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The navy vs the night monsters. 1966

Started by Svengoolie 3, October 09, 2018, 11:18:45 PM

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Svengoolie 3

The navy vs the night monsters. 1966. Starring Mamie van Doren's cleavage, Mamie van Doren, another woman and some guys.

Sometimes a guy comes up with one hell of a great idea, a clever, intelligent, original idea that handled properly could have been a great movie.

Then a schlock film maker gets ahold of it and turns it into an incredibly bad movie that wasted a good concept.

For those of you that failed third grade, this is one of those movies.

A group of trees are discovered in the arctic by explorers who are quite  naturally perplexed to find trees growing in #$%&ing Antarctica. This is during what passes for summer int he aforementioned continent. They carefully dig up some of the trees and ship them back to civillization so people can figure out how the xxxx trees are growing in Antarctica.

The plane crashes on landing at an island base after weird elecronic sounds are heard onboard followed by screams of pure terror.

Examination of the plane reveals parts of it were eaten by powerful acids and none of the tree specimens are found.

Well, the good idea wasted in a bad movie was that the trees in Antarctica are capable of changing between two forms. During the arctic day they take root and derive energy from the sun.  At night they uproot themselves and become hunters, consuming anything they can find with powerful acids that liquefy prey and make it easily absorbed by the roots. Oh, and they reproduce prolifically, by dropping mobile seedlings that resemble tarantulas which secret powerful acids and eat until they can take root in the sun.

This could have been a great movie, a real classic of sci fi horror. The basic idea was pretty damn good, actually, and a welcome change of pace from the endless radiation sired mutant monsters of the day. While some may say it was just another prehistoric monster movie this is not so! The monsters were quite contemporary, just undiscovered till then.

Instead we end up with a terribly under budgeted mess full of bad acting, stock footage and monsters so utterly terribly made they have to be filmed in the dark to conceal just how ghawdawful they look resulting in very under lit scenes.

If Hwood wants to do so many damn remakes why not remake this with a new title, decent budget, and some people who know a little about acting
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