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If Plan 9 met South Park - It's Project Tinfoil: From Outer Space!

Started by JeremyRay, January 05, 2015, 04:55:32 PM

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Trailer -

Project Tinfoil Trailer 01

So I came up with this 2.75d animation style that is more or less watcheable (if you can watch Aqua Teen you can watch this) while being fast enough for a one man team to tackle a full length episode.  It's not the most amazing 3D you've ever seen, but I've been able to crank out nearly twelve minutes of animation (as much as an Aqua Teen episode, eight minutes shy of South Park).  If you don't mind watching without sound, here's the first episode as it currently stands -

(keep in mind I'm promising you South Park level humor, so, as the saying goes "it shouldn't be watched by anyone")

Tinfoil Episode 01a 720p - Development Version

The plan of the moment is to finish animating the last scene (in the episode clip, not the movie), then crowdfund the sound.  If the rest of the production can be funded too, so much the better.  I'm a lot better at art than promotion though, I'm certainly open to suggestions in that area.  Anyway, let me know what you think  :wink: