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Low budget zombie movie, with some Found Footage elements

Started by Blackdragon6, October 10, 2021, 04:42:21 PM

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Ok, so the info I have is REALLY scarce but here goes. It's a Zombie Apocalypse film from I want to say early new 10s. It's low budget, but it's decently made (I think).

The only thing I remember is there being some found footage elements regarding a female scientist in a bunker/lab. Towards the end of the footage she kills her infected assistant but it was a really quick edit of her doing it tho before it quickly cuts back to said scientist with the now dead female assistant. It was literally a blink and a miss of her bludgeoning the assistant. The scientist was explaining everything to the audience.

Most of the movie was conventional tho, I think the lead might have been a younger girl whom by the end of the movie becomes a older woman with a large facial scar (I think). Might have been a time skip I dunno. Keep in my these are all hazy memories and I mostly just remember the segment with the blonde female scientist. How the above description helps lol. Thx in advance



could it be one the sequels to R.E.C.?  maybe REC4?
I only saw the first one, it is found footage of zombie/possessed trapped in an apartment building and super scary, looks like the sequels have bigger scope.


Nah, I've seen the Rec films, loved all of them except part 3  :thumbdown: