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80s post-apocalyptic movie with water slug

Started by oogooboo, September 11, 2022, 11:14:33 PM

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I watched this movie on TV probably 30ish years ago so the memories are vague and not 100% accurate.

- I think at the start of the movie the main character(s?) a man and woman leave a futuristic bunker and go into a desert wasteland.
- At one point they are captured by the bad guys in some kind of cave/mountain type terrain.
- The woman gets thrown into a pit with water and a cage on top and they put a slug in the water that they say will eat her brain and want to use her body to breed new people.
- The man comes in a rescues her then.
- The escape through some tunnels with bad guys with torches (?) chasing them.  The main bad guy might have had a mask or been bald, really can't remember.

I've been scouring imdb and searching but I have no idea of the name.  Thanks!


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Quote from: Trevor on September 12, 2022, 01:07:31 AM
This might be the movie Survivor.

Thanks, I looked that up (really hard to search for not the game show lol), and it doesn't look like it. 

It has the same general plot but none of the details I remember.  (no mutant slugs, no flooded underground cave)  I think that the bunker place at the start had bright white walls too, this one looks like he lands in a spaceship.

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Possibly SPACEHUNTER (1983). It is post-apoc looking, has tunnels, water, and a bald baddie.


Reminds me a bit of a post-apocalyptic Australian flick called PARASITE.
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Well, I checked out space hunter but that isn't it (but that was a really weird movie I ended up watching the whole thing, like the highest budget bad movie I've ever seen).  Parasite I found on youtube, but that doesn't look like it either (more of a standard b horror movie).

I possibly watched this on the Philadelphia UHF channel in the early 90s/ late 80s as part of weekend double feature probably while I was doing homework so I'm probably remembering at least some of these details wrong.  For the longest time time I thought the name was XTRO II (which was obviously wrong, looking it up later, that might have been the other movie in the double feature). 

I'm not sure if it was dubbed or not (I don't think I would notice at that age unless it was really poorly done). 

I think they might have had another pregnant woman that they showed behind a curtain that had her brain sucked out by the worm (I'm not even sure if they showed the worm or not, maybe just a shape making ripples in the water and then talking about it / running away form it).


I just watched Mindwarp (1991), and I feel fairly confident this is the movie you're looking for.

- Woman leaves futuristic bunker for desert wasteland -- alone, but quickly meets up with man (Bruce Campbell!)
- They're captured by baddies who live in underground caverns
- Main baddie (Angus Scrimm!) wears a hood/mask in some scenes
- The water in the caves is full of small, fast-moving leech/slug-like parasites; they don't eat brains exactly, but do "nibble on your dendrites," I think Scrimm's character says, lol -- making the host compliant (they act kind of brainwashed/braindead)
- One of the baddies tries to infect the woman with the parasites (via syringe), and the main baddie wants to impregnate her to breed a new generation of (normal-ish) people
- At one point she walks through a gauzy curtain and finds a pregnant woman
- Bruce is put in a mostly-submerged cage where he is attacked by the parasites

Mindwarp came out around the same time as Xtro II, so it would make sense for them to be paired as a double feature.


Quote from: alyxstarr on April 18, 2023, 12:19:14 AM
I just watched Mindwarp (1991), and I feel fairly confident this is the movie you're looking for.

Wow I just watched the trailer and that is 100% it!  (Must have seen this before watching Evil Dead since I didn't remember Bruce in it)

Thank you so much!

Was starting to think I imagined the whole thing.