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Dinosaur Valley Girls

Started by Stefan Robak, October 19, 2000, 01:22:52 PM

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Stefan Robak

I get the Joe Esterhauz crack (SP? I don't remember).  If you want to find a good ribbing of Joe, read MST3k's Mike Nelson's article from his book Mike Nelson's Movie Megacheese. (my favourite book)


great to see you reviewing this film - i saw it on budget british tv about 3 years ago. one thing i'd add - something i learned from the film - while cavemen all have beards, cavewomen had mastered the art of shaving their legs and arms (and bikini lines too probably, judging by their skimpy fur outfits...

Don Glut

I'm amazed at how many people have take so much time to write so many negative comments about our silly little movie!  Most of the things pointed out -- the cavegirls' "makeup," music video, the characters' names, etc. -- were intended as gags.  (Wait 'til you see the upcoming sequel for lots more of same.)  The movie was designed as a "campy" comedy, although some viewers continue to treat it as if it was supposed to be serious.

Anyway, all publicity is good.  Actually, I think we accomplished quite a lot on a $250,000 budget (no deferments, everyone got paid) and a 2-week shooting schedule.

Thanks for devoting so much space to "Dinosaur Valley Girls" ... and please check out and