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Festive Gifts.

Started by Alex, November 14, 2023, 09:37:32 AM

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What presents is everyone getting people this year?

Well today I wasted 4 hours of my life (I hate doing this job) wrapping presents. I've done all the ones from both myself and Ash for Kristi.

(From) Ash to Kristi.
Rubber Gandalf Duck, Massive Chocolate Bar, Season 1 of Lucifer, Santa ornament, Little Book of Ikigai, Magic The Gathering Starter set, Jaws card game, 100 Years of Disney special silver edition vinyl album, 100 Disney postcards, Lego Hogwarts Book.

Me to Kristi.
Star Trek figures (Data and Picard in the holodeck Moriarty episode), Star Trek Lower Decks Season 1 & 2, Star Trek RPG Core Rulebook, Star Trek RPG Lower Decks expansion, Disney 100 commemorative book, Jim Shore Disney Villains, Jim Shore Jafar, Saber Athena (from Pacific Rim) figure, 2 Lorcana sets plus 3 expansions, Sherman 76, Armoured Jeep, 45 cal MG Jeep, Lego Hogwarts Hospital, Lego Moana boat, 4 assorted chocolate "oranges" (only one is orange though, the others have mint or toffee flavour), bottle of Dark Matter, Lament Configuration Box, Haunted Mansion board game, Mysterium (another board game), tickets to go see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for the 3 of us in Edinburgh, Lord of the Rings Storybook Boardgame, a Kaiju for Pacific Rim, Bradford Exchange Santa ornament.

Brother Jim.
Top Gun soundtrack picture disk (vinyl).

More to come, but does anyone else start early on this stuff?
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I haven't done Christmas in years. I can't afford it. I just make a big dinner.
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I ordered an art print and that's it so far. I'm going to get my dad a video game. Mom gets candy because she can't appreciate anything else. No idea about other gifts yet, probably a good bit of cash/gift cards.
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I can shop for 25 relatives on Christmas eve at a gas station!
I mean, Slim Jims, motor oil, and condoms - what else does anyone need?
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We barely do Christmas gifts anymore. It would cost everyone a fortune to buy gifts for everyone in our large family.

That said, I already bought gift cards in October. Will stick them into small Christmas bags, and add a few small Christmassy items.
Is it October yet?


Ordered Ash a bunch of Scooby Doo stuff in the vague hope that he'll show interest in something that isn't a train.
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Since not all members of my family will be together across a large part of the coming year, I would like for this to be an especially happy Christmas, and hope we are able to make it so. For everyone I love to have a joyful time together, enjoyed in the moment, remembered long after, would be the best gift for me I could think of.
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