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Later 80s horror film

Started by Jeremy, September 22, 2010, 02:25:14 AM

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In this movie there's a guy crawling up stairs, but they're like white and gooey like marshmallow and he's sticking to them. Then his girlfriend axes him in the back thinking he's one of the monsters or whatever that's trying to kill them and their friends. He may have been wearing a leather jacket.

Possibly in the movie but not sure: There may have been a farmhouse, some kind of statue remembering people that died, and possibly a graveyard. I believe this was from the late 80s.

I use to come to this site years ago and I've been desperately searching for this movie. I remember this place, searched google, and came up to a dead page. I thought this site was lost forever and I was upset...luckily that's not the case. I'll be sticking around here so I never forget about it.


Welcome back! 

Your description is tickling some brain cells, but I can't quite place it.  The general setting (people trapped in a house with things trying to get them) sounds like a number of movies.  It's the part about the man being hit with the axe after crawling up gooey stairs that I can't place. 

The two that jump to mind are "Demon Wind" and "Spookies" (both have reviews here), but I don't think that either are your film - though worth checking out just in case.

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The marshmallow stairs are from A Nightmare on Elm Street.
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It's definitely not Elm Street. I'm a pretty big fan of the series and just powered through all of the films a couple of months ago. That boxset released in 1999 is so much better than the new one.

But, I'll check these movies you mentioned. Even if they're not the movie I'm thinking of they still look worth watching.


It was "Ghosthouse". Thanks to the fellas at kindertrauma for finding it.


By Umberto Lenzi, no less.  Glad that you found it!  I'm putting it on my list of movies to watch, because it sounds interesting.
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13 years later and I finally got around to watching Ghosthouse. I made this post here and then swiftly forgot about it. The movies popped back into my head and found my post here then realized I owned it on blu-ray already in a 2 pack with Witchery.

Well, I'm glad I found it. This movie is fun nonsense with good gore scenes. Even late in the decade it still has that 80s Italian flavor to it. The scene that drove me to search it maybe didn't traumatize me like it did at 10 years old, but I was so glad to see it again.


Glad you found it. Nice end to the story.
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