the Trade or Sell Board

Started by Andrew, November 17, 2006, 05:59:15 PM

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Please read these rules prior to posting.

You may not trade or sell unauthorized copies of films.  I will delete any such posts and address the issue. 

Buyer beware!  Always use common sense when trading or buying movies online.  Unlike Ebay, there is not a feedback system to help sort out the bad apples.  Using PayPal is probably a good choice, as it affords some protection for the buyer if the goods are not shipped.  Actually, the same can be said for sellers - if you ship to a confirmed address for a PayPal buyer you have some protection from fraud.

By and large, many of us get to know each other on the board.  One would hope that gives you some way to gauge the other person.  However, I will not mediate any disputes over bad trades or sales.  Feel free to post a factual account of any problems, but keep to the facts and no crazy name calling.
Andrew Borntreger


I'd also suggest that the subject of the message relates to what you are doing.
I think it would draw more people to read the message if it read something like:

WANTED: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes


FOR SALE/TRADE: 30 DVDs listed

I think for the latter if anyone has a bunch of movies that are collecting dust they may as well just list them on one message and see what happens from there.

I have a couple movies i wouldn't mind unloading but doesn't seem worth the shipping, seems like hard to find or 'bulk' would be better ways to go.  unless someone wants to give me the "Flash Gordon" dvd in exchange for "The Brood"